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TPPI Server

Last modified on Mar 9, 2022 in modpacks

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In vanilla Minecraft, a large part of the gameplay is focused around the beginning and middle of your world. After you have the best tools and a massive base, there slowly becomes less gameplay options available. Introducing TPPI, otherwise known as Test Pack Please Ignore. Despite the name, this is an official modpack dedicated to expanding the life of a single server through a variety of mods. In addition, the mods are tweaked so more time is put in to unlock all of the features. With Apex Hosting, it is very easy to set up a TPPI server, so today we’ll be showing you how to do so!


Test Pack Please Ignore is an official Technic 1.6.4 modpack with over 120 mods available for gameplay. The pack is created by sct on Technic and focuses on a more balanced, long-term style gameplay. Using their TPPI Tweaks and Modpack Tweaks, they can completely customize recipes and other compatibility between mods, allowing for extended long-term play on a single world.

Server-Side Installation:

  1. Head to the Apex Server Panel, then scroll down to the “Jar File” section.
  2. Click the menu dropdown, then scroll or search for “Test”.
  3. Select “Test Pack Please Ignore” then press “Change Version”.
  4. It is recommended to create a new world when prompted, to prevent any issues.
  5. Restart the server to load the modpack


Client-Side Installation:

  1. Download and install the Technic launcher from their site here.
  2. When the app is opened, go to “Browse Modpacks”, then search for “Test Pack”.
  3. Click the one named “Test Pack Please Ignore”, then press “Install” if it is not already.
  4. Once it is done, press the “Play” button in the bottom-right.


Included Mods:

There are many mods included in this pack, some notable ones are:

Advanced Genetics:

With the Advanced Genetics mod, you are able to add mob abilities to multiple entities including yourself.

Carpenter’s Blocks:

With Carpenter’s Blocks, you can use the shapes to make an outline, then use any block to fill it in.


BuildCraft Machines:

With massive machines, the BuildCraft mod will make organization and obtaining resources super easy!

MineFactory Reloaded:

Automate everything, from conveyor belts to a multitude of machines, create your own factory.


Tinkers’ Construct:

When basic tools aren’t enough, the Tinkers’ Construct mod allows you to create several custom weapons with individual abilities.


Decoration meets functionality with BiblioCraft. Whether you use it to store books and items or just decorate with furniture, it provides both.


Common Issues:

I get an error when joining the server:
Often, if a player is unable to join the server, it is because the modpack isn’t properly installed on your own computer. Ensure you are using the official Test Pack Please Ignore modpack to have all of the proper mods installed to join the server.

My server is stuck loading:
This often happens when a mod is removed from an existing world. You can force the world to load by going to the server console and entering /fml confirm. That should then load the world with the missing mods removed.

Modded items aren’t spawning in the server:
If the mods appear in the creative menu but are not properly appearing on the server, it often means the server is not properly using the modpack. Ensure that the server was switched to Test Pack Please Ignore through the panel and restarted to load it up.

Useful Links:

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How To Make a Test Pack Please Ignore Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Test Pack Please Ignore server will be created instantly