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Weekly News Digest #137 – February 17th, 2023

Posted: Feb 17, 2023 in Server Updates

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello everyone, and welcome to Apex Hosting’s weekly newsletter! Now I know you probably unsubscribed from receiving these in your email months ago, but we’re still going on strong! How else do you expect to hear about the latest and greatest updates involving your favorite games that we host servers for? Anyway, let’s just jump right in starting with the Minecraft news.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w07a

Today’s snapshot is gonna be a little different than usual in that it’s gonna be big. Remember when I said armor trimming couldn’t be topped? I was wrong! Take a seat. Welcome to snapshot 23w07a, which brings a new biome, an awesome dinosaur, and a childhood dream of mine! This snapshot has added tons of new items and effectively doubled the size of what is to be the 1.20 update. First off, the Sniffer. He’s beautiful and large! His animations, sounds, and design are just awesome. He’s an untamable beast that just walks around sniffing stuff! The Sniffer is a passive mob that digs and sniffs! Torchflower seeds have been added, which allows you to grow lovely looking rare flowers. Next, a new biome has been added! The Cherry Grove biome is a beautiful mountain biome filled with pink trees that have flowers which fall from the leaves. Pink petals cake the ground creating a lovely atmosphere. This is already instantly my favorite biome! This snapshot truly is awesome and it involves so much that I would like to go over, but unfortunately I’ll leave it there for another time. All you have to know is that this snapshot is massive!

Team News

Ok, so for the last few days things have been hectic, but it’s time for the team news!

Dave – I’ve been playing Dark and Darker nonstop! I absolutely love this game and I can’t wait for it to release.

Nahuel – Nahuel is doing good. He finished the FF7 remake and is now working with MCProHosting. Dope.

Santiago – Santiago is eating lasagna. Neat.

Elias – Elias is doing okay. He didn’t tell me anything he did recently, but at least he’s doing ok!

Sons of The Forest

So, Sons of The Forest has some extremely interesting news! The developers of The Forest, Endnight Games have announced it will be changing the game’s February 23 release date to an early access release date to prevent further delays and to allow fans to finally play their project and assist them in making a polished product.

Sons of the forest

Basically, the plans moving forward involve Sons of the Forest releasing in early access on February 23rd. The Forest has been a massive success and its development from early access to a fully fleshed out product has been something worth sticking by for its fans. The awesome community, suggestions, feedback, and bug reports that the players shared throughout the process made the game what it is today. Because of this, the developers are hopefully and excited to start a new journey in the form of this new game. Hopefully, it will be even better than the original!


That’s the week! Lots of stuff happening in gaming lately, and I’m all for it! Minecraft 1.20 is looking to be a lot less disappointing than 1.17, 1.18, or even 1.19! Not only is there tons of content, but it’s actually high quality features which the players will very much enjoy. The Apex team is doing fine, with everyone doing their own thing and me enjoying the heck out of Dark and Darker. Lastly, Sons of The Forest is finally going to release this month! I am very excited to play this as I was a big fan of The Forest. In any case, I wish you all the best! Have a great weekend!

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