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The Wings of Alfheim Minecraft Mod

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mc head By Nathan Young

Wings of Alfheim Minecraft Mod


Flying in Minecraft has been around for years, especially with newer versions due to elytras. However, players in 1.7.10 don’t have the luxury of flight, as cheating is the only viable way to achieve it. This can be problematic for some, as cheating tends to be frowned upon even if it helps build bases, fight mobs, or explore the world. Without flying, all of these tasks become more difficult to accomplish. Luckily, this is solved by a unique Forge mod that implements flight for survival players. Introducing The Wings of Alfheim, a fairy-themed modification that adds new tools, materials, and wings. Using this on your server or singleplayer world allows you to legitimately fly by collecting, crafting, and using specific resources. There are several wing styles to discover and use in the game, giving more options to players. Installing The Wings of Alfheim is made easy through our simplified panel, so we’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to show you how to get started.

How to Download

There are two mod files to download, with one of them being a dependency for Alfheim.

  1. Navigate to Alfehim on CurseForge, then press Files.
    The Wings of Alfheim CurseForge
  2. From here, scroll down to Recent Files and click View All to the right.
  3. Afterward, click the mod version you want and press the Download button.
    The Wings of Alfheim Curseforge Download
  4. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.
  5. Additionally, Download the Baubles dependency JAR file.


Client Installation

When all files are downloaded, it’s time to install them on Forge in the Minecraft launcher.

  1. Close down Minecraft if it’s running, then open your launcher.
  2. Head towards the Installations area and locate your installed Forge profile.
    Minecraft Launcher Installations
  3. Once found, click on its Folder icon to reveal your game files.
    Minecraft Forge Profile
  4. In the newly opened window, enter the mods directory.
    Minecraft Launcher Mods Folder

    Note: If you don’t see “mods”, create it as a new folder for this process.

  5. Afterward, drag and drop the mod files in the directory.
    Install Minecraft Mods
  6. Return to the launcher and press Play on the correct profile to load them.


Server Setup

With everything done on the client-side, you’re prepared to install the mods on your server.

  1. Navigate to your Apex server panel, then press FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP Server

    Important: Make sure to use the correct Server Profile for this installation.

  2. Login with your password and continue to the mods directory.
    Minecraft Server Mods Folder
  3. At the top left corner, click Upload and drag the files into the respective area.
    Minecraft Install Server Mods
  4. Wait for them to reach 100%, then return to the main panel.
  5. Locate the World section, then press Change World and set a new name.
    Minecraft Change Server World
  6. In the following prompt, Restart Now and join to confirm the mods were successfully installed.


Getting Started

Minecraft Alfheim Mod

Upon entering your world, there aren’t any visible changes since Alfheim doesn’t alter generation too much. Most of the additions are items or craftable blocks, but there are required materials that spawn underground. These are obtained by mining normally, as you would with other minerals. Once collected, you can start creating unique tools that’ll help you make wings. It may take awhile to gather all necessary materials since some of them are late-game items. For example, a nether star is needed for the wing’s core and tends to be obtained later on. Regardless of this, we’ll review everything there is to know about the Alfheim mod to get you started.

Fairy Materials

Minecraft Fairy Materials Mod

Alfheim changes one aspect to the world’s generation, a new block known as Fairy Ore. This is the foundation for all modded materials, such as wings and its core. Players will encounter these ores underground near iron or gold areas, making them widely available to all. When mined, a furnace is required to smelt them to obtain its ingot form, called Mediocris. This is used for the mod’s craftable items, like a Block of Mediocris. Alternatively, placing an ore in a crafting table results in Fairy Dust. This too is required for recipes, but isn’t used in many of them when compared to other ones. Either way, fairy ores are common throughout your world and won’t be an issue to locate.


Mediocris Tools

Minecraft Alfehim Items
Minecraft Alfheim Sword Recipe

This mod adds a complete set of new tools to use, from a mediocris sword to shovels. These are stronger than diamond, which is extremely useful and slightly overpowered since its materials are common. Regardless of this, the recipes for them are just like other tools. However, the sword requires two diamonds on its side in the crafting table for the handle. Using mediocris equipment isn’t needed to obtain wings, rather it’s a nice benefit to the gameplay.


Alfheim Wings

Minecraft Alfehim Core Recipe
Minecraft Alfehim Wings Recipe

Before flying around your world, a Flight Core is required for Alfheim Wings. Players can craft this by having two mediocris ingots, two ender pearls, and one nether star. Once made, the wings can be created by a combination of items. These include two feathers, three mediocris ingots, two fairy dust, an ender pearl, and the flight core. However, no one can use these wings since they need to be activated from a special block. Only then, players can take flight!

Activating Wings

Minecraft Alfehim Table Recipe

When you’ve successfully crafted alfheim wings, it’s time to create an Alfhomancy Table. This can be made with two diamonds, two emeralds, four wood planks, and a mediocris block. It’s a bit expensive, but nonetheless still important to do. After everything is created, place the table in your base or somewhere safely accessible.


Once placed, players can right-click the table while holding their wings to activate it. This also allows them to switch between different styles, with there being 9 in total. When a wing is activated, it cannot be deactivated besides being swapped for another variant. Luckily, these items will never break since there is no durability for them.

Minecraft Alfehim Activating Wings


Wing Types

Minecraft Fairy Wings Mod

As for specific wing styles, these vastly range in color, shape, and size. Some may appear more transparent than others, which is an intended feature from the mod. This is due to its fairy aspect, as they tend to be mystical creatures with translucent wings. Only one of these items is needed to discover all styles since you can swap between them in the alfhomancy table. Discover what suits you best in-game, whether it complements your player skin or is simply your favorite.

Common Issues

Unable to Launch
Whether your server or launcher is failing to run properly, make sure to have the Baubles dependency mod installed with Alfheim. Without doing this, it’ll be unplayable. However, ensure all downloaded mods are for Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 on both your client and server. Additionally, using the correct profile on your panel is required to load anything. Confirm that all of these are right and properly installed, then you’ll be able to launch or connect.
Missing Ores
If after loading into your world and there are no fairy ores, it’s possible that a new one wasn’t generated. Since this mod adds a block, creating a fresh world is required for it to spawn. This is applied to both singleplayer and multiplayer, so make sure it’s a brand new map. Otherwise, you may need to continue exploring deep underground to find the ores, as some are hidden or simply too far away from the surface.

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