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Weekly News Digest #105 – June 24th, 2022

Posted: Jun 24, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hey everyone! Yet another awesome week of great news. We got a decent haul this week, so let’s get started. In regards to Minecraft, we have a new snapshot for you all. But wait, didn’t 1.19 already come out? Could it be that 1.20 is being worked on that quickly? No. Just 1.19.1, sorry!

Snapshot 22w24a

Snapshot 22w24a makes a major change to the Allay, adding a new functionality in the form of Allay duping! Furthermore, the Allay has a new adorable dance animation! Now, when a Jukebox has some tunes playing, the Allay will start bustin’ a move. So, what am I actually talking about? Well, if you give the Allay an Amethyst Shard, the Allay will duplicate! This allows the player to produce a large number of Allay. There is some discussion about the balance behind Amethyst Shards being the main item that is used for this. Some believe that Echo Shards should be the main item, while others believe Disc Fragments would be better. Next, Chat Reporting? That’s right, Minecraft is getting chat reports! Now, if you feel that someone is saying things in game chat that goes against Minecraft’s terms of service or guidelines, you can report it. This feature is a work in progress. These additions along with numerous bug fixes concludes the update.

Team News

Not much going on, but yet another week makes its way into my lap!

Nahuel – Nahuel built their PC and started playing cyberpunk while doing some coding. They also bought tickets for their flight to Germany. Have a great flight!

Eber – Eber will sign for a new house they purchased in 2 days. Congratulations!

Santiago – Santiago got a 3080 and a RYzen 7 5800x.

Dalton – Dalton started playing VR again and got back into BEatSaber. Turns out hitting the gym and playing VR back-to-back makes him sore. Who knew?

Allan – Allan bought a whopper.

Octavio – Octavio has been playing the new phasmaphobia update. He loves the new ghosts.


Since when do we talk about LEAP? I thought that we could use this section to check out what’s going on with LEAP, since we never really go over it. From checking their Steam blog posts, we can see that they have been quite busy.


They recently held an event called ‘Wow-Tastic Wednesday’ which allows the community to play with the developers in the form of a gaming session. Allowing any and all to join, the event lasted for around an hour with rotating gamemodes and some prizes for those that joined. The developers are dubbing these types of events ‘mini-events’ and they’re hosting them to work closely with the community. The developers want to see how you play, what kinds of issues occur in-game, stress test things, and just have fun! I highly suggest checking out LEAP and joining one of these events.


What an ok week! Yeah, it wasn’t all that spectacular. With the release of 1.19, you can expect Minecraft news to slow down once Mojang has finished buffing up 1.19.1. The Apex Team is also just chilling, with a few of them having some pretty standout moments that are sure to affect them in the years to come. Lastly, LEAP has awesome developers that work hard to have solid interactions with their community. That’s how games should be made! With all that being said, I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

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