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Valheim: Hildir’s Request Public Test

Posted: Jul 3, 2023 in Valheim

mc head By Kevin Lott


When it comes to our favorite nordic themed survival game, updates can be scarce. It seems like there’s been a roadmap of content to come out there for years, with each update taking longer than the last. Fortunately, when the update inevitably does come, the quality is superb and it is always extremely enjoyable. Interestingly enough, this time around the development team of Valheim has started a public test which allows us to playtest the newest content which has yet to be added to the base game. Let’s delve deeper into Hildir’s Request!

Public Test PSA

This update pertains to the Public Test version of Valheim and may exhibit instability. Prior to releasing this update to the Default version of the game, the objective of the developers is to thoroughly identify any bugs and fine-tune the balance to provide you with the optimal gaming experience. To access the Public Test branch on Steam, follow these steps: Right-click on Valheim in your Steam library, then choose ‘Properties’. In the newly opened window, select ‘Betas’ and enter the code “yesimadebackups”. You should now have access to the Public Test branch for selection.

For Microsoft/PC Game Pass users, launch the Xbox Insider Hub app. Navigate to ‘Previews’ and locate ‘Valheim Public Test’. Select ‘Join’ and wait for the registration process to complete. You will then be directed to the Store to install ‘Valheim Public Test’. Note that there might be slight variations between the PC and console versions, but our goal is to maintain consistency between the two as much as possible. Alright, now with that out of the way, let’s see what’s actually in this update!

Hildirs Request


Hilder is the newest NPC coming to Valheim! Apparently, Haldor isn’t the only merchant in the family, as he has a sister! She had some trouble along the way, and it appears most of her stock has gone missing. When you find her, she might request some help! Found in the new location, Hildir’s camp, you’re likely to get new quests and missions to fill your time from this new NPC.

Hildirs Camp

New Locations

This update brings forth multiple new locations of different varieties. Hildir’s camp is the most prominent, being the main place you can find the new NPC to get some new quests. There are then three new dungeons, with two of them being classic and one of them being an open dungeon. The Smouldering Tomb (classic), the Howling Cavern (classic), and the Sealed Tower (open dungeon).


Valheim World Modifiers

World Modifiers Added

The start game screen has been updated with many customization/difficulty options. You can select a preset or design your own with this new system! Casual mode causes monsters to not attack you until provoked, and there are no base raids. Resources become more plentiful too. Hammer mode acts as a sort of creative mode, allowing you to build for free with no resource costs. Immersive mode deletes your map and doesn’t allow the use of portals, so you’ll need to become a topographer real quick! These and much more encompass this new system which is sure to be expanded upon in the future with more options.

New hair and beard styles

When it comes to Viking culture, something that has always been popular in Nordic depictions is their unique hairstyles. Valheim has added eight new hairstyles and five new beard styles. Braids with sides shaven, held-up curls, and much more! More importantly, you can now see all hair and beards when equipping helmets. Armor no longer cuts off your customization.

New Items

Tons of new miscellaneous item additions have been made. Ever wanted fireworks and sparklers in Valheim? No? Well, they’re here anyway! Eight different fireworks have been added along with a Sparkler. There is also a new material and furniture item, the Barber kit and Barber station. Both of these are critical in changing your hairstyle. It’s straight-up GTA style, where you can change your hairstyle, even if you’re bald! There’s also a new Iron pit material and a furniture item, the Firepit. All of these are sure to be great additions to your home,

Quality of Life

Just like the developers, I couldn’t really think of any particular category for these, but numerous changes have been made in the name of quality of life. Firstly, a quick stack button and the option to use Shift-E have been added, allowing players to swiftly place all items from their inventory into a container. For improved precision building, players can now manually select snapping points using the Q and E keys. Additionally, the introduction sequence can be skipped from the pause menu, and the game can be paused during the intro. Upgrades to the Workbench and Forge have resulted in a slightly increased build range. Furthermore, crafting benches now possess a cylindrical build range instead of a spherical one. To cater to different preferences, an additional controller scheme has been introduced, along with the ability to hide the HUD when using a controller or playing on Xbox. These changes aim to provide a more seamless and customizable gaming experience in Valheim.


That’s the update! The developers have taken a unique approach by allowing players to participate in a public test to identify and address any bugs before the official release. Hildir’s Request is looking to be an exciting addition to the game, and I’m sure that once all of the issues are resolved with the bugs and design flaws, it will be a great update. With all that being said, have a great day!

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