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Server Version Updates September 9th 2021

Posted: Sep 9, 2021 in Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

This is an organized list compiling the version updates for Minecraft, plugins, mods, gametypes, and proxies for September 9th. Tons of updates and additions to our favorite pastime, from simple bug fixing, to adding in new mods.
First, the Mod Packs. All the Mods 7 updated its forge version along with all its mods before adding Engineer’s Decor. All the Mods – Slice of Pi2 fixed a couple things while updating all of its mods. Amnesia had a fairly large update with tons of changes, fixes, configuration value changes, and more. Better Minecraft added a mod, fixed crashes and updated its library. better Minecraft FABRIC added a few mods, updated some of its library, and fixed bugs. Better Minecraft PLUS has a huge update with many additions, removals, updates, changes, and fixes. Farming Valley has a small update where it reworks some models and adds a minor fix. Farming Valley Lite makes the same changes as its bigger brother. Medieval Minecraft Fabric removed a mod to prevent crashes. Monumental Experience had a large update where it updates lots of features, fixes issues, and resets a config. Pokehaan Craft fixed some text in the main menu. Seapolis had a decently large update where it adds some features along with an optional feature to support the creator on the title screen. Team Rustic removed some mods and updated others. The Final Frontier 2 added some mods and removed some. Tekxit 3.14 Pi made some changes, updated its splashes and removed some things. TNP Limitless 3 has a large update with pretty much everything. Forge version update, new mods, fixes, features, removals, the whole shindig.
Now, the Mod Based. Forge 1.17.1 added shebang to run.sh in server files.
Further on, Bedrock. Nukkit updated EntityMetadata.java, whatever that means.
Closing in, the Plugin Based. Paper 1.17 made it so nether portals don’t delete undestroyable objects. Spigot has no changelog.
Lastly, the Proxies, of which there are no changes.

Mod Packs:

  • All the Mods 7 (ATM7) updated to 0.0.8
    – Added Engineer’s Decor
    – Updated All the Mods
    – Forge Version is 37.0.53 (Update Required)
  • All the Mods - Slice of Pi2 updated from 2.2.3 to 2.2.4
    – Fixed a client crash when stripping BYG logs.
    – Fixed a JEI integration bug with Industrial Foregoing.
    – Updated all the mods!
  • Amnesia updated from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4
    – fix the experience not being restored (since 4.4.6)
    – fix crash on attack with Shadow Walker (since 4.4.4)
    – default config values are set for a balanced game
    – essence of undeath as ingredient to build decorative graves
    – improves item interaction
    – undead boss drops require the player to be the killer (even with config) and minimal boss life to 200
    – translation for custom statistics
    – compat erebus (death)
    – fix grave dust as reward in advancements
    – new variant of lost tablet for exploration (being the common type and only leading to a distant biome)
    – new perk Shadow Walker (discretion)
    – improved visibility in lava with Ghostly Shape & True Sight
    – additional configs for enchantments
    – tweak Shadow Step to depend more on darkness
    – limit the duration of Bone Shield to 10sec
    – random instant bad effect only last 1 tick
    – tablet of cupidity only apply a “non instant” bad effect
    – check for null entity with armor enchantments
    – fix allowed slots for enchantment with anvil
  • Better Minecraft 1.16 updated from 36 to 37
    – Added Rotten Piglins Mod (by abukkezsaruj)
    – Added MorePaths (by Belkorin)
    – Fixed some Crashes
    – Fixed some Bugs
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Better Minecraft FABRIC updated from 10 to 10.5
    – Fixed More Banners Crash
    – Updated some Mods
    – Added Enhanced Celestials(Fabric) – Blood Moons & Harvest Moons (by Corgi_Taco)
    – Added Visuality (by PinkGoosik)
    – Added Polymorph (Fabric) (by TheIllusiveC4)
    – Added FerriteCore (Fabric)
    – Removed Sodium Extra
    – Fixed many Bugs
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Better Minecraft PLUS updated from 20.5 to 21
    – New Quest: Pigmen Legion Event!
    – New Main Menu Background
    – Can now use Caves and Cliffs World Type [Set as Default now]
    – New underground Cave Biomes
    – Shelterer does now Spawn
    – Crocodiles Spawns Fixed
    – Added Darker Depths (by naterbobber)
    – Added Simple Storage Network (by Lothrazar)
    – Added Pyromancer (by nikgub_)
    – Added Bamboo Blocks (by TeamAbnormals)
    – Added Farmer’s Delight Cookbook Addon [0.4 is the last update] (by dalumma)
    – Added Rotten Piglins Mod (by abukkezsaruj)
    – Added MorePaths (by Belkorin)
    – Added Additional Lights (by mgen256)
    – Added Wilds (by spicybananamodding)
    – Added All The Biomes You’ll Go (FABRIC + FORGE) (by chuunkyz)
    – Added Chicken’s Compat (by chickenmcjesus)
    – Added FTB Ranks (Forge) (by FTB)
    – Added Stay True (People wanted it back)
    – Removed Comfortable Nether
    – Removed Toms Simple Storage (Replaced)
    – Removed Slimy Stuff (Causing a Crash)
    – Changed some Quests
    – Added XP Rewards to Quests
    – Fixed many Bugs
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Farming Valley updated from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3
    – Minor fix for invalid recipe combinations involving BitSaw.
    – Rework item model sizes and orientations, thanks to Phylogeny.
  • Farming Valley Lite updated from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7
    – Minor fix for invalid recipe combinations involving BitSaw.
    – Rework item model sizes and orientations, thanks to Phylogeny.
  • Medieval Minecraft Forge updated from 27 to 27.5
    – Fixed some Crashes
    – Updated some Mods
  • Medieval Minecraft Fabric updated from 14 to 15.5
    – Removed Paintings+++ (Crashing)
  • Monumental Experience updated from 11.9.2 to 12.7
    – Fixed Certus Quartz Not Spawning, Gens in The Nether/End, reset these worlds to take full effect
    – Fixed Charge Quartz Not Spawning, Gens in The End
    – Fixed Block Transmutation for Star metal again
    – Updated FTB Library(Forge)
    – Updated Occultism
    – Updated FTB Quest
    – Removed Mythic Botany as it kept crashing the server, Will be back if server crashes are fixed
    – Fixed Broken Recipe from removal of Mythic Botany
    – Updated Framed Blocks
    – Updated FTB Teams
    – Updated Selene
    – Updated Supplementaries
    – Fixed Some GitHub Bugs Reported
    – Reset Natures Starlight Config to fix it so Pack does not think the config is broken
  • Pokehaan Craft updated from 1.1.5 to 1.1.6
    – Fixing some text in the main menu.
  • Seaopolis updated from 7.0 to 7.4
    – Added dependencies to the ultimate ingot quests
    – iridium recipes now work again
    – Concealment key added as reward for CC2 reward
    – silicon recipes now work again
    – Added ruby sapphire blocks gems and dust to JEI (not really needed)
    – Support me on title screen now informs about techopolis instead of infernopoliks
  • Team Rustic updated from 3.0.7 to 3.0.10
    – removed mods
    – updated mods
  • The Final Frontier 2 updated from 8.7 to 8.9.1
    – mods added
    – mods removed
  • Tekxit 3.14 Pi updated from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1
    – Changed links back to Tekx.it domain. (Just kidding)
    – Disabled galacticraft tank recipe due to fluid dupe exploit. (scripts > Misc.zs)
    – Adjusted the trash icon to be better placed.
    – Removed references of beta and TKX3.
    – Updated splashes.
    – Changed default port back to 25565 because 31415 is big sad
  • TNP Limitless 3 updated from 1.10.9 (hf) to 1.11.0
    – Merged most Cherry Wood related items/blocks into 1 type of Cherry Wood.
    – Merged most Maple Wood related items/blocks into 1 type of Maple Wood.
    – Unified lots of food items to try and only have 1 type of each food.
    – Merged all Willow Wood related items/blocks into 1 type of Willow.
    – Merged most Aspen Wood related items/blocks into 1 type of Aspen.
    – Blacklisted invalid items & some other items from the Loot Bags.
    – Made the Mind-Shielding Plate from @Eidolon actually obtainable.
    – “New” loading screen when pack is booting up / reloading.
    – Added a new alternate recipe for the Fiery Torch.
    – Merged Cattail blocks into 1 type of Cattail.
    – New textures for most Compact Ores available.
    – Re Enabled all of @Create’s worldgen stones.
    – Lowered generation chances of Compact Ores.
    – Compact Ores can drop up to 5 ores.
    – Removed 2 Compact Ores from @BYG.
    – Added a couple of new Tips.
    – Plus changes in mod updates.
    – Fixed a Recipe Conflict between Mirror & Glass Facade.
    – Fixed Recipe Conflict with Stone Rod.
    – Plus fixes in mod updates.
    – Updated Forge to version 36.2.4
    – All mods that could be updated have been updated.

Mod Based:

  • Forge 1.17.1 updated from 37.0.50 to 37.0.53
    – Add shebang to run.sh in server files


  • Nukkit updated from 894 to 895
    – Update EntityMetadata.java (#1895)

Plugin Based:

  • Paper 1.17 updated from 236 to 255
    – [c3d5018] Do not create nether portals that delete undestroyable blocks
  • Spigot updated from 3232 to 3238
    – no changelog


  • Velocity updated from 448 to 449
    – no changelog

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