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Weekly News Digest #128 – December 16th, 2022

Posted: Dec 16, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello everyone, and welcome to our weekly news blog! Here at Apex Hosting, we feel compelled to bring you all the information and happenings of the gaming community. Starting with Minecraft, let’s begin.


1.19.3 is here! The latest Minecraft update brings a few new features and is a fairly large update. My favorite part of the update is the various wood types now have unique sounds when placed, broken, or walked on. It’s very cool to be able to walk on wood and distinguish which wood type it is by the noise it makes when stepped on. There was also a complete rework of the creative inventory, changing the creative tabs and adding new ones. Vexes have also received a new model with new textures that retains the old feel while making the hitbox larger which should make them easier to fight.

Spawners have also been reworked to be easier to spawn in and operate. Chat has also been reworked to support deleted messages and more fine-tuned moderation. Tooltips were slightly adjusted visually. Numerous technical changes on top of literally hundreds of bug fixes conclude the snapshot.

Team News

We had a huge meeting today with all the staff. It was awesome!

Ricky – Ricky is learning Spanish from Duolingo.

Oswaldo – Oswaldo is looking to start development in Unreal 5 based on some courses. Best of luck!

Octavio – Octavio is very hyped for the next Phasmophobia update.


It has been a while, but I thought I’d report on what’s going on with Valheim. Believe it or not, but the ever-fabled Mistlands update is finally here! But what does this update include?


For the longest time, the Mistlands update has been the advertised ‘next update’ for Valheim’s development. Whether it be Hearth and Home or the PvP update, people have always received Valheim updates very well, so they were excited for Mistalnds. The Mistlands is the sixth fully developed biome, a surface covered in mist; most notably, on borders between other biomes is a thick wall of mist that cannot be easily seen through. It contains rocky hills with large, sharp block rocks that often peak over the mist. The update is live now, and it even contains a boss fight, so good luck!


That’s the week! Minecraft had its last update of the year in the form of 1.19.3 which was actually much larger than I could have imagined. 200+ bug fixes, could you imagine? The Apex team is also having fun as always, but I think most of them are done playing Pokemon. Lastly, Valheim had an awesome update in the form of the Mistlands. Eventually, even if it takes a decade, Valheim will be out of Alpha. Here’s to hoping it’s sooner than later!

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