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Weekly News Digest #136 – February 10th, 2023

Posted: Feb 10, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello everyone, and welcome to the weekly news blog of Apex Hosting, your one-stop shop for all things server hosting! Here, we like to get into the nitty gritty regarding anything and everything related to Minecraft and the plethora of other games we provide server hosting for. Now, let’s get started with Minecraft news.

Armor Commands potentially have working names! Now I’m sure this sounds confusing, but apparently, there was a picture posted by a Minecraft developer which showed a working nametag on an armor stand. This doesn’t work in game, but it is likely to be added within the next snapshot. But what does the actual snapshot include? Snapshot 23w06a has tons of technical changes that are fairly boring. Tons of backend stuff that affects very few of us, but is probably still important to the success of an update. Oh well! Sorry I can’t provide more information, but there just isn’t that much to talk about regarding Minecraft.

Team News

New employees were added to the dogpile. Can’t wait to break em’ in.

Dave – I am just absolutely loving Dark and Darker! It is a wonderfully made game that is extremely enjoyable.

Ash – Ash was extremely distraught about being pinged.

Matthew – Matthew was just as disappointed with being pinged.

Ashley – Ashley said that I am welcome to ping everyone. Thanks!

Jojo – Jojo has no issue with being pinged.


Ok, so they turned Rust into a Minecraft modpack. I know, that’s a pretty dumb way to start this section, but it’s true! Just look at any video about this new update and you’ll get what I mean right away.

Rust has received a new patch in the form of the ‘Industrial Update’! The Industrial Update adds Storage Adaptors, Industrial Conveyors, Pipe Tools, Combiners, Splitters, Crafters, Electric Furnaces, Multithreaded networking support, and tons of improvements along with specific fixes. This update is kind of amazing, allowing for automation and industrial manufacturing at a scale never before realized in Rust. This is truly an innovative update, and while it isn’t exactly functioning trains and railroads, it’s the next best thing!


That’s the news for this week! Minecraft had a fairly mediocre snapshot, but that was to be expected after dropping one of the best snapshots of all time in the form of armor trimming. The Apex team is also doing fine, but they’re all a little antsy now that I can ping all of our 200+ employees simultaneously. Also, Rust had an awesome update. I can’t wait to get in there and start messing with the wiring and machinery. In any case, sorry I couldn’t be more informative, and have a great day!

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