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Weekly News Digest #108 – July 15th, 2022

Posted: Jul 15, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello everyone and welcome to our lovely weekly news blog! We have a decent haul of news this week, so let’s just jump right into it!

Mojang Logo Gif

Since we’ve talked about it for the last few weeks, I’m hesitant to cover the new chat reporting system implemented by Mojang which has made its way to the Java edition of Minecraft. Unfortunately, it’s all the community can seem to talk about! They have consistently bombarded Mojang/Microsoft with backlash, feedback, videos expressing their dissatisfaction with the changes, and more. Many content creators have labeled this recent change as one of many indications of the descent of Mojang, at least in terms of public opinion.

Team News

It has been a while, but let’s get back to it!

Aaron – Aaron bought a little desk plushy thing. It’s cute, I promise!

Daniel – Daniel started reading Kaguya-sama. He has also started playing Dragon Quest 11, and he says it’s a fantastic game!

Erika – Erika has been watching Ozark and playing pam. Nice.

Ricky – Ricky has started playing Read Dead 2, and he’s having tons of fun with it. I’m glad!

Eber – Eber is playing Fall Guys. Dope!

Khawaja – Khawaja finished State Of Decay 2 with a warlord as leader. Impressive!

David – David has been studying for a javascript class and has been replaying Dawn of War. I wonder if that game’s good.

Community Gulp

This next section will be treated with the utmost respect. It pains me to say that a legendary member of the Minecraft community has tragically lost their life to cancer. Technoblade, renowned content creator and incredibly talented Minecraft PVP master, passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer.

RIP Technoblade

He was 23. His family confirmed his death in an extremely emotional farewell video posted on his behalf. The video was titled ‘So Long Nerds’ and in this video, Technoblade’s father proceeds to read a message on his behalf. “If you’re watching this, I am dead” is read as his father goes on to give some personal information about Technoblade, like his name. He then goes on to thank the audience for supporting Technoblade, and the video is an overall love letter to the community. This is a massive loss. We will always remember you, Technoblade.


That’s the week! Minecraft is in quite the predicament, with tension in the community rising with every update. The Apex team is doing good, with many of them playing fun games and watching entertaining shows. As for Technoblade, may he rest in piece. He was a gift upon the Minecraft community and it is absolutely tragic to see him go. The world is better to have had him for the short time he was here.

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