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Ultra Cosmetics Minecraft Plugin

Last modified on May 19, 2023 in Plugins

mc head By Dalton Whalen


Minecraft has always been about showing off in one way or another. This is true whether you aim to build the best house, have a cool skin, obtain the most powerful gear, or more. This is often brought to the next level on servers, as there are often many players that are constantly interacting with each other. Showing off to others has never been easier thanks to Ultra Cosmetics, a Minecraft plugin that allows you to earn and display various cosmetics rewards. From pets that follow you around to flashy particle effects, there is something for everyone. Players can earn up to 4 cosmetics from each key they use, which will yield random results. If the default setup is not enough, almost every aspect of Ultra Cosmetics can also be tweaked through its configuration file. With this in mind, we have created this Apex Hosting tutorial to help you get started.

Ultra Cosmetics Download

  1. Visit the Ultra Cosmetics Spigot page.
  2. Press the blue Download Now button in the top-right.
    Ultra Cosmetics Download Now
  3. Save the .jar file to a safe location for later.

While the latest download is often recommended, specific versions of the plugin can be found within the Version History tab.


Server Installation

Before you install the plugin, you will first need to confirm the version you are running. The plugin is currently tested on 1.8, 1.12, 1.18, and 1.19.

  1. Navigate to your Apex server panel, then stop the server.
  2. Scroll down to the Game File section, then open the dropdown menu.
    Ultra Cosmetics Game Version
  3. Ensure you are running a plugin-compatible version, such as Paper or Spigot.
  4. Afterwards, enter the FTP File Access and log in.
  5. Locate or create the plugins folder, then enter it.
  6. Press Upload in the top-left, which will allow you to drag + drop the .jar file
    Ultra Cosmetics Upload
  7. Once at 100% uploaded, return to the main panel page and restart the server.


Getting Started

Now that the plugin is installed, you can begin configuring the plugin and unlocking the various cosmetics.

Configuring Permissions

Prior to using the plugin, you will first need to configure the permissions to hook into a plugin like LuckPerms.

  1. Return to the FTP File Access, then enter the plugins folder.
  2. Click to enter the UltraCosmetics folder, then press Edit next to Config.yml.
  3. Find the Permission-Add-Command area, near line 225.
    Ultra Cosmetics Permissions

    LuckPerms – Replace the text with '!lp-api' to automatically configure.

    Other plugins – Use the necessary permission command with placeholders. E.g. ‘pex user %name% add %permission%’

  4. Afterwards, press the Save button, then click Restart Now when prompted.


Keys & Chests

Ultra Cosmetics Keys and Chests

Now that the plugin has been configured, you can join your server and start opening cosmetics. To start, use the following command: /uc give key [amount] [user] to give yourself the chest keys. Afterwards, use the /uc menu command, where the chest and key icons can be found.

When you’re ready, find an open area and click the chest icon. This will summon a small platform and spawn 4 chests for you to open. Each chest will have a random cosmetic ranging from pets to hats. You can continue doing this for each key you obtain.

Ultra Cosmetics Chests


Ultra Cosmetics Rarity

Some items are rarer than others, allowing players to work towards earning more keys in order to earn the best items. For each item collected, it will be added to your inventory and can be enabled at any time.

Enabling Cosmetics

Ultra Cosmetics Cosmetics 1
Ultra Cosmetics Cosmetics 2

To enable your earned cosmetics, return to the “/uc menu” and select your desired section. These include pets, mounts, particles, hats, and more! By default only your obtained cosmetics are visible, but this can be toggled with the hopper item.

Ultra Cosmetics Combo

Some cosmetics, such as particles and hats can only have one equipped at a time per type. This limitation can be bypassed by combining multiple types of cosmetics at once, allowing you to have particles and a pet active at once. Cosmetics can be cleared at any time using the redstone block item in the menu.



Ultra Cosmetics Configuration

If the default plugin configuration is not suitable, further changes can be made through the config.yml file from earlier or by accessing any of the other files in the same location.


Allows you to edit all Ultra Cosmetics settings, such as how much a key is or potential rewards. Other settings include disabling items, cooldowns, and much more.


This file allows you to create and define custom cosmetics for new hats, particles, and more. There are several comments added in the file to guide you on the creation process.


Here, all plugin messages can be adjusted and reworded. Whether you wish to add different placeholders or just add some charm, this is easy to achieve.


Automatically generated. Displays every permission added through Ultra Cosmetics and displays them in various sections.

Common Issues

Plugin commands are not working:

When this issue occurs, it often means that the plugin is not properly loading. Try using the /plugins command from in-game to see if UltraCosmetics appears. If not, verify the .jar file is inside of the proper folder and that the server is running a correct version. If you are still unable to diagnose an obvious issue, check the server console for a plugin error message for more info.

I get a permission message when opening cosmetic chests:

This is an error that is solved by configuring permissions ahead of time. If this is not adjusted, the plugin is unable to give you the permissions needed to use your unlocked cosmetics. Make sure you have followed the instructions from previous to configure it for your specific permissions plugin. Otherwise, ensure you have saved the file and fully restarted your server before trying to use Ultra Cosmetics.

Floating text leftover after opening a chest:

In some cases, there may be a hologram text that does not despawn after opening a chest for a new cosmetic. This does not usually occur unless you are browsing the cosmetics menu while in the process of opening each chest. In most cases, this will automatically despawn after some time and does not have any effect on the server itself. However, restarting the entire server may allow the plugin to reload and remove the old hologram.

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