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Introducing Skyblock Gametype

Posted: Aug 17, 2018 in Minecraft Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

Let’s checkout our new Sky Block game mode.

We are happy to announce our pre-packaged Sky Block game mode which allows for epic survival on a small island in the air. This server version is available as a one click installer in our control panel or can be selected during checkout if you are setting up a new server.

The main objective of this game mode is to spawn on your own floating island or team up with friends to be able to grow food, expand your island and survive.

To start, players can select a predefined island using the /is command. Once selected they will be automatically teleported to it, ready to go. A few things to note when you start in your island is /shop command. With it, you are able to purchase and sell pretty much everything you would need. Another command to take note of is /ah. This allows you to auction some of your items to other players on the server. A great alternative for things like spawners that you aren’t able to sell on /shop. You can auctions items by doing /ah sell and it will set up an auction for the item in your hand. And then finally the /kits command. This command will bring up a GUI which players can easily select kits from (if they have access to them).

This game mode has a total of 40 plugins all uniquely chosen to make the game mode feel cohesive and transition smoothly. We won’t be listing them all out but a few of note will be listed below.

  • ClearLag: This plugin will clear your server of entities every 5 minutes. This will help the server run smoothly over time as players drop items, build mob farms, etc.
  • ChestShops: Similar to /ah, if a player wants to sell something that isn’t available on the /shop, they can do this via chest shops.
  • Deluxetags: You can run the /tags command and all the tags you have access to will show there.
  • UltimateCasino: Add a bit of fun to things by allowing players to coinflip and create jackpots with /coinflip and /rps.
  • PlayerVaults: A plugin that allows donors access to personal secure vaults they can access anywhere and anytime with the command /pv.


We have a video that also goes over the game mode here.


Every thing is per-configured and setup the moment you install the game mode on your server from the server drop down menu in the control panel. However, you can customize it even more if you wish to make it feel uniquely yours. If you already have a server with us simply follow the guide here to set it up.

If you don’t have a server with us yet you can select it in the checkout upon your purchase and it’s all setup automatically. You can view our plans and pricing here.

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