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Weekly News Digest #147 – April 28th, 2023

Posted: Apr 28, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello and good evening everybody! It’s about that time of the week. All your awesome gaming and server hosting news is bundled up into this half-decent blog! How about we get started with the Minecraft news?


Minecraft Snapshot 23w16a is the latest version of the game released by Mojang Studios. It is a pre-release version of the upcoming major update, Minecraft 1.17, which is set to introduce new features and improvements to the game. The snapshot includes changes to the world generation, new mobs, and several bug fixes.

One significant update is the change in the name of Pottery Shards to Pottery Sherds. Why was this decision made? I have no idea! Additionally, Sculk sensors and Sculk shriekers will remain queued to receive vibrations until all adjacent chunks are loaded and ticking, preventing vibration resonance setups from breaking when unloading from a distance. Further on, the desktop icon of the game will now be different. When playing a live version, it will be a Grass Block. When playing a snapshot, it will be a Dirt Block. Besides the miscellaneous bug fixes, that’s everything!

Team News

Not much happening these days, but at least Legends launched!

Holly – Holly helped her partner with his English homework last night.

Cory – Cory watched the new Power Rangers this morning, and he said it was good. I might just have to check it out.

Daniel – Daniel is playing Minecraft for the first time in a while, even modded as well! Quite impressive. I suggest using Fabric, as all the mods are fresh!

Dave – Minecraft Legends has released, and I am excited to check it out!

Minecraft Legends

So, Minecraft Legends has finally dropped! A full review is in order, but for now we can go over a surface-level overview of what we have so far. This game boasts a new storyline, new bosses, and new items for players to discover. The story follows the player as they journey to different dimensions and defeat powerful bosses in order to save the world. The game also includes new mechanics, such as the ability to dual-wield weapons and use the new “Apocalypse Meter” to track progress.


I must praise Legends for its engaging storyline and challenging boss battles. I should also highlight the new mechanics as welcome additions that add depth to the gameplay. Legends is more challenging than the base game, but also more rewarding. However, I should mention some drawbacks of Legends. One issue is that the storyline can feel disjointed at times, with some levels feeling disconnected from the overall plot. Another issue is that the Legends may not be suitable for younger players, as some of the boss battles are quite difficult. Difficulty can be fun, but younger audiences may have trouble.

Overall, I can conclude that Minecraft Legends is a solid addition to the Minecraft franchise that offers a fresh experience for players who have exhausted the base game’s content. It’s recommended for players who enjoy challenging gameplay and a good storyline, but may not be suitable for younger or less experienced players.


That’s the week! Snapshot 23w16a offers exciting updates to the game, including changes to world generation and bug fixes. Additionally, Minecraft Legends has been released, providing a new storyline, bosses, and items for players to discover. Although Legends offers challenging gameplay and a good storyline, it may not be suitable for younger or less experienced players. Nevertheless, it’s a solid addition to the Minecraft franchise that offers a fresh experience for players who have exhausted the base game’s content. The Apex team also had a relatively quiet week, which is nice. With all that being said, have a great week!

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