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Weekly News Digest #142 – March 24th, 2023

Posted: Mar 24, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Good afternoon gents, and welcome to our lovely weekly news blog! We’ve got a pretty typical news haul for you all today, so let’s just hop right into the news.


Minecraft has dropped a ton of new features and changes in the latest snapshot 23w12a for 1.20. It includes various additions, such as the vibration resonance functionality in Blocks of Amethyst, the Calibrated Sculk Sensor block, Suspicious Gravel, new Archaeology sites, and new Pottery Shards. Additionally, five new armor trims have been added, and Signs have improved customization options. The article also explains the new Sniffer Egg and Pitcher Plant features. The changes in the game include tweaks to vibration frequencies, adjustment of the Wither effect particle color, and Potion of Slow Falling color, and the ability for step sounds to combine for blocks walked through and stepped on.

I love the new armor trims! The game now has a total of 16 of them for maximum customizability. The Silence armor trim is absolutely awesome, covering almost the entirety of the armor in the trim. Absolutely dope!

Team News

Ok, so 1.20 is probably out soon.

Holly – Holly had to reset her chromebook’s VM since it completely broke. Besides that, she’s chilling.

Roselyn – Roselyn is doing well. Eating grilled cheese and tomato soup. Scrumptious!

Dave – Um, COUNTER STRIKE 2 got announced? You know I’m gonna play the hell out of that!

Counter Strike 2

Um, CS:GO 2??? Well, minus the GO. The upcoming game, Counter-Strike 2, is a highly anticipated release that has been officially announced by Valve. The game is described as an overhaul to every system and piece of content, promising to be the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike’s history. The game is based on Valve’s Source 2 engine and includes updates to some of the game’s core mechanics, such as improved smoke grenades and sub-tick updates. The full game is expected to release in summer 2023 and will be free to play.

Valve has started a limited test of the game, with people being selected based on factors like recent playtime on Valve official servers, trust factor, and Steam account standing. The limited test is currently only available on Windows and is limited to the famous Dust II map in Deathmatch and unranked competitive matchmaking modes. Valve has noted that all the items players have collected in CS:GO will be available in the new game and that they will all benefit from Source 2 lighting and materials. The company has also confirmed that accounts banned from playing CS:GO will not be able to play CS2 on Valve servers either.


Valve plans to reveal more details about the game’s full range of new features closer to launch but has noted that maps will be getting a new look in CS2, and experienced players’ skills should carry over. The company has also mentioned that there are three tiers of maps in the game, including touchstone levels that are essentially unchanged, and maps that have been upgraded or overhauled.

Valve’s timing with the announcement of CS2 is interesting as it comes during Epic’s State of Unreal event at the 2023 Game Developers Conference, where Valve’s PC game store and game engine competitor is currently expected to announce major updates to its own Unreal Engine.


To conclude, Minecraft’s latest snapshot 23w12a for version 1.20 introduces a variety of exciting new features and changes, including the addition of armor trims, new blocks and items, and improvements to customization options. We also highlighted some team news, with Holly resetting her Chromebook’s VM and Roselyn enjoying a grilled cheese and tomato soup. In other news, Valve has announced Counter-Strike 2, promising a major overhaul to every system and piece of content in the game. While the full game is expected to release in summer 2023 and will be free to play, Valve has started a limited test of the game, with players selected based on factors like recent playtime and Steam account standing. Overall, these updates and announcements promise exciting developments for fans of Minecraft and Counter-Strike alike.

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