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Weekly News #56

Posted: Jul 9, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Hello and welcome to the 56th week of awesome and interesting news brought to you by yours truly, me! We got a decent haul of news this week, and I’m sure that you’re gonna love it! In regards to Minecraft, Mojang has released 1.17.1. Although it brings mostly technical bug fixes, there are some balance changes.


Blue Axolotls can only be obtained through breeding now, some drop rates are changed, and cauldrons now fill up with powdered snow faster. You can check out the full changelog on the official Minecraft website.

Apex Hosting News

Oh man, I’m getting old. I’m just not as young and spiffy as I used to be.

Daniel – Daniel has been reading a lot. Good for him!

Aaron – Aaron started a newish hobby, getting really into electronics

Kyle – Bruh

Erika – Erika is close to reaching gold in LoL. I would wish her luck, but if you ain’t in gold… bruh…

Apex Hosting Changelog

– Audit Logs are now available to clients! Any panel user with Administrator or above roles on a server will see the Audit page on the panel.
– There is a new Upgrade link directly next to the memory value of a server on the panel.
– A Rust landing page on the main site has been created. It says ‘Coming Soon’ for now, but should change this week.
– The EX pricing page section has been updated to reflect the new specs we run for the servers Ryzen 5800X.
– New lightbox functionality has been added to blog and knowledgebase pages, this should make viewing images a bit easier.

Valheim News

We got a Valheim patch inbound! It’s pretty tiny, but absolutely needed. There was massive outcry for changes to be reverted from last patch, which totally made monsters aggressive beasts that destroyed your home at the slightest hint that you were trying to hide from them.


Now, in the official changelog, the devs claim to have taken the criticism in earnest and made some tweaks to monster behavior to make things more enjoyable. Hopefully, everything turns out ok, but we’ll see if more changes are needed through gameplay.


Welp, that’s everything! The Caves and Cliffs update is fixing all of its bugs while simultaneously making us wait an eternity for the second part. The Apex crew is having a splendid time, appreciating the weather of Elsa. Or at least I am. Hurricane prep sucks. Valheim didn’t necessarily revert their changes, but they tried to adjust things to appease their fans. Well, I hope you enjoyed this news, so have a great day!

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