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Weekly News Digest #129 – December 23rd, 2022

Posted: Dec 23, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello everyone, and welcome to our weekly news blog! Here at Apex, we love to report on the weekly happenings in the gaming community regarding Minecraft and many other games we host. Let’s hop right in starting with the block game stuff.

xQc raging

No updates to report on, so we’ll just go over what’s happening this week in Minecraft. Famous Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel, otherwise known on the internet as xQc was raging hardcore during at witch stream where he was attempting a Minecraft speedrun. In a recent clip that was captured from his stream, xQc was attempting to gather a piece of flint from two blocks of gravel which would allow him to craft Flint and Steel, which is needed to enter the Nether. Runners typically gather gravel and break the blocks until a piece of Flint is dropped. The chances of Flint being dropped compared to Gravel is about 10%, but unfortunately, RNJesus was not on xQc’s side, as he had broken the gravel blocks over 27 crimes without acquiring any flint. This was extremely detrimental as the more time he spent breaking the gravel, the more seconds that would cost his run. Understandably so, he got angry and proceeded to slam his desk.

This type of situation only emphasizes the uniqueness of the Minecraft speedrunning community, where luck and RNG have just as much of an impact as mechanical skill. All things considered, it probably matters even more than skill. Oh well, better luck next time xQc!

Team News

So many meetings…

Santiago – Santiago got a laptop. An Asus A15. Dope.

Nathan – It’s snowing a lot near Nathan. He’s also been playing tons of CS:GO. I hate that game!

Daniel – Daniel got a Guzheng, whatever that is. He’s also set up a plex media server.

Dave – I’m having fun on Elden Ring. This colosseum is too fun!

Daniel – Daniel has been working on finishing up the testing of his private servers’ custom modpack. Best of luck!

Geri – Geri has been playing Cloudpunk. He said it was a neat game, so…neat!

Cory – Cory has been playing bingo. Cool!


Chaos and pandemonium strike Valheim! The bugs! They’re everywhere! But seriously, how safe do you consider your base in Valheim? Some nice strong walls, decent trenches, maybe no windows? Even with every precaution taken, you may still not be safe from the newest enemies added in Valheim’s Mistlands update. With this new update comes a new raid that has been terrorizing the player base.

Seeker Chaos Valheim

The new event titled “they sought you out” unleashes hordes of insects on your player base. To add insult to injury, they can fly. Seekers and Seeker Soldiers are capable of hopping over trenches, and mulching stone walls with ease, and overall are a tough enemy to fight. The event can occur at any time after you’ve defeated the Plains boss Yagluth, so pretty much anyone who has completed Valheim’s biomes is vulnerable to these seekers. And as expected, numerous players are being taken by surprise.

Valued items, adored pets, meticulously crafted bases, they’re all falling to these extremely dangerous bugs. This event is extremely polarizing, as it seems only the most hardcore of defensive bases is able to sustain itself during the raid. Players who typically build roleplay builds or aesthetic stuff are arguing for the raid to be reworked somehow. All of this may happen, but for the time being, you better get ready to fight for your life! This stuff’s tough!


That’s the week! Minecraft had quite the hilarious occurrence with xQc raging during a speedrun. Speedrunning can be tough and unforgiving in Minecraft, so the rage is understandable. The Apex team is doing fine, with Nathan playing CS:GO as usual. Valheim also had a really odd occurrence, with an AI raid decimating the community and all their hard work. It’s like the developers hate them!

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