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Weekly News Digest #138 – February 24th, 2023

Posted: Feb 24, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello everyone, and welcome to the weekly news blog hosted by Apex Hosting. I’m your host, Dave. Here, we report on the weekly happenings in gaming, specifically with our favorite games of which we provide awesome server hosting for. Let’s get right into it starting with Minecraft.

So, AI…Minecraft and Microsoft have been working on a massive project involving AI and the automation of Minecraft. What exactly is happening? Well, we don’t have much information, but we know that Microsoft is attempting to get AI to be able to be fully autonomous in Minecraft which will eventually give it capabilities. But what is involved in an AI playing Minecraft? An AI could play Minecraft in several ways. One possible approach is to use reinforcement learning, which is a type of machine learning algorithm that enables an agent (in this case, an AI) to learn by trial and error. In a Minecraft game, an AI could be trained to learn how to navigate the world, mine resources, and build structures. The AI could be given rewards for completing certain tasks, such as mining a certain amount of ore or building a specific structure. Over time, the AI would learn to optimize its actions in order to maximize the rewards it receives.

Another approach is to use a pre-programmed AI that has been designed to play Minecraft. This type of AI would use a set of rules and heuristics to make decisions based on the game state. For example, the AI might be programmed to always mine a certain type of ore when it is available or to always prioritize building a shelter before exploring the world. There are also some research efforts underway to develop AI systems that can learn to play Minecraft in a more human-like way. For example, some researchers are working on developing AI that can use natural language to communicate with human players and understand the goals and objectives of the game. Overall, there are many ways that an AI could play Minecraft, and the specific approach would depend on the goals of the AI and the desired outcomes of the game.

Team News

AI is quite scary but very interesting!

Kevin Lott – Kevin showed us his lovely ferret named Cream. It’s so bitable!!!

Steven – Steven is in Rio and is having a blast at a parade. Awesome!

Kayla – Kayla showed off her rat and it’s actually adorable. Some may think rats are gross, but aren’t we as well?

Dave – I am depressed now that I can’t play Dark and Darker. Incredibly sad indeed.


Holy crap, AI can be scary! The idea of an automaton playing Minecraft in the form of a regular player, mimicking a real-life person to the best of its ability is creepy, yet intriguing. There are tons of amazing possibilities, like using AI to create things in Minecraft, make updates to the game, or create realistic simulations in-game. But where should innovation stop? Will it be difficult to tell the difference between a real player and a robot? Who knows. In any case, this week’s news was quite interesting.

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