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Weekly News Digest #123 – November 4th, 2022

Posted: Nov 4, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Good morning folks, and welcome to our lovely weekly news blog! We’ve got a typical news haul for you all today, so let’s hop right into the news.


For the first time in a long while, Mojang has dropped a Minecraft snapshot! Snapshot 22w43a. This is the second snapshot for the upcoming 1.20 update and it includes changes on Camels, fence gate changes, creative inventory changes, and some new items in the creative inventory.

The first new feature which caught my eye was the Chiseled Bookshelf, a new block that allows you to place books inside of a bookshelf. Unfortunately, you can’t change the texture of the books being placed. It is basically a glorified Barrel that only works for books. Next, the snapshot no longer provides bottom support for hanging blocks such as lanterns. This is a pretty simple change, but I guess Mojang didn’t want you attaching stuff to your fence gates. So, Camels. The camels’ spawn egg has now changed slightly, but more importantly, the moving animations of the Camels have been changed to be more accurate to real life. Basically, at first, the Camels had a more typical walking animation like horses or cows. Now, the Camels move the left and ride legs together, kind of like tank treads. It looks a little off, but apparently, it’s more realistic.

Further on, the creative inventory has had some changes and additions. Now, the Natural Blocks section has been reorganized slightly to prioritize blocks. Chest Boats have been added to the Redstone section as well. Also, the icons for some of the creative sections have been changed. But all of these changes pale in comparison to the most important change, the fact that three amazing blocks have made their way to the creative menu. The Mob Spawner, Dragon Egg, and Ominous Banner have been added to the creative menu! Dope!

Team News

Nothing but leftover Halloween candy. Bring it to the dentist, they’re buying it by the pound.

Samantha – Samantha isn’t doing so hot since she has an ear infection, which sucks. But at least she got some on-sale Halloween candy.

Matt – Matt has his new 3D printer running non-stop. He made a little crewmate.

Aaron – Aaron got a Nintendo Switch. Meh, Steam Deck better.


Seems like that’s the week! Minecraft is going quite crazy on its way to building up the newest 1.20 update. I didn’t really namedrop it because Mojang hasn’t either, but once Mojang thinks of a theme you all will be the first to know. The Apex team is also doing quite well, all happy and healthy. Tune in next week where you can expect to see another one of 1.20’s snapshots. Regardless, that’s the week. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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