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Weekly News Digest #124 – November 11th, 2022

Posted: Nov 11, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Good afternoon, my lovely blog readers. Welcome to the weekly news blog by Apex Hosting where we get down and dirty with the latest happenings of Minecraft and…well… mainly Minecraft. Regardless, let’s jump right in!

Minecraft x burberry

Minecraft has launched a new free DLC! Explore a lush, free pack with a new clothing collection and the importance of forest restoration. What does exploring mean to you? To discover a faraway civilization? Picking up a new, interesting hobby? Building with obscure blocks such as Diorite? No matter what novelty you subscribe to, it has the potential to enrich your life and take you in an unexpected direction. And so, that’s what Mojang’s new Minecraft x Burberry partnership invites you to do.

Embrace the spirit of exploration with this new DLC. But hold up! Don’t get too excited, as this DLC is only available for Bedrock Edition. In any case, it looks dope!

Team News

Computer upgrades all around!

Dalton – Dalton got a 3090ti. He can’t fit it in his desk yet, but at least he tested it to make sure it works, which it does!

Daniel – Daniel also got a new graphics card, upgrading from a 3060 3GB to an RX 6800XT. Nice!

Octavio – Octavio preordered Pokemon Scarlet and is really hyped about it. I’m not much of a Pokemon fan, but you do you, Octavio.

Eber – Eber is playing MW2, and loving it very much. I’m sure it’s better than Vanguard and Cold War.

Santiago – Santiago died his hair white…


It isn’t every day I bring you all a Counter-Strike changelog, yet here we are! I wanted to report on the newest update as well as a competitive event you can expect us to write a blog on once all the scores have been settled.

csgo iem rio major 2022

CS:GO has fixed numerous bugs and added some miscellaneous props to multiple maps to flesh them out some more. Clearer signage in tunnels, lamp posts surrounding roads, chickens being added, and much more. These changes make the maps feel overall much more alive and with the progression of modern gaming technology, the loss of optimization as a result of adding these things has minimal effect.

As for that event I mentioned, the CS:GO IEM Rio Major 2022 is currently being conducted. The matches are still going on throughout the weeks, but we plan to release a blog on the results as soon as they occur. Until then, be on the lookout!


Not too eventful, but enough happened that was worth reporting. Bedrock Edition got an awesome new DLC which you should totally check out. I mean, it’s free, so you only have your time to lose. The Apex team is doing fine as ever, with everyone either upgrading their computer or gaming the latest flavors of the month. Lastly, CS:GO has a pretty simple update while an awesome massive-scale tournament takes place in Rio. Anyways, that’s the week. Have a great weekend!

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