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Weekly News Digest #117 – September 23rd, 2022

Posted: Sep 23, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello everyone ,and welcome to our weekly news blog! I’m your host, Dave, and I have a relatively normal haul for you this week. To start us off, let’s get right into the uneventful Minecraft news.

As I explained last week, we’re all still kind of just waiting for Minecraft Live. Everyone is anticipating news on 1.20, but they’re also excited about the secondary news on things like Minecraft Legends and the new mob vote. I’m particularly excited for Minecraft Legends, and the expansion of Minecraft as a franchise as opposed to what it has typically been, a single game. It’s an incredibly intelligent decision business-wise, especially since Minecraft player count and interest can be all over the place depending on how updates are perceived.

Some dudes also spotted the Savanna biome in the new Minecraft Live trailer, and that’s dope! If you didn’t know, a few years ago the developers asked the community to vote on which biome they wanted to be revamped, and Savanna was one of the options. Could this be a hint at the Savanna biome being involved in 1.20? Maybe that’s too speculative, but I’m hopeful!

Team News

We’re all on this Minecraft Legends bandwagon. Never know, may actually be good.

Erika – Erika bought seeds for over twenty-five different tomato and pepper varieties. Dope!

Santiago – Santiago got a fourth monitor and decided to set up his oldest one to be vertical. Great for reading.

Dalton – Dalton is designing a new end table for his La-Z Boy chair that matches his desk. It’ll have built-in outlets, hooks for VR controllers, and an attached mousepad. Sounds unique.

Khawaja – Khawaja is thinking of buying a new mod and atomizer. Not sure what that means, but sounds cool.

Antonio – Antonio recently watched Tokyo Vice. At first, he didn’t like it that much. But later on it was catchy.

Arma III

We don’t often do this, but let’s go over an update for Arma III. One thing I love about the Arma patch notes is the way they are uniquely written as if they are an actual military report. It’s pretty cool.


Anyway, the patch notes go over a few things. A new startup parameter has been added. The Terrain Builder bug that caused you to be unable to connect to the game binary has been fixed. Thermal imaging glitches on Intel integrated GPUs has also been fixed. This along with multiple server-side updates concludes the update.


That’s all for this week! Minecraft Live is very close, and the community is getting excited that we’ll be getting news on a new Savanna biome. Whatever ends up getting announced, I’ll probably be happy either way. The Apex team is doing fine as well, with lots of them doing different fun stuff. Lastly, Arma III seems to be doing well handling its most recent bugs. In any case, that’s the week!

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