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Server Version Updates November 4th 2021

Posted: Nov 4, 2021 in Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

This is an organized list compiling the version updates for Minecraft, plugins, mods, gametypes, and proxies for November 4th 2021. Tons of updates and additions to our favorite pastime, from incessant bug fixing to new mods. You’re sure to not get bored with all these updates.
Firstly, the Mod Packs. All the Magic Spellbound fixed a village crash. All the Mods 7 added mods, updated its forge version. Better Minecraft 1.16 fixed a crash. Better Minecraft 1.17 added a mod, removed a mod, fixed a crash and updated the rest. Better Minecraft PLUS added tons of mods and updated the rest. Craft to Exile fixed two issues. Crucial 2 adds tons of mods, fixes issues, and updated its library. Divine Journey 2 has a massive update with changes, updates, adjustments, removals, and additions. Engineer’s Life 2 added a few mods and updated files. Hexxit II disabled a mob and nerfed Infernal Mobs. Medieval Minecraft Forge removed a couple mods, made some fixes, and updated its library. Medieval Minecraft Fabric added a recipe, removed some features, and updated its library. Mineshafts & Monsters made performance improvements and removed some features while updating its library. Monumental experience updated things. New Horizons had the token add, remove, and update changelog. Permafrost updated tons of things and added a new experimental feature. Ragnamod VI has a massive update with changes, additions, replacement, removals, and more. SkyFactory One has a large update as well where it disables lots of features, includes new features, and changes some mechanics. The Final Frontier 2 has a small update where it changes some scripts and updates its library. TNP Limitless 3 adds mods, removes mods, and updates its forge version. Valhelsia 3 adds mods, removes mods, and updates its library. Valhelsia 4 follows suit, but it doesn’t remove any mods. Valhelsia Fabric does the same.
Now, the Mod Based. Forge 1.17.1 adds something called Pass IModelData through IForgeBakedModel, whatever that means.
Next, Bedrock. Nukkit fixes the power enchantment. PocketMine makes no changes. The Bedrock Dedicated Server updates its version.
Almost done here, the Plugin Based. Paper 1.17 has a bunch of changes, including updating the upstream, asynch catch modifications, and more. Spigot provides no changelog.
Our favorite, Vanilla. Snapshot 21w43a makes many changes to generation involving aquifers, pools, flooded caves, and water at higher elevations. There were also around half a dozen bug fixes.
Lastly, the Gametypes. Build Battle, Caveblock, Creative, Murder Mystery, SkyGrid, and Villager Defence are all updated to 1.17.1.

Mod Packs:

  • All the Magic Spellbound - (ATMS) updated to 2.1.2
    – fixed a village crash when there is a mana and artifice structure around
  • All the Mods 7 (ATM7) updated from 0.0.23 to 0.0.28
    – Meteors now spawn in new chunks now but still keeping the recipes in.
    – Added new compressed blocks such as deepslate
    – Added Just Enough Keg (should be in the default mod)
    – Added Jumpy Boats
    – Forge Version is 37.0.103
  • Better Minecraft 1.16 updated from 41.5 to 43
    – Fixed The BetterEnd Crash properly this time as CurseForge seems to not update it properly
    – Sorry for the inconvenience caused and please delete the DIM1 folder again to reset the End Dimension.
  • Better Minecraft 1.17 updated from v7 to v8
    – Added Consistency+
    – Removed Awesome Dungeon (Plenty of Dungeons already)
    – Fixed Feature Placement Crash
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Better Minecraft PLUS updated from 26.5 to 27
    – Added Magnesium
    – Added RoadRunner
    – Added Sulfuric
    – Added Skin Layers 3D (Fabric/Forge)
    – Added Trading Post
    – Added Simple Shops
    – Added Mutant More
    – Added TiCBC – Tinkers Better Compat
    – Added Better Animations Collection
    – Added Construction Wand
    – Added Entity Culling Fabric/Forge
    – Removed Performant
    – Removed Trading Table
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Craft to Exile updated from 2.13.1c to 2.13.2c
    – Fixed Silverbranch stat order.
    – Fixed legendary wand not having its name.
  • Crucial 2 updated from 1.3.7 to 1.3.8
    – Added a new Gossip
    – Added a recipe for Sticky Pistons using Honey
    – Added AntiqueAtlasEMS, a resource pack that improves the look of the Antique Atlas
    – Added compat datapacks for Repurposed Structures and the mods included in the pack
    – Added Equipment Compare
    – Added Iceberg (lib mod)
    – Added Legendary Tooltips and its sister resource pack, Eclectic Trove
    – Added Mannequins
    – Added Repurposed Structures, heavily toned down to keep the worldgen not too overwhelming
    – Configured custom tooltips for unique items
    – Fixed a crash when taking a screenshot on a mac
    – Fixed Bundles not showing the items inside
    – Fixed script crash when loading with Create (artemisSystem)
    – Flowers will no longer spawn with snow under them to prevent the graphical incompatibility with Sodium
    – Items that can go in a Seed Pouch now have a “Nature” tooltip style
    – Re-enabled Infernal Painting
    – Replaced Towers of the Wild with the Towers of the Wild: Reloaded fork
    – Server packs now come with a readme so you know what to do
    – Updated mods
    – Updated the Crucial Data resource pack to v9
  • Divine Journey 2 updated from 2.8.0 to 2.9.0
    – Updated ExtendedCrafting OmniFactory Edition to, fixing the issue where Quantum Compressors wouldn’t accept inputs unless the input slot is already filled.
    – Replaced LootTweaker 0.3.0 with the “old-parser” version, as the previously used version has been removed from CurseForge.- Mekanism Crusher recipes involving Hay Bales and HOP Graphite now function correctly (were inverted before).
    – Roots Earth Soil no longer duplicates seeds.
    – Yellorium Ore no longer gives Cyanite Dust in the Sag Mill.
    – Abyssalcraft structures containing statues that could be a progression skip no longer generate.
    – Dice of Fate can no longer reward multiple of the same Relic, allowed Botania’s Advancements to be registered.
    – Emerald and Peridot Mystical Agriculture Seeds now spread.
    Extra Utilities 2 Scanner no longer costs the RFTools Scanner.
    – Increased Immersive Engineering’s Autoworkbench speed by 10, and increased its energy cost by 10.
    – Added Dream Stone to Dimensional Stones, allowing it to be used for Livingrock and Slates.
    – RFTools Dimension Absorbers now only take 8 buckets or 8 blocks, down from 128.
    – Added Actually Additions Black Quartz to the Laser Drill (with the Black Lens).
    – Coralium Gem Clusters now all stack to 64.
    – Added EMC to the ProjectE Knowledge Book for multiplayer.
    – Waila now defaults to showing capacitor and tank info.
    – Right Clicking the Ritualistic Biome Checker for Arcanium Bases will now inform you the ritual must occur in the overworld if you are not in the overworld.
    – Adjusted Fluix Cable recipes such that upgrading and downgrading Smart Cables and Dense Smart Cables requires no extra ingredients.
    – Venus Treasure Key is now spelled correctly.
    – Removed incorrect tooltip text about the consumption of the ProjectE Philosophers Stone on the ProjectE Transmutation Tablet.
    – Outdated information on activating a Roots Grove Stone was fixed in one quest.
    – Incorrect “a Draconium Block” was fixed to “an Awakened Draconium Block” in one quest.
    – Replaced incorrect “Black Runes” with “Ritual Stones” in two quests.
    – Reduced 2 dank/null/creative to 1 in one quest.
    – Removed the duplicate Sigil of Magnetism quest.
    – Adjusted the placement and dependencies of the Stellar Armor quest. Additionally, added rewards to it.
    – Clarified that the Ritual to obtain Arcanium Bases must occur in the overworld in the one relevant quest.
  • Engineers Life 2 updated from 1.08 to 1.09
    – added Advancement Plaques, Clickable advancements, Drink Beer 🍺, Loot Beams
    – updated 41 files
  • Hexxit II updated from 1.0.0 to 1.0.2
    – Nerfed Infernal Mobs’ Ultra and Infernal type rates, and buffed Special Mobs’ rates.
    – Disabled Infernal Blue Slimes.
  • Medieval Minecraft Forge updated from 34 to 36
    – Removed Medieval Craft (Structures not spawning properly)
    – Removed Observed (Causing Issues)
    – Fixed serene seasons crash (Please make sure to use the new config files and delete the old ones)
    – Fixed burrow crash (Please make sure to use the new config files and delete the old ones)
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Medieval Minecraft Fabric updated from 20 to 22
    – Added recipe for Orb of Origins [Diamond surrounded by emeralds]
    – Removed Observed (Causing Issues)
    – Removed Barnacles from spawning
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Mineshafts & Monsters updated from 1.7.2_hf to 1.8.1
    – Performance Improvements from Sulfuric and mod updates
    – Removed unnecessary level ups such as fishing that serves no purpose
    – Replaced HarderSpawners with AgeingSpawners for more consistent mob spawning in dungeons
    – Hopefully fixes biomes without flora issue
  • Monumental Experience updated from 14.0.21 to 14.0.35
    – Updated ValkyrieLib
    – Updated Mana and Artifice, Fixes server crashes
  • New Horizons updated from to
    – mods upgraded
    – mods removed
    – mods updated
  • Permafrost updated from 4.0.2 to 4.1
    – Updated HQM
    – Updated Apotheosis
    – Updated a lotta shit
    – Added an experimental new spawning rule that should properly up mob spawns.
    – New creeper texture! Pog!
  • Ragnamod VI updated from 6.0.22 to 6.0.23
    – Forge has been updated from 36.2.0 to 36.2.8
    – Changed Solar Flux Mirror
    – Changed solar flux crafts (tier Draco and above)
    – Changed Ultimate Ingot
    – Changed Creative Generator (Overload)
    – Changed a lot of craft because of removing blue power
    – Changed craft for Andesite Paving, Granite Paving, Diorite Paving, Sandstine Bricks (EmbellishCraft), Red Sandstone Bricks (EmbellishCraft), Terracotta Pressure Plate (EmbelishCraft)
    – Changed craft for Cracked End Stone Bricks (The Endergetic Expansion)
    – Changed Creative Supply Upgrade craft
    – Changed Creative Power Source (draco)
    – Changed craft for Iron Grate
    – Changed cobbler config to disable sapling spawn on grass with bonemeal
    – Changed how many bees can be accepted in one Creative Apiary (100 to 20)
    – Changed cucumber-tags.json
    – Changed config for Dungeon Crawl, now spawn solid and spawn in the Alfheim dimension.
    – Changed the name of the merchant for the market.
    – Fixed the nether wart recipe in the Crusher (immersive)
    – Fix the FPS issue with the Basic Auto Crafting Table.
    – Set to true to play the Endermosh music during Enderdragon Fight !
    – Devide by twice the max item stack size in a creative apiary
    – Clean up some ingot recipe in Blast Furnace and Furnace
    – Now when a Creeper explode it spawn Creepies
    – Replace Ruby and Sapphre by the one for Thermal
    – Replace Amethyst by the one of Ice and Fire
    – Added a way to farm Castle Brick from Twilight Forest
    – Added a craft for Castle Roof Tile (Twilight)
    – Added a loot table for the Creative Generator (Overloaded)
    – Added Bulbis, Fungal Imparius, Imparius Branch, Jellyshroom, Sythian Fungus and Oddity Cactus in Botany Pots
    – Added Oddity Cactus in Garden Cloches
    – Added all nether and end biomes to the blacklist of generating oil (pneumaticcraft)
    – Added craft for Netherite DNA Sampler in the Smithing Machine
    – Removed the Big Dungeons (Quark) from generating in the Nether.
    – Removed the XP cost to teleport in another dim with a waystone
    – Removed from popping in chat and toast all the welcome advancement
    – Removed Terracotta Slab, Terracitta Stairs, Terracotta Wall from Aurum to keep the one from EmbelishCraft
    – Removed the Enchanted Soil, Tilted Phyto-Soil, Fertilized Farmaland from the soil in botany pots
    – Removed Steel Casing and Machine Frame for Dimlet
  • SkyFactory One updated to 1.0.2
    – Disabled Builder’s Additions Midi feature due to crash issues on Linux (#47)
    – Sweet Berries are now compostable in the Ex Nihilo Barrels (#46)
    – Fixed the swapped recipe for the Iron Chest Diamond to Obsidian and Diamond to Crystal upgrades (#37)
    – Disabled the Force Furnace to be sorted using Inventory Tweaks (#42)
    – Removed the Ex Nihilo crafting recipe for Ancient Debris (#64)
    – Ex Nihilo Grass Seeds now compost in a barrel (#78)
    – Added Basalt, Gabbro, and Dacite stone spawns to the Infinite Dark dimension (#68)* Increased Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Creeper, and Enderman spawn weights
    – Lowered Witch and Ender Slime spawn weights
    – Added recipes to make Soul Cobblestone using the Magma Crucible or the Tinkers’ smeltery (#82)
    – Increased the liquid temperature allowed in a Wooden Barrel (blood now works)* Removed recipes with no items showing for the Phytogenic Insolator (#88)
    – Increased the Ore Excavation range from 20 to 32 (#33)
    – Removed the Ender Slimes from the general spawn table since many players experienced issues when creating a mob farm
    – A new Topography companion mod (Topography Islands) has been added to give server owners control over creating islands for multiplayer. This mod is only required on the server and not the client so it will only be added to the server zip download
  • The Final Frontier 2 updated from 9.9 to 10.0
    – mods updated
    – scripts changed
  • TNP Limitless 3 updated from 1.11.2 to 1.11.3
    – added mods
    – removed mods
    – Added a tooltip warning to the Mekanism Cardboard Box.
    – Sleeping now removes bad potion effects.
    – Changes in mod updates.
    – Fixed Rock Crystal Ore from Astral Sorcery not generating.
    – Fixes in mod updates.
    – Updated Forge to version 36.2.8
    – All mods that could be updated have been updated.
  • Valhelsia 3 updated from 3.4.4 to 3.4.5
    – mods added, removed, and updated
  • Valhelsia 4 updated from 4.0.6 to 4.0.7
    – mods added
    – mods updated
  • Valhelsia Fabric updated from 1.0.8a to 1.0.9
    – mods added
    – mods updated

Mod Based:

  • Forge 1.17.1 updated from 37.0.103 to 37.0.104
    – Pass IModelData through IForgeBakedModel#getModelData() before asking the BakedModel for the particle texture (#8106)


  • Nukkit updated from 903 to 906
    – Fix power enchantment
  • PocketMine updated from 3.25.0 to 3.25.2
    – no changes
  • Bedrock Dedicated Server updated from to
    – version change

Plugin Based:

  • Paper 1.17 updated from 353 to 359
    – [bc43f40] Update jline and TCA
    – [3f043f7] Async catch modifications to critical entity state
    – [c1b4899] Fix dupe uuid check on entity add
    – [744dd8c] Allow spawners to be disabled without adding a stupid high tick rate
    – [a284e40] Updated Upstream (Bukkit/CraftBukkit)
    – [0c351f6] Update Adventure to 4.9.3
    – [eeb3dea] [ci skip] Resolve apiAndDocs sources during Javadoc task execution rather than during configuration time
  • Spigot updated from 3265 to 3273
    – no changelog found


  • Vanilla Snapshot updated from 21w42a to 21w43a
    – The edge between old and new world generation is now adjusted when you upgrade a world
    – The Priority Updates video setting has been renamed to Chunk Builder
    – Reduced the amount of flooded caves near river and ocean coastlines
    – Aquifer water levels change less often, so you’ll more often have larger areas with the same water level. This means slightly fewer underground waterfalls and slightly easier underground boat travel
    – Lava aquifers are slightly less common
    – Restricted Big Dripleaf placement to Clay, Grass, Dirt, Farmland, Moss, Rooted Dirt, Podzol and Mycelium
    – Some internal details of block and fluid ticking have been changed to improve save times. While it should behave exactly as it was, it might be a good time to test your redstone contraptions (on a copy of a world or with a backup, of course)
    – The Chunk format has been updated
    MC-131930 – Deep warm ocean generates without coral and sea pickles
    MC-156616 – Badlands layers not generating properly
    MC-217379 – Pufferfish don’t spawn in deep warm ocean
    MC-236624 – Deep Warm Oceans don’t count towards the “Adventuring Time” advancement
    MC-236970 – Badlands strata is covered by orange terracotta at Y=160 and above
    MC-238073 – Decorators are independent of world seed
    MC-238939 – Stone can generate in the Nether
    MC-239397 – Lava pockets generate in icebergs


  • Build Battle updated from 1.15.2 to 1.17.1
    – version update
  • Caveblock updated from 1.16.5 to 1.17.1
    – version update
  • Creative updated from 1.16.5 to 1.17.1
    – version update
  • Murder Mystery updated from 1.16.5 to 1.17.1
    – version update
  • SkyGrid updated from 1.16.3 to 1.17.1
    – version update
  • Villager Defence updated from 1.16.3 to 1.17.1
    – version update

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