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Weekly News Digest #144 – April 7th, 2023

Posted: Apr 7, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello and good morning you lovely people! It’s about that time of the week. All your awesome gaming and server hosting news is bundled up into this relatively well-written blog! How about we get started with the Minecraft news?


Snapshot 23w14a holds significant changes, which include updates to Sculk blocks and Enchanting Tables, a new Quick Play feature, a new main menu panorama, and an updated logo for the Java Edition. Additionally, the post lists several bug fixes.

One significant change is that replaceable blocks no longer block the connection between Enchanting Tables and Bookshelves. In the Desert Temple, the new room has more of its roof collapsed, and one block of Suspicious Sand is always visible in the top layer. The Sculk Shrieker can now be waterlogged to silence their shriek sounds. The Sculk Sensor has undergone several changes, including modifications to its default redstone output to be more reliable for distance calculations, and it now strongly powers the block they are placed on. The calibrated Sculk Sensor has an active cooldown of 1 second instead of 2 seconds and detects vibrations up to 16 blocks away instead of 8 blocks. There have also been some technical changes. Signs with click commands can now be interacted with even if the sign is not waxed, and signs with non-text chat components can no longer be edited. The update includes a new loot table function called reference and support for Quick Play. This on top of numerous bug fixes concludes the update.

Team News

Got a lot going on, not all good!

Dave – I am crying as Dark and Darker’s developers are battling against Nexon. Hope they win!

Todd – Todd purchased a trash can. This must be what it means to be an adult.

Ashley – Ashley went on about how she keeps things on her desk that make her happy, such as squishy things and figures. How cute!

Project Zomboid

It’s been a while since we last discussed Project Zomboid, hasn’t it? Well, the developers have been cooking some mighty fine updates. In the latest update, several new features have been added, including a new vehicle, improved sound design, and changes to the game’s balance. The new vehicle, the “Zil-130,” is a large truck that can be found in the game’s world and used to transport supplies and survivors. It has a large inventory space and can even be used as a makeshift shelter, but obviously necessitates upkeep.


There are sound design improvements which include new ambient sounds, such as wind and rain, as well as improvements to the game’s music system. The music now changes dynamically depending on the player’s actions and the game’s events, providing a more immersive experience. Dying Light 2, anyone?

In terms of balance changes, the update has made several adjustments to the game’s difficulty and progression systems, including changes to zombie behavior, crafting recipes, and the availability of certain resources. These changes are designed to make the game more challenging and realistic, while also providing a more rewarding experience for players who can survive the zombie apocalypse. Looks to me like a great update!


That’s the week! both Minecraft and Project Zomboid have received some exciting updates. Minecraft’s Snapshot 23w14a brings significant changes to Sculk blocks, Enchanting Tables, and a new Quick Play feature. The update also includes bug fixes and technical changes. Project Zomboid’s latest update introduces a new vehicle, improved sound design, and balance changes to the game’s difficulty and progression systems. These updates provide players with new features, more immersive experiences, and a more challenging and rewarding gameplay. Both games are continuously improving, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for these fan-favorite titles. In regards to the team news, nothing much has changed. With that being said, have a great weekend!

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