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Sons Of The Forest 1.0 Full Release Launch

Posted: Feb 21, 2024 in Sons Of The Forest

mc head By Nathan Young

It’s here! Sons Of The Forest 1.0, the full release – marking its one-year anniversary. This is jam-packed with new features, including creatures, enemies, enhanced AI, tools, weapons, and more. Before these massive changes, there have been countless updates to SOTF. They’ve introduced subtle and minor tweaks, which were needed for its full release. Expect more of these small updates post-full release, as patching is required. Regardless of this, Sons Of The Forest 1.0 is here and ready to be played with friends. Whether you’re in singleplayer saves or dedicated servers, you and others alike will embark on grand adventures across the island. Let’s begin to explore the full release of SOTF!

SOTF 1.0 Features

As of February 22, 2024, the full release of Sons Of The Forest is available for players around the world to download. This is one year after its initial debut on Steam! Some areas of the world have been remastered, including some AI behaviors. This means your in-game experience will be more immersive and streamlined.

There are brand new enemies in Sons Of The Forest with its 1.0 update, with some bearing shiny golden armor. Players must learn how to defeat these hellish monsters, as they have unique fighting skills. Don’t worry though, as you’ll be well-equipped with new weapons for the battle. Beyond just enemies, there are new types of creatures for you to discover while roaming around the forest. These can be hunted or admired, you decide!

Sons Of The Forest 1.0 Server
Sons Of The Forest 1.0 Server Hosting

There are tons of new tools and mechanics to discover too, such as a launchpad for gliders. This comes in handy when escaping hordes of demons or exploring the vast environment. Besides this, there are extra consumables and hand-held items. These give you the strength and power to advance forward in your journey! As for the store itself, it’s now complete for you to dive in and experience.

Play at your own pace and begin learning about all the features in this new Sons Of The Forest update. Whether you’re more focused on exploration, fighting, or building, the 1.0 release introduces a wide range of opportunities. Here’s a quick summary:

  • New Creatures and Enemies
  • Enhanced AI Behaviors
  • New Tools and Weapons
  • New Buildable Structures
  • Complete Storyline
  • New Areas to Explore


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