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Valheim HD Texture Pack

Posted: Jan 21, 2023 in Valheim

mc head By Nathan Young


Some players, perhaps yourself, have wondered what Valheim would look like with high-definition graphics. The game itself is a bit pixelated, resembling modded Minecraft more than anything else. This is extremely noticeable when gazing upon the vegetation of the world, which may spark a small desire to change that. You’re in luck! Specific members of Valheim’s community created HD texture packs to completely revamp the game’s appearance. This typically includes the entire environment being altered, with some increasing the graphics on characters, creatures, weapons, and more. We’ll be breaking down what exactly these texture packs are and some choices for you to try out. Let’s get started, shall we?

What are Texture Packs?

Valheim Custom Textures

If it’s not too obvious by now, texture packs are a collection of unique designs that replace existing ones to alter the game’s appearance. The changes can vastly improve Valheim’s experience, especially with all the different possibilities. Whether you’re wanting to make your character look more realistic or simply wanting the best graphics, using new textures gives you that control. For example, installing the Custom Textures Nexus mod enhances the game by altering player models, equipment, terrain, water, and other worldly objects. There are a few ways to accomplish this, which we’ll discuss in the sections below.

Using HD Textures

Valheim HD Texture Pack

Setting up HD textures in Valheim is a bit confusing, especially if you’re brand spanking new to modding games. This is amplified if you’re unsure about which mod to even use, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered, as you have two excellent choices to try out: HD Valheim or Cwispy HD Valheim. For our purposes, we’re using the first option due to its overwhelming popularity in the community. This makes the game more Skyrim-like, meaning it’s harder to see the pixels compared to the default visuals. Everything from the sky to caves are completely altered for a more appealing taste to enjoy.

Installing it is straightforward, but easier said than done. Essentially, you need to manually download the mod’s ZIP file and extract it into your game directory. What we’ve used has convenient instructions for Steam and even the GamePass version of Valheim. Following them will surely help you get things squared away to begin enjoying the game in a new way.

Vortex Mod Manager

Other times, mods will have an automatic installation method to quickly get rolling. This uses a platform called Vortex, a modding tool and manager for many games. It requires an account, but is useful for controlling different mods or textures you wish to apply in Valheim. Otherwise, you’ll need to manually enable them in your game’s file directory.

Vortex Mod Manager



Whether you’re wanting to customize your gameplay experience with fantastic graphics or subtly enhance the visuals, using texture pack mods will help you achieve that. There are many different choices to make Valheim in HD, with some being more popular than others. Of course, if you go overboard with the amount of textures you use, performance issues may arise. Typically, only one modification is required to overhaul the game’s appearance. If you’re wanting to get more changes, then we highly recommend using the mod manager to do that. Otherwise, continue onward with your HD texture pack for Valheim to re-explore the world in a new sense. We hope this helped you, have a good one gamers!

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