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Weekly News Digest #150 – May 19th, 2023

Posted: May 19, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello and welcome to the best part of everybody’s week, the Apex Hosting news blog! All your awesome gaming and server hosting news bundled up into this half decent package, ready to read. How about we get started with the Minecraft news?

A new pre-release makes its way into the limelight! Minecraft Pre Release 2 has a few technical changes as well as fixing numerous bugs. Minecraft will now display a message box on startup if user enabled text-to-speech functionality, but it is not available. There are also tons of old recipes which now do not allow for an empty ingredient. These pre releases aren’t all that exciting, but please understand that they’re indicative of the oncoming 1.20 update, which is great! Tales and Trails is on its way!

Team News

As a collective, we’re a great team!

Dave – We got some scented candles made by Gamer Scents! They smell lovely.

Rebecca – Rebecca did some baking and made some delicious looking cakes and cookies. She sent tons of pictures and they all look lovely.

Felix – Felix noticed that Nitrado was right up front on the app page of the Xbox Store, twice!

Project Zomboid

It has been a while since we’ve checked in on Project Zomboid, but our favorite zombie survival simulator just keeps on chugging! The developers of the game are implementing a system where virtual animals, specifically deer, follow predetermined paths created using a tool called WorldEd. These virtual animals are defined in a lua file and currently consist of a buck, several does, and fawns. When players approach these virtual animals, they will spawn into the game world as real animals. Once players move away, the animals revert to their virtual state, allowing the game to control their movement and activities. If the group of animals becomes separated, they will reunite when their paths cross again.

The virtual animals have scheduled activities at different locations on the map. They have designated periods for sleeping and eating, which can be adjusted by the developers. To assist players who want to hunt the deer, the game provides visual evidence of the animals’ presence and activities, such as footprints, poop, broken twigs, and grazed areas. These indications can help players locate potential sleeping or eating spots, which they can mark on their map and wait near during the appropriate hours in hopes of encountering the animals.

The developers are also considering incorporating a Tracking skill into the game, although the specifics are still being discussed. They are aware of the need to account for factors like human smell and wind direction, which can startle animals in real life. However, these aspects will be added in the future. The developers express gratitude to Inrictus for teaching one of their team members how to be a proper huntsman, indicating a collaborative effort in designing the hunting mechanics of the game.


In conclusion, both Minecraft and Project Zomboid have exciting updates in store for their players. Minecraft’s upcoming 1.20 update is accompanied by pre-releases, indicating technical changes and bug fixes. Additionally, a new message box feature will alert users if text-to-speech functionality is unavailable, and old recipes now require a non-empty ingredient. Meanwhile, Project Zomboid continues to impress with its zombie survival simulator. The developers are implementing a system where virtual deer follow predetermined paths and transform into real animals when players approach them. All in all, these game developers are hard at work! And with that, have a great day!

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