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Weekly News Digest #109

Posted: Jul 22, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft Legends

Welcome to our weekly news blog! We’ve got a pretty decent haul this week, and we’re actually going to forgo the Minecraft news. But what will we replace it with? Well, we have some epic news, so let’s hop right in!

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends is on the scene! Minecraft Legends is going to be an awesome game that plays completely different from the Minecraft you know, despite the relatively familiar surroundings. It is a totally new, unique experience that has the developer hoping they can get new people to experience the world of Minecraft. The hero of this story is you. With no particular character, you are given the tools and plot to save the Overworld. The whole idea of this game is to tell a legend. The game is trying to convey one of many stories of the Overworld, according to the developers. Interestingly, this is one of the few times Minecraft staff have talked about the lore of the world, and while Legends is meant to act as a storybook depiction of the world, it’s still interesting to hear this development.

Another interesting aspect of this game is that like Minecraft Dungeons, you’re not meant to have needed to play Minecraft to understand the game, its plot, or its gameplay. The goal is to expand Minecraft past its current genre by creating new games that are appealing to all types of gamers with different preferences. It’s a genius idea!

Team News

Lots of changes to the workplace…

Aaron – Aaron had pizza.

Octavio – Stray is out. Bruh!

Erika – Erika’s family came to surprise visit her after 4 years of not seeing each other. Holy crap, grats!

Daniel – Daniel just finished Call of the Night which is a great manga series. He’s also getting back into rhythm games.

Dave – I just won a recent Chivalry 2 tournament. I’m feeling pretty good!

Nathan – Nathan has started working on content and he absolutely loves it! Welcome to the team, bro!

Community Gulp

Today, I want to go over a sentiment that the Minecraft community has developed over the past few years. The idea that Minecraft has slowly become a platform for Mojang and Microsoft along with the Minecraft community are using Minecraft as a platform for social commentary. Allow me to explain.


Ever since the beginning of Minecraft, the game has been built with a fantastical foundation. For example, when you think of early Minecraft, you are met with additions like Slimes, zombies, skeletons, Redstone, the Nether, and more. The world was unique and magical, which allowed you to shape it into whatever you wanted. But as of recent years, ever since 1.15, updates have been grounded in an attempt to educate the playerbase on real world issues. 1.15 taught us about Bees and their ecosystems. 1.17-1.18 brought us the Axolotl, and with it, lessons about their endangerment. Now, 1.19 is going over Frogs and entire biomes like Mangrove Swamps, along with their importance to the ecosystem. While on paper this is a great thing, the players of Minecraft unfortunately are just tired of it. They feel that to a degree, Minecraft has lost the charm that past updates brought with it. The magical energy of something unreal. We will always love Minecraft and the world because of the memories we’ve been able to make, but we will always want that energy to make its way into new updates. But what do you think? Is Minecraft becoming too grounded in reality?


That’s the week! Minecraft Legends is an interesting new title that we’re excited to check out. I particularly like the implications it has for the lore of the Minecraft world. The Apex team is also doing fine, with a new addition to our lovely content team! Lastly, the community gulp goes over the idea that Mojang may be changing the direction of Minecraft drastically. Is that good? I’m not sure. In any case, I wish you all the best! Have a great day!

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