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Supplementaries Minecraft Mod

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mc head By Nathan Young

Supplementaries Mod Minecraft


Playing with friends on your Vanilla Minecraft server can be an entertaining experience, especially building large bases or exploring deep caverns. Whether you’re making castles or finding dungeons in the world, there’s plenty of activities to try out. However, some players may feel there’s missing features while building structures or exploring. This may lead them to search for modifications, used for introducing new aspects to Minecraft. If you’re wanting more decorative blocks, unique items, helpful tools, and more, then consider installing Supplementaries. This is a Forge and Fabric mod that allows you to build with new materials, among loads of other features. For example, players can build custom redstone machines or have more options to display items in their base. Setting this up is easily done on our panel, but may confuse newcomers to the modding scene. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to install and use Supplementaries on your Minecraft server.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Supplementaries on CurseForge, then click Files near the top.
    Supplementaries CurseForge
  2. Scroll down and locate your desired Game Version for this modification.
  3. Once found, click its three vertical dots on the right and press Download File.
    Supplementaries CurseForge Download
  4. Save this somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.
  5. Repeat this process for the Moonlight Lib dependency mod.


If you’re wanting to use Fabric, then ensure you’ve downloaded the Fabric API modification too. This is required for anything to properly work, both on the server and launcher. Besides this, it’s worth mentioning that this version of Supplementaries doesn’t have all the features, as it’s mainly for Forge servers. Keep this in mind when getting started and reviewing the modification.


Client Installation

Before anything, you and others will need to set up Forge or Fabric on the Minecraft launcher. This is required to support mods, making it absolutely necessary. Once you’ve done this, follow along below to begin the installation process for Supplementaries.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher, then click the Installations option near the top.
    Minecraft Installations
  2. Locate and click the Folder icon on your previously installed Forge or Fabric profile.
    Minecraft Forge Profile
  3. In the newly opened window, find and enter the mods directory from the list.
    Note: If you don’t see this, then create it before continuing with this installation.
  4. Proceed to drag and drop your downloaded files into this folder.
    Supplementaries Client Installation
  5. Return to your modded profile and click Play to begin loading Supplementaries.


Server Installation

Similar to the client setup, you’ll need to activate Forge or Fabric in the server panel. This is done by selecting it from the Game File section, then restarting afterward to load the game files. When you’ve done this, review the steps below to upload Supplementaries in the server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access at the top left corner.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Type your Password in the text box and press the Login button, revealing the files.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. Locate and enter the mods directory, then click the Upload button near the top left.
  4. Proceed to drag and drop your downloaded files into the respective area.
    Supplementaries Server Installation
  5. Wait for them to reach 100%, then return to the main panel and Restart the server.


Getting Started

Supplementaries Mod Guide

Upon joining the server, players can begin crafting the new blocks and items from Supplementaries. However, we strongly recommend installing the JEI modification to easily access their recipes. Otherwise, you may review the official wiki for more information. Besides this, the first step everyone should take is collecting basic resources. These include wood, wool, cobblestone, bricks, among other similar materials. Afterward, you and others can freely craft unique building blocks, items, and more from this mod. We’ll break down what’s possible with Supplementaries in the subsections below to get you started on this new building adventure.

Building Blocks

There are a few notable building blocks players can obtain, with some sharing similarities with vanilla types. For example, Blackstone Tiles are now available and require the normal polished variants to create it. Other ones include Lapis Bricks, Ash Bricks, Checker Blocks, and Stone Tiles. Some of these will need special materials for their crafting recipes, such as ash.

Supplementaries Blocks

This can be found in mineshafts or other randomly generated structures with lootable chests. However, the vast majority of this modification implements decorative pieces for you to customize an existing base.


Minecraft Decorations Mod

There are countless decorations to choose from with the Supplementaries mod, which many of them are interactable. For instance, a Pedestal can display anything you want by right-clicking it while holding the item. Other types can be Sacks or Vaults to store resources, giving you more options to use instead of normal chests. Although, some decorations are completely unique due to their special properties.

These include Goblets to fill up with potions, Globes to spin around, and Blackboards to draw on. The amount of possible decorations to choose from vastly ranges in capabilities, with some only providing additional details in your base.

Redstone Machines

As for complicated redstone machines, this mod allows you to create some interesting contraptions. The most notable materials are Cog Blocks, Relayers, Spring Launchers, Speakers, and Turn Tables. These can be used to automatically play loud music, boost blocks in the air, or make entities spin around endlessly. Alternatively, there can be specific designs to help you sort through items or perform more functions with vanilla machines.

Minecraft Redstone Mod

We encourage reviewing the official wiki if you’re intrigued about these possibilities, as it can be a little complex.

Unique Items

Instead of building with custom blocks and materials, players can use new items to have fun. These can range from survival tools to blowing bubbles, giving you lots of options. Whether you’re simply wanting to enjoy your time with friends or explore deep caves, these can be worth trying. We’ll go through some of the best ones to get you started down below, but keep in mind that there are tons of other items to use.

Bubble Blower

Minecraft Bubbles Mod

The first item on our list is a Bubble Blower, which can be used to simply blow bubbles at friends. However, combining this with the new Stasis enchantment allows you to make large ones. This is used to give you air while underwater, making this a helpful tool sometimes. Otherwise, it’s an entertaining item to mess around with in your Minecraft world.

Although, this item requires Soap to refill its durability. Additionally, players need to use Iron Ingots and Nuggets to craft it. This isn’t the best item, but rather a fun feature from the mod.

Rope Arrow

If you’re wanting to quickly escape from creepers in a dark cave with a high ceiling, then using Rope Arrows will come in handy. This allows you and others to shoot at a block, instantly dropping rope down below for everyone to climb up. It’ll also forcibly move any object away from its path, which can be used for creative ideas. Crafting this requires you to find or make Rope, then combine it with a normal Arrow. Keep in mind that this has durability, meaning you’ll need to replenish it with additional rope items.

Minecraft Rope Arrow



Minecraft Bomb Mod

Rather than peaceful items, players can find or craft Bombs to annihilate anything in their pathway. There are two versions of this, the Normal and Blue kinds. The first is a small explosion, while the other is a delayed larger one. There is no block damage with these items, as it only inflicts harm on entities or easily breakable decorations. This can come in handy when you’re wanting to have fun with friends or quickly slay a swarm of zombies.


Creative Design

Supplementaries Minecraft Mod

There’s plenty of activities and possibilities to try out with the Supplementaries modification on your Minecraft server. Whether you’re making a highly detailed room in your base or using helpful tools to explore cave systems, there are many options. At this point, you and others will need to get creative in the world. This is amplified if you’re toying around with redstone machines, as they require some work to complete. Remember, reviewing the official wiki is always an option if you’re confused about specific functionality in the mod.


In cases where you or another player is unhappy with how a block or item behaves, tweaking its settings is possible. This allows you to toggle features or change parameters for them, such as extending a bomb’s explosion radius. Doing this requires you to access a specific file in the FTP panel, which is the same for both Fabric and Forge servers. However, the settings themselves change depending on your setup. Keep this in mind when following the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to the FTP File Access area and login with your password.
  2. Afterward, locate and enter the config directory from the list.
  3. Press Edit on the supplementaries-common.json file, revealing its contents.
    Supplementaries Config File
  4. Make any necessary changes, then click Save at the top.
    Supplementaries Settings
  5. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the edits.


Common Issues

Unable to Join Server

Other times, players may not be able to join the server. This can be caused by entering an incorrect IP Address:Port or Subdomain when making the connection. Solving this particular problem requires you to verify this information from the main panel, near the top and using it in-game to successfully join. If the issue persists, then this could mean a failed installation on either the server or launcher happened. Review the next section for more information about fixing this situation. However, the server itself must be restarted after uploading the files for everything to work properly. Another possible solution is to generate a new world, as Supplementaries does change how loot and specific blocks are spawned.

Supplementaries isn’t Working

In some cases, the modification will not work on the server or launcher due to numerous reasons. A common problem to encounter is failing to install the dependency mod(s), which changes if you’re on Forge or Fabric. However, a universal one is Moonlight Library and must be transferred in the mods directory. Make sure you’ve downloaded the correct game version too, as this plays an important role when loading the server or launcher. Essentially, confirm you installed everything correctly and try out to see if that works. If the situation persists on the server, then this could be related to previous game files stored in the FTP panel. Solving this can be done by deleting the older documents or creating a new Server Profile to run this mod.

My Server is Lagging

If you’ve been experiencing performance issues while enjoying this modification, then there could be some server-related problems. We strongly recommend reviewing our Modded Optimization Guide to see what you can possibly do to correct the situation. For instance, installing performance modifications to help render the world or change backend processes can help. This whole situation tends to happen after playing around with complicated redstone machines from the mod, so removing or lessening them might be an option too.

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