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Weekly News Digest #143 – March 31st, 2023

Posted: Mar 31, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Good evening everybody and welcome to our awesome weekly news blog! We’ve got a pretty typical news haul for you all today, so let’s just hop right into the news.


When it comes to news on 1.20, things are scarce. Although, fortunately, a new snapshot in the form of snapshot 23w13a has been released! This snapshot is pretty much all about fixing bugs, including nearly a hundred bug fixes in total along with one change that allows GUI to scale with Video Settings screen by holding ctrl and scrolling the mouse wheel. This is actually pretty cool, as when you accidentally set the GUI scale to the lowest setting it can be difficult to set it back because of how small the buttons become.

But more interesting news…the official Minecraft channel has been posting some interesting shorts explaining different aspects of Minecraft and its game mechanics. But what’s interesting about that? Well, one of the shorts published on the Minecraft youtube channel addressed a question asked by the community as to whether or not Mojang would ever add another boss. The short then proceeds to have a villager ‘answer’ the question. While this short is quite comedic, it keys us in on the possibility of Mojang adding a new boss into the game! Could a new boss battle be on its way in 1.20? Maybe 1.21? Who knows!

Team News

Ain’t nothing but a CS2!

Elias – Elias ate a delicious omelet for breakfast which made him very happy. Great!

Darius – Darius is learning how to make Fivem mods. That’s neat.

Todd – Todd made an interesting trade with his neighbor where he gave them a flat of eggs for hand sanitizer.

Counter Strike 2

So, now that Counter Strike 2 has had some time to find its footing with all of its new beta testers, what’s going on? Are people liking it? Is it goated? If you’re not caught up with what’s going on, you’re probably asking what’s going on. Say no more!

Valve has released a limited beta test of Counter-Strike 2 which has been causing excitement in the community. The game features a brand-new user interface with a fresh look for team selection screens, match-end screens, score tables, and more. The kill count feature has been inspired by Valorant, and players will receive a card-like visual representation of their kill count at the bottom of their screen, with the deck glowing brightly once they get five kills in a round.


The new game also has a completely new game engine, Source 2, which comes with a range of new features and visual changes. The most notable change is the updated netcode, which uses a Sub-Tick engine to precisely track players’ movements and shots, resulting in more responsive gameplay than the previous ’64-tick’ system. Valve has also updated the maps, with some receiving a complete overhaul, while others have been updated with new models and assets.

One exciting new feature is the upgraded Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system, called VAC Live. If a cheater is detected in an ongoing match, they will receive an instant ban and the match will end immediately. Valve’s focus on improving the game’s anti-cheat measures is sure to be welcomed by the community, who have been plagued by cheaters in previous iterations of the game. Overall, these new features are looking to be great improvements on CS:GO!


In conclusion, this week has brought some exciting updates for gamers. Minecraft snapshot 23w13a has been released, bringing nearly a hundred bug fixes and the ability to scale GUI with Video Settings. Additionally, the Minecraft channel has teased the possibility of a new boss being added to the game. In team news, the team is doing a bunch of weird stuff but I’m all for it. In the gaming world, Valve’s Counter-Strike 2 has been causing excitement with its new user interface, game engine, netcode, maps, and anti-cheat measures. Overall, gamers have lots to look forward to. In any case, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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