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Weekly News #64

Posted: Aug 27, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Noah


Hello everyone, and welcome to the 64th news blog! While activity among videogames have slightly decreased as many go back to school, that has not stopped these game developers from pumping out awesome new updates and content for us. If we’re talking about Minecraft though, there is nothing notable to discuss about the 2nd part to the Caves and Cliffs update. However they are working hard in their own way with tons of new content in the marketplace including back to school maps. With fingers crossed for any future announcements on Java Editions next update, be rest assured that the Mojang developers are working their best to pump through this update.

Apex Hosting News

Daniel -Daniel has been playing Witchcraft. Sounds fun!

Nathan – Nathan has been helping their best friend out with a website. Specifically, building the model/artwork portfolio with the devi theme.

Kyle – Kyle is getting his microchip implant?

Octavio – Octavio just got Super Mario Maker 2 for the switch, sounds like a blast!

Santiago – Santiago got a metal slinky that is really fun to mess around with.

Dalton – Dalton is debating on injecting a programmable RFID chip into his head….

Erika – Erika got their cats a toy and they are loving it!

Valheim Update

New news (Yes, I said news twice) has come on the next Valheim update, expected to arrive on September 16th. Time to settle down and really advance your cooking abilities with a butchers table, spice rack, pots and pans, and much more. Ever want to get into baking pies or bread? Well that’s no problem with the new stone oven that’s being added.

Valheim Vomit

You should probably be careful though, because with this new update comes the potential to throw up all of the “delicious” food you’ve eaten. Now let’s be honest, it’s not pleasing to watch but it’s a pretty cool feature adding to the realism.


Well, that’s all folks! Not too much news to cover, but I mean who doesn’t like to hear about the ability to vomit in Valheim? With the Apex team actively growing, so does our support in many other games. Starting with Minecraft, we have continued to add in new games, one by one. Luckily for me, that means a ton of awesome news I can cover. I hope all of you have a great week, and we’ll see you on the next blog update!

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