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Weekly News Digest #116 – September 16th

Posted: Sep 16, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Heyo! It’s Dave, back with our weekly news blog. I’m terribly sorry there wasn’t a blog last week, but I’m back now and ready to report on all the juicy happenings of our lovely block game! (and the other games in our library) Let’s jump right in, starting with Minecraft.

Minecraft Live is on its way! Finally, another year of epic Minecraft content is upon us, and with it another mob vote! If you weren’t aware, during every Minecraft Live event so far the development team has made it a point to use a public poll with three different options to determine which mob should be added to the game. The vote has changed over the years, but a variety of mobs have been options ranging from utility, hostile, and passive mobs.

Minecraft Live 2022

According to Mojang, there are going to be tons of sneak peeks, deep dives, information, and even live gameplay! We can probably expect to see all sorts of things like the reveal for 1.20 and what it will contain, more information on Minecraft Legends, and much more. I was particularly fond of the trailer, which showcased three frogs doing an awesome musically integrated stride through the entire Minecraft franchise. All sorts of mobs from all different biomes and even games were present. I loved it!

One of the most interesting aspects of the Minecraft Live and the mob vote is that it will be happening in game! The leaks were right! Now, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but reporting on leaked, unconfirmed information has totally paid off for me! You’ll have 24 hours to cast your vote in the Minecraft launcher. Be sure to tune in for Minecraft Live on October 15th, noon EDT.


It has been a while since we’ve talked about Rust. So let’s take a good look at what’s been going on. Rust has had yet another one of its monthly updates in the form of the September update which dropped in August. Quirky.

Hardcore mode has been added to Rust! Furthermore, tons of improvements have been made. For example, better line of sight checks happen when deploying sleeping bags and beds. Slightly better mesh levels of detail are present and batching performance has improved. Two big road tunnels have been reworked and improved, trees should no longer block ziplines. Distant gunshots sound more muffled and reverberant, nailgun attacks are quieter, and new options in the experimental settings have been added. Tons of bug fixes have also been made.


Well, that’s the week! Minecraft had quite the week, with the new announcement of Minecraft Live which will include lots of different news. We might even get news on Minecraft Legends. I’m also excited about the mob vote, and can’t wait to see the options. Also, Rust had a pretty decent update with a new gamemode. Hardcore sounds a little bit like Minecraft. In any case, I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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