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Weekly News Digest #134 – January 27th, 2023

Posted: Jan 27, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


I am absolutely, thoroughly speechless. We’re forgoing the typical intro for today because we have some exciting news! Hopping right into it, Minecraft just dropped a new snapshot.

armor trimming

Snapshot 22w04a has astounded me adds brand new armor to the game as well as a brand new mechanic called ‘armor trimming’! We’ve got a much more advanced way to craft Netherite and a brand new renovation of the smithing table. This is by far the largest snapshot we’ve received in years, but how does all this new stuff work?

Starting from the beginning, enchantment glint has been reduced. This means the purple glow from enchanted gear will be a little more subtle. This change was most likely made to bring more attention to the new armor trimming! Anyways, armor trimming is an incredibly advanced new system that allows you to trim all of your armor with different-shaped trims using any of the various ore in Minecraft. This all draws back to 1.16 when the Piglin Bastions were added, as now these bastions hold a new item dubbed the ‘Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template’ which is required to create Netherite armor. This basically means you are forced to raid the bastions to acquire Netherite, which is an interesting change. In fact, if you want multiple pieces of Netherite gear, you’ll probably need to raid multiple! Regarding armor trimming, you will use the Smithing Table along with Smithing Templates, which all have their own unique trim. These templates can be found in various structures all around the world, with each template typically being found in its corresponding area. For example, the Vex pattern can be found in Woodland Mansions. This is an amazing system, as it allows the developers to add new smithing patterns or colors which you can use in the future as Minecraft grows. What an amazing snapshot!

Team News

Minecraft is finally being updated again. Hooray!

Cory – Cory is doing laundry at 1:30 AM. That’s ideal.

Ash – Ash agrees that armor trimming provides that Minecraft drip

Dave – I love the new armor trimming. It’s super nice looking and I can’t wait to make some awesome drip.


Rust has been hosting some awesome community events over this month. On January 15th, the Trust in Rust Charity Tournament was held. Hosted by hjune and Rustoria, the charity raised money for an organized called YouAreRAD. They’re a mental health and counseling charity that gives back to the community. With the funds raised from the event, RAD provides FREE therapy sessions to the Rust community in return. That’s absolutely awesome!

Rust Charity

There were event-specific item skins in the store only for that week which were exclusive and non-tradable as the proceeds all went to RAD. Absolutely awesome job!


Well, that’s the week! How exciting is it that we’re getting awesome customization for armor in Minecraft? I’m confident taht there will never be two armors that look similar again…at least at the high level. The Apex team is doing fine as well. Although I wasn’t able to get many of them to interact with me this week, they’re still doing good. Lastly, Rust has been hosting some very cool charity events. I love how the developers are so involved with all the charities the communities host. Anyway, have a good weekend!

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