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Weekly News Digest #151 – May 26th, 2023

Posted: May 26, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello and welcome to the best part of everybody’s week, the Apex Hosting news blog! All your awesome gaming and server hosting news bundled up into this half decent package, ready to read. How about we get started with the Minecraft news?

Ok, so I’m gonna have to be a little disappointing this week, folks. 1.20 does not have a new pre release this time. But I would like to take this time to go over how impactful 1.20 will be as an update. On the surface, 1.20 doesn’t seem as potent of an update as Caves and Cliffs did, but realistically, what does this update actually mean for Minecraft? When we look at all the new content, there’s a pretty sizable chunk of new features. Camels, Bamboo, Cherry Blossoms, Armor Trimming, new boats, the archeology system, new mob heads, and new plants. All of those seem pretty straight forward, but what types of impactful changes are being made to how the game is played? Well, in 1.20, some fundamental aspects of gameplay are changing.

This is the first update where we can obtain wood from something that isn’t a tree! Exploration is also changing, with the camel being added. The camel is quite interesting, being a much safer alternative to horses. It’s like being on a horse, but it’s so much safer due to its increased height! Our diamonds are also significantly more valuable than they were before due to the new armor trims. You’ll need double, no, triple the diamonds to get all those new stylish outfits. Further on, the archeology system is the first feature set that adds a sizeable amount of loot which is not in chests. Perhaps more mechanics in the future will include loot that can be found in the environment? Who knows. I’m just excited about the implications of this update and I can’t wait to see what 1.21 holds!

Team News

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve talked about the Minecraft killer.

Dave – Been working on my youtube channel. Up to around 2.5k subscribers, and I’m pretty proud!

Zachary – Zachary managed to claim the name ‘Zachary’ on Discord, somehow. That’s awesome! Unfortunately, he said he’s been contacted by six Zachs asking how he got the name.

Juan – Juan got all of his company merch…and it’s broken…oh well!

Ashleigh – Ash is excited about Mortal Kombat 1, and I agree. It looks pretty cool! A reboot is what that franchise needed.


It has been a hot minute since we’ve discussed Minecraft’s up and coming competitor. Hytale was shown off to us a long time ago with an outstanding trailer that showcased the creative vision presented by Hypixel Studios, the creators behind the most popular Minecraft server of all time.

Recently, Hytale’s CEO was questioned by a Hytale content creator known as Kweebec. Kweebec asked Hytale’s lead director many questions, but he didn’t really give satisfying answers for most of them. But what we do know is that the game is still continuing development, and the team is extremely passionate about making a complete experience for our enjoyment in the future. Nice to hear!


That’s the week! While Minecraft 1.20 may not have a new pre-release, it still brings significant changes to the game. Despite not being as monumental as the Caves and Cliffs update, there are numerous new features and gameplay enhancements that will impact the way we play. In other news, Hytale continues its development with a passionate team committed to delivering a complete and immersive experience. The recent interaction between Hytale’s CEO and content creator Kweebec reaffirms the team’s dedication to creating an outstanding game for us to enjoy in the future. Exciting times lie ahead for both Minecraft and Hytale enthusiasts!

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