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Weekly News Digest #141 – March 17th, 2023

Posted: Mar 17, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Good morning folks, and welcome to our lovely weekly news blog! We’ve got a pretty typical news haul for you all today, so let’s just hop right into the news.


The newest update to Minecraft, specifically for the Bedrock Edition, comes with several exciting changes that aim to enhance the gameplay experience. One of the most significant updates is the emote system, which now appears in chat, has four slots on the emote wheel, and new hotkeys for quick emoting. This will allow players to express themselves better during gameplay and add more personality to their characters. Additionally, horse breeding, mobs, and blocks have been improved to align with Java Edition, providing better parity between the two versions.

Another exciting change is the update to the sound volume of Ghasts, which will now fade as they move further away from the player. Villagers will also emit anger particles when hit by players outside of villages, and Zombified Piglins will no longer spawn in the Nether in light levels above 11. These changes make the gameplay more immersive and realistic.

Overall, the newest Minecraft update is exciting for players who are looking to enhance their gameplay experience. The updates to the emote system and the improvements in vanilla parity will allow players to express themselves better and experience the game more fully. The changes to horse breeding, mobs, and blocks will also provide players with more opportunities to explore and create, making Minecraft even more enjoyable.

Team News

We’re all having a a great time unboxing our merch!

Nathan– Nathan unboxed his awesome Nitrado/Apex/MCPH merchandise! The new swag is really cool.

Ashley – Ashley posted pictures of her adorable dog. Cute!

Holly – Holly talked about how captchas are extremely difficult these days. They gotta make them foolproof so AI can’t break through!

Dave – The beta for The Finals is almost over! I’m still enjoying it, but leveling up takes so long!

Sons of the Forest

We’ve been talking about this game nonstop for quite some time, but it’s still fresh! The latest update to Sons of the Forest has brought a significant change to the character of Kelvin, which has left some players unhappy with the result. Kelvin’s endearing clumsiness and childlike friendliness have been replaced with more intelligent behavior, which has resulted in some fans feeling like he has lost his charm. Kelvin’s new-found intelligence is displayed through various bug fixes, such as not cutting down trees with player structures attached and catching fish, which may seem like obvious improvements, but some fans are unhappy with the changes.


The response to Kelvin’s update has been mixed, with some fans appreciating the changes, while others clearly want to keep the old Kelvin. The developers of Sons of the Forest, Endnight Games, have yet to respond to the disappointment, and it remains unclear if the company will change Kelvin back to his former self. Fans of the game have grown attached to Kelvin’s clumsiness and innocence, which made him a favorite among players. The changes made to Kelvin may have implications on the players, especially those who have become attached to the old Kelvin, as they may feel like they have lost an important part of the game that they enjoyed. Regardless of what changes are made to NPCs, I’m certain this game will continue to succeed.


That’s the week! I hope I’ve pleased you all with a great haul of the typical happenings, even though nothing was too grandiose. Minecraft continues to update the 1.20 snapshots as we near the end of the development cycle. The Apex team is doing great, unboxing our new merch. Sorry guys, for employees only! Lastly, Sons of the Forest decides to make some bug fixes that inadvertently backfired because of how endearing said bugs were. Anyways, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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