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Weekly News Digest #127 – December 2nd, 2022

Posted: Dec 2, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Good morning and hello gamers! This is Dave coming at you with Apex’s weekly news blog, so let’s just jump straight into the news. We’ll start with our ever-so-beloved classic, Minecraft.


The last update for Minecraft that will release this year is almost here! But what exactly does that mean? What’s next? Well, 1.19.3 pre-release 1 fixes a few bugs, contains a few tweaks, and it has some technical changes. If everything goes as planned, the release date of Minecraft 1.19.3 is December 6th. The biggest new feature being added has to do with entities. Axolotls, all types of boats, the fox, the mooshroom, the paintings, horses, lamas, tropical fish, and more are all having their sub-predicates worked on. Take the Axolotl for example. There’s around five different color possibilities, and each one will have a sub-predicate. These sub-predicates are basically easier ways to deal with different types of entities. If you’re interested in the technical information, you can read more on the official changelog.

Further on, it seems like Java Edition is receiving a form of the ‘experimental feature’ toggle that Bedrock Edition has. We know this because 1.19.3 seemingly has two data packs tied to its presence, that being the Bundles and Camels. They can be toggled as dat packs in your 1.19.3 world. This could allow new features that are mostly finished to be added as experimental features into the live version of the game instead of waiting until the new version. Now please take all of this information with a grain of salt, as all of this is subject to change.

Team News

It’s that time of the week!

Octavio – Octavio is one pokemon away from completing Pokemon Scarlet’s Pokedex. He’s gotta farm a lot, but he’s really been enjoying the game.

Ehryn – Ehryn hasn’t gotten Pokemon yet due to floods closing the railway. That sucks, best of luck!

Aaron– 🙁

Dave – My mod has gotten well over 8,000 downloads! Yay me!


That’s the week! Terribly sorry for not reporting any news on 1.20, but there’s just not much to say. We are about to get the last update of 2022, so I presume that we’ll be receiving many updates for 1.20 in the new year. Regardless, I’m very excited! I also reported on the Apex team, including myself. We’re all doing great, and my mod is performing well. In any case, I wish you all the best!

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