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Weekly News Digest #131 – January 6th, 2023

Posted: Jan 6, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello everyone, and happy new year! Welcome to the Apex Hosting weekly news blog. I’m your host, Dave, and we’re here to talk about the weekly happenings of our favorite games, starting with Minecraft.

Another week, another leak. Topic #1, updates on the Bundle. If you’re unaware of what the Bundle is, it’s a neat little item that was going to be added into Minecraft as a potential band-aid to the relatively large inventory issue the game is facing. They can be boiled down to an entry-level Shulker Box, but they’re still pretty neat. A storage item that can be used inside the player’s inventory was a great idea, and the crafting recipe was quite fair. So where does this story start? Well, as always, on Twitter! A recent video was posted to twitter that showcased Bundles being used on what looks like Bedrock Edition. Is Bedrock Edition finally going to be receiving the Bundles? We really don’t know, but as always we can wait and see!


Regardless, something more concrete, Minecraft will be receiving more map making features relatively soon. This will most likely be in the form of new game rules, such as the snow accumulation height game rule, or the functionality that allows the recording of marker’s passed ticks. We know this because a developer said that they were working on more of these tools, but gave no eta. So basically, just as vague as bundles, but at least it’s confirmed!

Offhand use may becoming to Bedrock Edition very soon! If you weren’t aware, Java has an entirely unique mechanic referred to as the Offhand which allows you to carry an item in your left hand. This is incredibly useful, as it can allow you to place torches while mining or place blocks while fighting. Bedrock Edition has recently added the feature to the game…sort of…Basically, by using an extremely odd command in the command prompt (/replaceitem entity @s slot.weapon.offhand 0 item) you can carry another item in your offhand. If you drop the item, you won’t be able to pick it back up, and currently there is no way to use this functionality in survival. Oh well! This is most likely due to the mobile version of Minecraft not having solid controls for the offhand and how it would work.

Minecraft new years gifts

Lastly, free DLC! The Minecraft marketplace is offering free gifts every day all the way until January 23rd! Each day you will receive a new gift which mostly consists of character creation items. Sometimes, though, you could even receive a free map! Unfortunately, if you want them, you’ll have to actually log in and claim them each day, so get ready to play lots of Minecraft.

Team News

Ok, so maybe I wrote a little too much about Minecraft…

Dave – I am extremely excited for Remnant 2! The trailer dropped during the game awards, and it looked dope.

Matt M – Matt thinks that The Day Before looks like a Last of Us ripoff, I kinda agree. But just like me, he’s excited for Payday 3! Classic.

Daniel – Daniel is excited for Sons of The Forest. Honestly, looks great.


Well, that’s the week! While not much technically happened with all of our games, Minecraft had many leaks worth discussing, and I’m glad to see that Bedrock Edtiion is receiving incremental improvements that bring it to the level of Java Edition. I just hope this isn’t an indication of them consolidating the versions in any way, as I appreciate their distinction. Regardless, I wish you all the best!

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