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Weekly News Digest #112 – August 12th, 2022

Posted: Aug 12, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello everyone and welcome to the weekly news blog! I’m your host, Dave, and we got a lovely haul of news for you today. As we have done the past few weeks (since there’s nothing to talk about, really) we’re going to cover the ongoing discussion around chat reporting and how the community is handling it. Let’s begin.

Minecraft tweet

Over the past few days, Mojang has been desperately attempting to rebuild its reputation by interacting with the Minecraft community. Unfortunately, this has completely backfired. Normally, this wouldn’t be something to be happy about. Most people would agree that Mojang is the target of criticism against changes brought about by Microsoft. Recently, Mojang has put out tweets that the community considers of little substance in an attempt to garner the good graces of the community. Unfortunately, most if not all replies to their posts are discussing the controversy surrounding player chat reporting. For example, Minecraft’s twitter put out a tweet saying “The weekend has ARRIVED! What are you planning to build?” to which most replies are complaints about chat reporting or straight up insults towards Mojang.

All around, players are not willing to move on from the recent changes. Mojang is allegedly attempting to move on from the topic entirely, getting people to forget about the recent backlash by covering more enjoyable, less relevant topics. At the end of the day, people cannot talk about chat reports forever (even us) and eventually we may just have to move on. The thing is, will we be moving on because we are content with the changes, or because we have no other options?

Team News

It’s about that time of the week. Let’s check in on the team.

Aaron – Aaron says everything he does is boring. That sucks!

Nathan – Nathan is getting back into game development.

Daniel – Daniel is going on a trip with a buddy this weekend which involves a combination of events. Have fun!

Erika – Erika is knitting a sweater. Lovely!

Khawaja – Khawaja is going to learn how to properly race a bike tomorrow. Best of luck!

Dave – I’m tired!

Santiago – Santiago is playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3. I didn’t even know there was a third one.

Project Zomboid

Let’s cover Project Zomboid and what they’ve been up to lately! In the latest weekly blog posted by the Project Zomboid developers they have revealed a little of what to expect in the upcoming stable update, 41.73. Update 41.73 will add lots of new features.

Project Zomboid Spanish Twitch

You can expect to see features like map polish, bug fixes, improved error reportion, extra security/anti-cheat improvements, recipes, new foodstuffs, improved containers, and much more. The way the developers say it, there will be “ten gazillion bug fixes” which confuses me. I have no idea how much a gazillion is.’ The developers also wanted to mention how the Twitch viewership for Zomboid in the Spanish section was off the charts. Great job!


That’s the week! Minecraft is going through a tough time right now, and I hope that the community and Mojang make up soon. Their best option right now is to revert the changes entirely, or make them optional on public servers. The Apex team is doing fine as ever, really not much to say there. Lastly, Project Zomboid will have a new update soon which seems to focus on quality of life. This will definitely help them on the road to adding NPCs to the game. In any case, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Goodbye!

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