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How to Update Bukkit with Multicraft

Last modified on Nov 9, 2020 in control panel

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Minecraft Tutorial

Updating Bukkit with Multicraft on your Server

A common inquiry about multicraft control panel accounts for minecraft hosting services asks “how do i upgrade bukkit to the latest version?” This is due to the fact that Multicraft is programmed to only update to the latest recommended build from bukkit’s website and does not consider using developmental releases. This is done since most of the developmental builds have many issues and bugs and unfortunately bukkit releases always lag behind official minecraft releases fairly significantly. This does not mean that if you are using a multicraft control panel for your minecraft hosting that you will not be able to use the latest release of Bukkit or similar mod packs. We allow for users to select their own jar very easily so all you need to do is follow the following steps:

1. Access your minecraft hosting account from either inside the control panel’s web interface or with your favorite FTP client. The login information can be found saved within the control panel and also is provided in the welcome e-mail you receive when signing up for your account.

2. Your server should already have a /jar folder created on the root of the FTP account. If you have not yet started your server for the first time and this folder does not exist please create a blank one labeled “jar”. You will place whichever mod pack jar that your server will run inside of this folder. You can have multiple jars inside of this folder since we will also define which one for the server to load during its start.

3. Go back into the multicraft control panel and select default for the server type dropdown box which has a few predefined fields. When you select default there will be a blank text box below this list which is labeled as JAR file. In this box you will type in the exact name of the jar including the extension. For example, one of my servers is using a 1.6.4 development build of CraftBukkit and I saved the file to my server is craftbukkit164.jar so this is exactly what is now in the field.

4. Restart your server and the entered version of minecraft and Bukkit mod will now be running.

If you have any trouble doing this on your own all you have to do is submit a ticket to support with a link to the jar file you would like your server to run on. Our team will have this complete within a few minutes for you. You can select whichever JAR you want as we do not restrict what type of Minecraft server you can run on your hosting account.