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Weekly News Digest #148 – May 5th, 2023

Posted: May 5, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello and good evening everybody! It’s about that time of the week. All your awesome gaming and server hosting news is bundled up into this half decent blog! How about we get started with the Minecraft news?


Minecraft players will be happy to know that there have been some recent changes in the game in the form of snapshot 23w18a. One of these changes is that the Smithing Table has been updated to no longer require a Smithing Template in the template slot before placing an itemstack into the other slots. This change makes it easier for players to use the Smithing Table. Additionally, the Jukebox has been added to the Redstone Blocks creative tab, allowing players to access it more easily. These changes make gameplay more convenient and enjoyable. Furthermore, players can expect some changes in the sounds of the game when walking on blocks. In the latest update, walking on a block will always produce a step sound, unlike before when it was not the case if you were walking along the edge of a block with air or fluid beside it. Moreover, when walking on the ocean floor, players will now hear a step sound for the block they are walking on, albeit at a lower volume and pitch. These updates provide a more immersive and realistic experience for players as they navigate the world of Minecraft.

This release also includes a new global property sent with every event, a new property in the required WorldLoaded event, as well as two new opt-in events. The updated required events will help Mojang troubleshoot launcher bugs more efficiently, and understand how Java Realms content is interacted with. The updated optional events will help inform game design decisions, and allow us to track and improve game load speeds. These changes along with a little under a dozen bug fixes concludes the snapshot.

Team News

The joy we get from waiting for 1.20 to release…

Dalton – Dalton tried to upgrade one of his computers with a new case, but the case he chose is stuck on backorder.

Ehryn – Ehryn was introduced to a new book series, the Murderbot Diaries, which they’ve been thoroughly enjoying. I’ll have to check them out!

Khawaja – Khawaja got a new set of speakers for his PC! Dope!

Dave – Austin informed me about the new Dune: Part Two trailer. That movie will be goated!


That’s the week! Minecraft continues to evolve and improve with the latest snapshot 23w18a, bringing changes that enhance the gameplay experience. Despite the waiting game for the release of version 1.20, the team members continue to have their own experiences. We have some excited announcements coming up soon in the form of support for new projects, so be sure to lookout for that in the coming weeks!

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