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Server Version Updates – October 13th 2022

Posted: Oct 13, 2022 in Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

This is the compilation of all Apex Hosting version changes released for October 13th. This includes bug fixes and adjustments for modpacks, gametypes, bedrock versions, and everything else in between.
First, the Mod Packs. All of Fabric 5 removed rewards from quests and fixed crashes. Better MC Fabric reverted Nourished Nether’s update. DarkRPG had a pretty big update with a few mod additions, removals, and an updated library. Pokehaan Craft fixed bugs. Roguelike A-D fixed quests and added a ton of items to reforge materials. TNP Limitless 5 fixed some mobs and mod updates. Volcano Block added recipes, changes, and tweaks. Monumental Experience updated its library. All the mods 8 fixed Silicon and updated its Forge version.
Next, the Mod Based. Forge 1.19.2 fixed canceling phantom spawns preventing any further attempts that tick.
Lastly, the Plugin Based and Bedrock. Paper, SP=pigot, and PocketMine had no changelog provided.

Mod Packs:

  • All of Fabric 5 (AOF5) updated from 1.5.1 to 2.0.4
    – Removed rewards from checkmark quests in Storage chapter.
    – Crash fixes
  • Better MC [FABRIC] 1.19 updated from 7.5 to 8
    – Reverted Nourished Nether (Causes weird lava pool holes)
  • DarkRPG updated from 4.4.2 to 4.4.5
    – Updated Lithium
    – Updated RPGstats
    – Updated DarkNinja – this now uses a Diamond Sword(previously Netherite Shovel) for the effects
    – Updated DarkTides
    – Added DarkFlight – Jump in the air and keep swapping a Diamond Shovel mainhand to offhand to gain levitation effect
    – Added Carpet
    – Added Carpet Fixes
    – Added Ventur Origin
    – Added Vampiric Origin – Use Umbrella when in the sun (umbrellas can be crafted with leather and sticks, you can also smelt rotten flesh into leather)
    – Added Harvest Scythes
    – Removed Elf Origin – might be added later
    – Removed Enchantment descriptions which were causing tooltips to go offscreen
  • Pokehaan Craft updated from 1.1.24 to 1.1.25
    – bug fixes
  • Roguelike A-D updated from 1.51 to 1.52
    – more quest fixes
    – added a ton of items to reforge materials
    – 4 new starting gear added
    – enchanting tweaks
    – electroblob’s wizardry tweaks and additions
  • TNP Limitless 5 updated from 2.23.0 to 2.23.1
    – Fixed Ghasts, Withers & Wither Skeletons not dropping their intended loot tables.
    – Some fixes in mod updates, as always.
  • Volcano Block updated from volcano-block-1.1.6 to volcano-block-1.1.7
    – added recipe for minecraft mushrooms (#155)
    – added recipes for Just Build It stones
    – changed Arcane Buidling Block recipes
    – changed Edelwood Log recipe (#154)
    – tweaked required crystal amount for quest in chapter 3 (#153)
  • Monumental Experience updated to Monumental Experience-18.0.3.zip
    – Updated Champions
    – Updated Cofh Core
    – Updated Thermal Foundation
    – Updated Stack Refill
    – Updated Macaw’s Furniture
    – Updated Macaw’s Bridges
    – Updated GeckoLib
  • All the mods 8 updated from All the Mods 8-0.0.15 to All the Mods 8-0.0.16
    – Fixed Silicon (temp fix while waiting on kukejs to be out of alpha)
    – Forge Version is 43.1.38

Mod Based:

  • Forge 1.19.2 updated from 43.1.33 to 43.1.34
    – Fix canceling phantom spawns preventing any further attempts that tick.

Plugin Based:

  • Paper 1.19.2 updated from 195 to 206
    – no changelog
  • Spigot updated from 3597 to 3599
    – no changelog


  • PocketMine updated from 4.9.0 to 4.9.1
    – no changelog

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