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Category - 1GB Upgrade for $1.99/mo

Special Holiday Offer! Add an extra 1GB of RAM to any server for a limited time for only $1.99.

Get some extra memory to play bigger modpacks, invite more friends, and try more mods or plugins than you ever could before.

How to Upgrade

  1. Log into your Billing Area
  2. Select Your Server to Upgrade
  3. Select upgrade / downgrade options from left menu
  4. Select the Upgrade Option from the dropdown
  5. Select the payment option. No coupons work on this upgrade
  6. Finish and complete checkout
  7. Your server will automatically be upgraded

The 1GB upgrade is one per server and lasts until canceled. Promotions do not work on the $1.99 as it is already heavily discounted. Please contact our support team in live chat or ticket support if you have any further questions.

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