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V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot Update

Posted: May 5, 2023 in Server Updates

mc head By Kevin Lott


So, I don’t know if you’ve seen Netflix’s Castlevania but it really sets the mood for this game. V Rising is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Stunlock Studios. The game is set in a dark fantasy world where players take on the role of a vampire trying to survive and build a powerful kingdom. Last year, V Rising blew up in popularity but has since faded into obscurity due to a lack of content. In today’s blog we will discuss the upcoming expansion of V Rising, the Secrets of Gloomrot, and its release date.

Secrets of Gloomrot

The V Rising expansion promises to bring new features and improvements to the game, including new regions to explore, new enemies to fight, and new resources to gather. It will also introduce new gameplay mechanics that will add more depth and complexity to the game. Fans of the game are eagerly anticipating its arrival.

One of the most anticipated features of the V Rising expansion is the addition of player housing. Players will be able to build and customize their own homes, which will serve as a hub for all their activities in the game. The housing system will allow players to show off their creativity and personal style, while also providing practical benefits such as storage space and crafting stations.


Another exciting addition to the V Rising expansion is the introduction of clans. Players will be able to form and join clans, which will allow them to collaborate and compete with other players in a variety of ways. Clans will have their own rankings and rewards, and will offer players a sense of community and belonging in the game.

In addition to player housing and clans, the V Rising expansion will bring a host of other new features to the game. For example, players will have access to new weapons and armor, as well as new spells and abilities. There will also be new dungeons to explore, and new bosses to defeat.

Further on to the new features and content, the V Rising expansion will also address some of the existing issues in the game. For example, the developers have stated that they will be improving the game’s tutorial and onboarding experience, as well as addressing some of the balancing issues that have been reported by players.


Overall, the V Rising expansion promises to be a major addition to an already engaging game. With new regions, enemies, resources, gameplay mechanics, player housing, and clans, there will be plenty of new content for players to enjoy. The expansion is set to release in the coming months, and fans of the game are eagerly counting down the days until its arrival. If you love dark fantasy, vampires, and multiplayer games, V Rising is definitely a title to watch out for.

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