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Weekly News Digest #126 – November 25th, 2022

Posted: Nov 25, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello everyone, and welcome to our ever-beloved weekly news blog. I’m your host, Dave, and we have a pretty good haul of news for you this week. Let’s get started with that good old-fashioned Minecraft news.

1.20 Tweet Leak

Last week was a pretty big update with snapshot 22w46a releasing. After the last snapshot, some interesting features may have been confirmed for 1.20. The other day, one of the individuals who work for Mojang and is known to leak information quite often put out quite an inconspicuous tweet. The first part of this tweet seems to just gawk over the new playable mob heads, but then the second part is oddly indicative of a once-forgotten system that was omitted from 1.17. His tweet reads “This update gonna be awesome when it’s all done and dusted! Are you excited to see what else we’re gonna dig up for you??”

‘Done and dusted’? ‘What else we’re gonna dig up for you’? Some members of the community and myself believe this is a not-so-obvious attempt at keying us in that the once-revealed archeology system will be making its way into 1.20. Now of course this is all just speculation, but I feel there is a very specific choice of words that seems to point towards archeology making its way into the game, finally! On the other hand, it could just be awkward wording. Oh well! Only way to find out is to wait until 1.20. Until then…

Team News

Note to self, referring to the staff as children is not appreciated.

Octavio – Octavio is enjoying Pokemon Scarlet, as he can’t get enough of it!

Erika – Erika is now a citizen of Argentina. Congratulations!

Santiago – Santiago is still waiting for his copy of Pokemon Violet, but he’s been playing Bayonetta 3 in the meanwhile. Both great games!

Ricky – Ricky got his carpets professionally cleaned. Hope they look nice!

Dalton – Dalton finally got his 3090ti installed with the water-cooling loop and all, but there are still tons of air bubbles. Unfortunate!


Unturned? Yeah! It has been a while since we’ve gone over some dope Unturned news, so let’s check out what’s happening with the latest update.

The latest update, added a few features while also making changes and fixes. All effect, dialogue, quest, and vendor references support guides. Now, an asphyxiation status icon appears while in non-breathable areas. There is a new Max Boss Zombies per navmesh option. Per-dialogue-message options have also been added to change NPC faces. There were even multiple changes made to remove devkit errors, visibility, server logs, and tons of features have been fixed. That concludes the update!


That’s the week! Now if the community speculation on archeology being included in 1.20 is correct, I’m totally gonna gloat. Disregarding speculation, we had a pretty good week. The Apex team is doing fine, with some enjoying the new Pokemon game. I myself am not a fan of Pokemon. Unturned also had a nice little update with a bunch of fixes and changes to the technical aspects of the game. Catch us next week and have a great weekend!

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