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Server Version Updates – November 3rd 2022

Posted: Nov 3, 2022 in Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

This is the compilation of all Apex Hosting version changes released on November 3rd. This includes bug fixes and adjustments for modpacks, gametypes, bedrock versions, and everything else in between.
First, the Mod Packs. Euphoric Curiosity fixed a crash issue and added a mod. Life in the Village 3 finished a chapter reward and disabled the new Halloween features. Tekkit 2 updated its mods. All of Fabric 5 had a decent update with different mods, quest changes, and additions. All the Mods 7 released a hotfix. Another Quality Modpack 2 had a massive update with mod updates, changes, version updates, and much more. Better MC 1.18 had a massive update with numerous fixes, additions, and setting changes. Better MC FABRIC did the same. Better MC PLUS 1.16.5 had a similar update. Better MC PLUS 1.18.2 follows the footsteps of all of them. Better MC FORGE 1.19 reverted a mod. Craft to Exile increased and lowered different values. Crazy Craft added a mod for multiplayer. DarkRPG replaced some mods and updated its library. Enigmatica 2 made a few changes to mechanics. Medieval Minecraft Forge reverted the Origins mod. Medieval Minecraft Fabric had a large update with value changes, mod removals, and mod downgrades along with numerous fixes. Medieval Minecraft Forge 1.19 added many mods and tons of fixes. Planetary made a couple fixes and added a recipe. Pokehaan Craft fixed a server crash. Pokehaan Craft fixed a server crash. Ragnamod VI changed an enchantment and disabled a recipe. Sky Bees fixed serverfiles. The 1.7.10 Pack updated FoamFix and CoreTweaks. TNP Limitless 5 actually fixed a critical crash. Volcano Block added two recipes. World of Dragons – A New Age updated its forge version. All the mods 7 to the SKy made some changes to its mechanics and updated its forge version. The Vanilla Experience added a quest and updated its forge release. All the mods 8 updated Supplementaries to fix a crash and updated its Forge version.
Next, the Mod Based. Forge 1.19.2 fixed ClientModEvents example not subscribing to client side events.
Further on, Bedrock. Both Nukkit and PocketMine provide no public changelog.
Onto the next, Plugin Based. Paper 1.19.2 fixed setting difficulty inside of API. Spigot provides no changelog.
Lastly, Vanilla. Snapshot 22w43a brings forward the first features we can expect to see in 1.20 such as camels, fence gate changes, and dozens of bug fixes.

Mod Packs:

  • Euphoric Curiosity updated to 0.3
    – Fixed Crash Issue
    – Added More To Be More Inline With 1.18.2 Builds
  • Life in the village 3 updated to 1.2
    – finished “Playtime rewards” chapter rewards.
    – disabled halloween ghost
  • Tekkit 2 updated from 1.0.5 to 1.1.2
    – Thanks to suggestions from multiple players & Speiger, the steam output from steam reactors has been significantly boosted (similarly to the boost of normal reactors).
    – Updated Logistics Pipes to its latest version.
  • All of Fabric 5 (AOF5) updated from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5
    – Quest rewards system 2.5 (You’ll now have lootbags given to inventory, open by right-click).
    – Ultimine (Excavate) will now work with Tinkers tools.
    – Quitoxic Reeds will now spawn in all swamp-like biomes.
    – Huge dungeons galore, go explore!
    – Removed most progression skipping rewards in logistics table.
    – Croptopia fruit trees will now spawn in Terralith biomes.
    – Added creative items to replicator blacklist.
  • All the Mods 7 (ATM7) updated from 0.4.33 to 0.4.34
    – Hotfix release for 0.4.33 to fix Ars Nouveau crash
  • Another Quality Modpack 2 updated from 1.6.2a to 1.6.3
    – To fix create rendering with shaders, I switched flywheels config from Instancing to Batching and also updated Iris Flywheel Compat (You might be able to switch back to Instancing in flywheel config. i believe the outdated mod was the reason it didn’t work in last update)
    – Fixed Gobber Glob dependency issue that wasn’t allowing you to start the questline
    – Updated geckolib to fix rendering issues
    – Updated TieredZ which finally fixes BCLib issue and allows the reforging screen to work, hooray
    – Modified simplyswords new configs that were generated from 1.6.2, you may notice differences in effects this was because the configs were generated and i was unaware they were new, not pre-existing ones i already modified
    – Updated travelers backpack that fixes nbt issues, adds rei support to allow transfer recipe to backpack crafting grid, and more
    – Dank Storage update makes it so danks are no longer stackable and adds a frequency clear command for setting a new dank ID on that dank. dank must be held in hand when running command, doesnt require OP
    – Capybara update fixes a crash
    – Shulker Tooltip update fixes issue were config button not working
    – BetterF3 update makes several fixes
    – Kibe Update fixes torch not blocking custom mobs, fixes lasso causing potential desyncs, fixes dehumidifier, fixes comparator and tank crashes
    – Added BYG and Terralith biomes to Mythic Mounts spawning biomes
    – Fixed Magic Fungi recipes that were customized that broke due to changes in the mod itself when it updated last
  • Better MC [1.18] updated from 17 to 18
    – Added Mowzie’s Mobs (by bobmowzie)
    – Added Rotten Creatures (by jonah_fuses)
    – Added It Takes a Pillage (by izofar)
    – Added Dungeons Plus (by ModdingLegacy)
    – Added Omnis (by sammysemicolon)
    – Added FTB Backups 2 (by FTB)
    – Added Unusual End (by Sweetygamer)
    – Added Nether Depths Upgrade (by scouter567)
    – Added Magnesium/Rubidium Extras (by TeamDeusVult)
    – Added TexTrue’s Rubidium Options (by TexTrue)
    – Added Smooth Boot (Reloaded) (by AbdElAziz333)
    – Added Saturn (by AbdElAziz333)
    – Added Server Performance – Smooth Chunk Save[Forge/Fabric] (by someaddon)
    – Added Pluto (by AbdElAziz333)
    – Added CleanCut (by Rongmario)
    – Added Boatload (by TeamAbnormals)
    – Removed Radium Reforged (Causes Lag with Mowzies Mobs)
    – Added subtitles to all quests
    – The Ender Guardian quest now gives the items necessary for summoning the Void Worm
    – Added Mowzie’s Mobs quests
    – Disabled shift lock in Quark config
    – Unbound sit to prevent accidental keypresses
    – Game now launches in windowed by default
    – Vein mining is now activated by holding ~
    – Unbound crawl
    – Bound zoom to C
    – Added thousands of new block variants (Chipped)
    – Many fixes, including a potential fix to the semi-common main menu crash (Fancy Menu)
    – Fixed moss walker spawn rates (Creatures from the Lush Caves)
    – Fixed several memory leaks (Rubidium)
    – Performance improvements (AI Improvements)
    – Goblin traders now accept all enchant books (Goblin Traders)
    – Many fixes and new items (Farmer’s Delight)
    – Many fixes and new items (Cultural Delights)
    – Many fixes and new items (Immersive Weathering)
    – Many fixes and new features (Straw Golem Rebaled)
    – Many fixes (Supplementaries)
    – Many fixes (Oh The Biomes You’ll Go)
    – Many fixes (Geode+)
    – Many fixes (Another Furniture)
    – Updated all mods
  • Better MC [FABRIC] 1.19 updated from 8.5 to 9 hf
    – Added The Twilight Forest (by Benimatic)
    – Added YUNG’s Better Desert Temples (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)
    – Added YUNG’s Better Ocean Monuments (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)
    – Added YUNG’s Better Dungeons (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)
    – Added YUNG’s Better Strongholds (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)
    – Added YUNG’s Better Mineshafts (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)
    – Added YUNG’s Bridges (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)
    – Added YUNG’s Better Witch Huts (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)
    – Added Repurposed Structures – Bountiful Compat Datapack (by telepathicgrunt)
    – Added Repurposed Structures – Better Strongholds Compat Datapack (by telepathicgrunt)
    – Added Repurposed Structures – Better Desert Temples Compat Datapack (by telepathicgrunt)
    – Added Repurposed Structures – Better Dungeons Compat Datapack (by telepathicgrunt)
    – Added Repurposed Structures – Better Witch Huts Compat Datapack (by telepathicgrunt)
    – Added Rotten Creatures (by jonah_fuses)
    – Added Wolves Of Other Furs (W.O.O.F) (by itsmineblock11)
    – Added Paxi (Fabric) (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)
    – Added Just Enough Items (JEI) (by mezz)
    – Added Just Enough Professions (JEP) (by Mrbysco)
    – Added Just Enough Resources (JER) (by way2muchnoise)
    – Removed Openloader (Replaced by Paxi)
    – Removed Roughly Enough Items (Replaced by JEI due to Twilight Forest incompatibility)
    – Removed Roughly Enough Professions (Replaced by JEP)
    – Removed Roughly Enough Resources (Replaced by JER)
    – Added the Twilight Forest quest category
    – Excluded shaderpacks screen from the Blur mod’s background blur (Thanks yuri0r!)
    – Three new structures (Structory)
    – Performance improvements (Lithium)
    – Renaming items in an anvil is now free (Easy Anvils)
    – Fixed a Index Out Of Bounds Exception crash (Villager Names)
    – Now compatible with Lambda’s Better Grass (Diagonal Fences)
    – Many fixes (Supplementaries)
    – Many fixes (Another Furniture)
    – Updated all mods
  • Better MC [PLUS] 1.16.5 updated from Better MC [PLUS] 1.16.5 v40 to 40
    – Added Create Cafe (by 1mphuls3)
    – Added Doggy Talents (by percivalalb)
    – Added TexTrue’s Rubidium Options (by TexTrue)
    – Massive performance and AI improvements implemented (Ice & Fire: Dragons)
    – TPS improvements for most entities (Ice & Fire: Dragons)
    – Hundreds more fixes, check latest Ice & Fire changelog for more info (Ice & Fire: Dragons)
    – Fixed empty loot tables in Elders Temple and Sunken Shrine (Dungeons Enhanced)
    – fixed underwater structures could raise the local water level (Dungeons Enhanced)
    – All items with durability can now be compared, including bows, crossbows, tridents, fishing poles, shears, etc. (Equipment Compare)
    – Fixed a bug where comparison tooltips sometimes rendered improperly. (Equipment Compare)
    – Fixed a server crash when attempting to install Equipment Compare on a dedicated server. (Equipment Compare)
    – Fixed a bug that caused Forge servers to indicate an invalid modlist when installed. (Equipment Compare)
    – You can now compare from anvils, crafting tables, and most other menus. (Equipment Compare)
    – Fixed Mushroom wood signs were not rendering correctly (Extended Mushrooms)
    – Fixed missing loot tables for honey & slime fungus Baashrooms (Extended Mushrooms)
    – Fixed issue with being teleported in the Void when using Cave & Cliffs Backport (IntoTheVoid)
    – Fixes and tweaks (IntoTheVoid)
    – Fixed bugs (Jade)
    – Fixed error when joining servers (Jade)
    – Fixed a bug where blocks wouldn’t break (L_Ender’s Cataclysm)
    – Added Calculator Widget (Just Enough Calculation)
    – Fixed tooltip crash (Just Enough Calculation)
    – Fixed dedicated server crash (Just Enough Calculation)
    – Optimized textures and code (Macaw’s Doors)
    – Garage doors work with redstone (Macaw’s Doors)
    – Improved sliding doors (Macaw’s Doors)
    – Villagers can now go through opened sliding doors (Macaw’s Doors)
    – Optimized textures (Macaw’s Fences and Walls)
    – Wired fences deal cactus damage (Macaw’s Fences and Walls)
    – Fixed crash with newer Forge versions (Macaw’s Furniture)
    – Optimized code, models and blockstates (Macaw’s Lights and Lamps)
    – Optimized textures (Macaw’s Paintings)
    – Optimized textures (Macaw’s Trapdoors)
    – Fixed Rubidium crash (Magnesium Extras)
    – Fixed a crash relating to magic proficiency attributes (Omnis)
    – Magic proficiency now makes you take more magic damage (Omnis)
    – Fixed tooltips (Serene Seasons)
    – Fixes for JEI and updated to latest forge (Simple Storage Network)
    – Crafting upgrade fixes (Sophisticated Backpacks)
    – Fixed dupes (Sophisticated Backpacks)
    – Fixed Curious integration (Sophisticated Backpacks)
    – Fixed a crash (Supplementaries)
    – Removed Blocks+ (Caused issues. Can be added back manually if you haven’t experienced any issues with it & were using blocks from the mod).
    – Updated assets (new logo, new main menu, new loading screen, updated patreon link)
    – Replaced Vanilla Addition Dark GUI resourcepack with Default Dark Mode (Vanilla Addition Dark GUI was removed from Curseforge)
    – Fixed issue where 3 item descriptions would show up when comparing equipment
    – Removed Travelers Titles (Obsolete with newly configured Xaero’s Minimap)
    – Changed When Dungeons Arise config so Foundry’s spawn. (Will spawn in new chunks if you already have a world)
    – Updated all Mods
  • Better MC [PLUS] 1.18.2 updated from Better MC [PLUS] 1.18.2 v14 to 14
    – Added Mowzie’s Mobs (by bobmowzie)
    – Added FTB Backups 2 (by FTB)
    – Added Illager Plushies (by kleiders3010)
    – Added CleanCut (by Rongmario)
    – Added Snow! Real Magic! ⛄ (Forge) (by Snownee_)
    – Added Extended Mushrooms (by thecech12)
    – Added Unusual End (by Sweetygamer)
    – Added Shroom Dealers! (by Marwinekk256)
    – Added Alex’s Delight (by NCP_Bails)
    – Added Cinderscapes Reforged (by trinsdar)
    – Added Copper Overhaul (by agnya_mods)
    – Added Saturn (by AbdElAziz333)
    – Added ChoiceTheorem’s Overhauled Village (by ChoiceTheorem)
    – Added Woodworks (by TeamAbnormals)
    – Added Amplified Nether (by Starmute)
    – Added Paragliders (by Tictim)
    – Added Overloaded Armor Bar (Updated) (by Rikka_Kitani)
    – Added Architect’s Palette (by Jsburg)
    – Added Dragon Mounts: Legacy (by UnitKay9)
    – Added Neapolitan (by TeamAbnormals)
    – Added Doggy Talents (by percivalalb)
    – Removed Creatures from the Lush Caves (Moss walkers were spawning excessively)
    – Removed Enlightened End (Caused rare issue which would prevent the game from loading)
    – Added several new modules and fixed several advancements (Art of Forging: A Tetra Addon)
    – Fixed a startup crash (Aquaculture 2)
    – Major balance changes (Apotheosis)
    – Added dimensional bosses (Apotheosis)
    – Too many fixes and minor additions to list (Apotheosis)
    – Deadly module is back (Apotheosis)
    – Fixed a recipe and removed Polished Basalt Brick Vertical Slabs (Twigs)
    – Fixed several crashes (Biome Makeover)
    – Many fixes, optimizations and new blocks. (Bygone Nether)
    – Fixed several memory leaks (Rubidium)
    – Performance improvements (Oculus)
    – 11 new items and some fixes (Create Stuff & Additions)
    – Fixed Rubidium Crash (Flywheel)
    – Fixed Rubidium Crash (Rubidium Extras)
    – Fixed crash when rendering quiver on another player entity (Supplementaries)
    – Increased spawn rate (YUNG’s Better Desert Temples)
    – Fixed performance issues (YUNG’s Better Desert Temples)
    – Added new items (Forbidden & Arcanus)
    – Added new items (Cultural Delights)
    – Added new items (Gold Rush)
    – Added 8 new structures (Integrated Dungeons and Structures)
    – Fixed server console spam (Oh The Biomes You’ll Go)
    – Many fixes (Tinkers Reforged)
    – Many fixes and additions (Integrated Dungeons and Structures)
    – Many fixes (Immersive Armors)
    – Many fixes (Cultural Delights)
    – Many fixes (Controlling)
    – Many fixes and optimizations (All Macaw Mods)
    – Many fixes (Delightful)
    – Many UI fixes (Oculus)
    – Many recipe and texture fixes (Create Cafe)
    – Many fixes (Overweight Farming)
    – Many fixes (Sophisticated Backpacks)
    – Over 50 fixes (Create)
    – Many fixes (Supplementaries)
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Better MC [FORGE] 1.19 updated to v7
    – Reverted Nourished Nether
  • Craft to Exile updated from 3.1.1c to 3.1.4
    – Added a new unique ring designed by Patron KaCarl! The Ring of Glass is as its name implies, a glass-cannon ring that increases all damage dealt and all damage taken. However, while you wear the ring you are also slowed whenever you take damage.
    – Increased HP scaling of tiers slightly.
    – Increased scaling of mobs to be higher than 3.1.4 but lower than previous patches.
    – Lowered dodge rating of Evasive mobs.
    – Changed Regenerative mobs to have extra health instead of dodge rating.
    – Increased extra health on Massive mobs.
    – Lowered elemental resistance on Chains of Honor, Thundergod’s Vigor, Snowclash.
    – Lowered elemental resist and cooldown reduction on Hellfire Torches.
  • Crazy Craft Updated updated from - 0.8.6 to - 0.8.7
    – Added Connectivity Mod for those playing Multiplayer
  • DarkRPG updated from 4.4.8 to 4.6.0
    – Replaced EMI with JEI due to random crashes with EMI and some mod conflicts
    – Replaced Bears Hud with Inventory Hud+, press K to open its config
    – Replaced WTHIT with Jade
    – Added Durability101
    – Added Rings of Ascension
    – Updated Geckolib
    – Updated Pekhui
    – Removed Playerdoll
    – Removed BoneZone due to Bookshelf issues
    – Added Pistol and Bullets to default starter items
    – Added alternate recipes for Pistol and Musket
    – Tweaked setup towards performance. Users should now see a 10-15% FPS gain than before
  • Enigmatica 2 Expert updated from 1.85 to 1.86
    – Unable to craft items requiring IC2 Energy Crystals and Nanosuit Boots
    – Look for different output on ping to support ipv6
    – Advanced Rocketry/ JEI worldgen lead me astray
    – Unable to craft Blood Magic runes of sacrifice
  • Medieval Minecraft [Forge] 1.18.2 updated from Medieval MC [FORGE] 1.18.2 v14.5 to 14.5
    – Reverted Origins Mod to Fix Origins Crashes & Issues
  • Medieval Minecraft [Fabric] 1.19 updated from 8.5 to 10
    – Added Carrier (by GabrielHOlv)
    – Added Inventory Profiles Next (by mirinimi)
    – Added Roughly Enough Items Fabric/Forge (REI) (by shedaniel)
    – Added Roughly Enough Resources (by theorbagain)
    – Added Roughly Enough Professions (REP) (by Mrbysco)
    – Added the new, specially modified datapack for When Dungeons Arise
    – Removed Just Enough Items (Replaced by REI)
    – Removed Just Enough Resources (Replaced by RER)
    – Removed Just Enough Professions (Replaced by REP)
    – Removed Attribute Fix (Already implemented by Data Attributes)
    – Removed Auudio (No longer a dependency for Drippy Loading Screen)
    – Downgraded Geckolib to 3.1.26 to fix the animationLength crash (Thanks Faber!)
    – Activate Power (Primary) from Origins mod is now bound to H, hopefully fixing origin abilities not working
    – Added The Otherside quests
    – Disabled Nagas from spawning in the BetterNether config
    – Disable Fullscreen Buttons is now bound to ]
    – Thirst now drains 50% slower (Thirst effect factor 0.04 -> 0.02)
    – Milk bucket thirst quench 8 -> 10
    – Honey thirst quench 1 -> 2
    – Drinks thirst quench 2 -> 3
    – Stew thirst quench 3 -> 4
    – Stronger drinks thirst quench 4 -> 5
    – You now are 30% less thirsty in the Nether (Nether factor 1.3 -> 1.0)
    – Hid the EnvironmentZ thermostat icon
    – Moved the Archon Mana bar under the chestplate InventoryHUD icon
    – Disabled many Inventory Profiles Next config options, due to popular demand
    – Disabled MouseTweaks inventory scrolling in favor of IPN’s implementation (Thanks Lerin Gotchri!)
    – Resized chat width to not cover up HUD elements
    – Activate Spyglass is now bound to C
    – The Gloom and Doom update, adding new mobs, items, and biomes (Deeper and Darker)
    – Palladium now has natural fire protection (Mythic Metals)
    – Many fixes, reworks, and new items (Marium’s Soulslike Weaponry)
    – Many fixes (Chubby Stuff)
    – Many fixes (BetterCombat)
    – Many fixes (No Chat Reports)
    – Updated all mods
  • Medieval Minecraft [Forge] 1.19 updated from Medieval MC [FORGE] 1.19.2 v6.5 to 7
    – Added Apotheosis (by Shadows_of_Fire)
    – Added Aquamirae (by ObscuriaOfficial)
    – Added Jobs+ (by DAQEM)
    – Added What Did You Vote For? 2022: Sniffer, Rascal and Tuff Golem (by alexandersfunandgames)
    – Adde Sons Of Sins (by Furti_Two)
    – Added Unusual End (by Sweetygamer)
    – Added VMH – Variable Mob Height (by Rikurobb)
    – Added Treasure Bags (by SilentChaos512)
    – Added Hexerei (by JoeFoxe)
    – Added Nourished Nether (by MuffinsQw)
    – Gloom and Doom – Update 1.1.0 Gloom and Doom is a brand new content update that expands the otherside with brand new content such as biomes, mobs, items and blocks! The update also fixes many bugs (Deeper and Darker)
    – New Bosses and Quests in the Overworld
    – New Bosses and Quests in the End Dimension
    – New Bosses and Quests in the Nether Dimension
    – New Bosses and Quests in the Deeper and Darker Dimension
    – New Questline: The End of the World
    – Added a lot of new Subtitles to Quests
    – Fixed WDA Structure Generation (WDA Datapack)
    – Fixed wrong arm shown when left arm set as main (Better Combat)
    – Fixed rare special cases of weapon collision detection (Better Combat)
    – Fixed sometimes not hitting target straight ahead (Better Combat)
    – Fixed some missing events on Forge versions (Better Combat)
    – Fixed issue with Undergarden doors and trapdoors not being see through (The Undergarden)
    – Fixed Ink Mushroom Stem not having localization (The Undergarden)
    – Fixed Sediment being translucent (The Undergarden)
    – Fixed bugging off hand item when opening backpack (Traveler’s Backpack)
    – Fixed crash when equiping backpack from ground (Traveler’s Backpack)
    – Fixed Curios dupe bug (Traveler’s Backpack)
    – Fixed invalidate path node type caching on data pack reload (Canary)
    – Fixed block.hopper: multiple hoppers fighting over double inventory causing hoppers to wake each other up (Canary)
    – Fixed block.hopper: concurrent modification during iteration causing cache invalidation to be skipped (Canary)
    – Fixed minecraft version specific biome and village input (Collective)
    – Fixed recipes not working (Every Compat)
    – Fixed client init not firing causing many visual bugs (Every Compat)
    – Fixed conflicts(crashes) with another mod (Friends&Foes)
    – Fixed villagers not running from the iceologers (Friends&Foes)
    – Fixed Block Sounds (Geode+)
    – Fixed Block Hardness (Geode+)ssssssssss
    – Fixed archers infighting each other (It Takes a Pillage)
    – Fixed villagers not running from new pillagers (It Takes a Pillage)
    – Fixed summon command for iron golems (It Takes a Pillage)
    – Fixed clay golems exploding in numbers in villages (It Takes a Pillage)
    – Fixed incompatibility with Extra Golems mod (It Takes a Pillage)
    – Fixed various structure pieces (It Takes a Pillage)
    – Fixed mixin plugin crashes (Pluto)
    – Fixed the update checker spams the log (Smooth Boot)
    – Fixed the spam console issue on server side (Stalwart Dungeons)
    – Fixed mining system loot tables – treasure and basic loot tables have been switched (When Dungeons Arise)
    – Fixed exploration
    maps appearing as empty maps on most structures (When Dungeons Arise)
    – Fixed broken SoundEvent registration (YUNG’s API)
    – Mayn Fixes (Repurposed Structures)
    – Many Fixes (Fantasy’s Furniture)
    – Many Fixes (Just Enough Items)
    – Many Fixes (Supplementaries)
    – Many Fixes (Towns and Towers)
    – Many Fixes (Moonlight Lib)
    – Many Fixes (Item Filters)
    – Many Fixes (Controlling)
    – Many Fixes (GeckoLib)
    – Updated all the Datapacks
    – Updated all mods
  • Planetary updated from - the deep space update to
    – Loot in planets are now more common
    – Adde a recipe for the Infiltrator
    – Fixed Dense Ores quest.
    – Fixed Rocket quests.
  • Pokehaan Craft updated from 1.1.25 to 1.1.26
    – Fixed a server crash
  • Ragnamod VI updated from 6.1.6 to 6.1.8
    – Disable Automatic Recipe Unlock and Disable Recipe Book from Quark.
    – Re added broad_axe head, Pickaxe head and Wrench head in JEI.
    – Changed the Boon of the Earth enchantment.
  • Sky Bees updated from 3.4.5 to 3.4.6
    – fixed serverfiles
  • The 1.7.10 Pack updated from 0.10.8 to 0.10.9
    – Updated FoamFix & CoreTweaks for an important security mitigation.
    – Also updated 2 other mods to their latest versions.
  • TNP Limitless 5 updated from 2.24.0 to 2.26.2
    – Actually fixed a critical a “Rendering entity in world” crash.
  • Volcano Block updated from volcano-block-1.1.7 to 1.1.7
    – added recipe for minecraft mushrooms
    – added recipes for Just Build It stones
  • World of Dragons - A New Age updated from world of dragons a new age 3.2.50 to 3.2.50
    – updated the forge version
  • All the mods 7 to the Sky updated from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3
    – Moved philosophers fuel to the pressure chamber- added soul lava to to the recipe
    – Reduced netherite requirement to 4x compressed down from 5
    – Lowered solar panel for the Nexium emitter down to advanced from ultimate (solar generation mod)
    – Alchemistry causing the server to crash between updates should be fixed now
    – Diamonds in alchemistry are now craftable again
    – Updated forge to 84
  • The Vanilla Experience updated to 5.21
    – Various mods have been updated. This will improve performance, fix some bugs and add some content.
    – Added Pumpkillager’s Quest. Happy Halloween!
    – Updated to the latest Forge release.
  • All the mods 8 updated from All the Mods 8-0.1.5 to 0.1.10\
    – Updated Supplementaries to fix a crash
    – Forge Version is 43.1.47

Mod Based:

  • Forge 1.19.2 updated from 43.1.43 to 43.1.47
    – Fix ClientModEvents example not subscribing to client-sided events


  • Nukkit updated from 1017 to 1024
    – no changelog provided
  • PocketMine updated from 4.9.1 to 4.10.0
    – no changelog provided

Plugin Based:

  • Paper 1.19.2 updated from 220 to 256
    – Fix setting difficulity inside of API
  • Spigot updated from 3599 to 3605
    – no changelog provided


  • Vanilla Snapshot updated from 1.19.2 to 22w43a
    – Changed the colors of the Camel Spawn Egg
    – Tweaked Camel walk cycle animation
    – Fence Gates no longer provide center support beneath them
    – The Chat Reporting screen now shows when the player being reported rejoined chat
    – More Changes to the Creative Inventory
    – Added Draft Player Reports
    MC-84873 – DeathTime values 20+ cause corrupted mobs
    MC-92017 – Shield damage direction is incorrect
    MC-128003 – When destroying one block of tall seagrass, the other block becomes air when destroyed, rather than water
    MC-188247 – Explosions from end crystals can’t be blocked by shields
    MC-188506 – AngryAt cannot be manually applied to endermen
    MC-189911 – Splash water bottles don’t extinguish mobs and player
    MC-191948 – Ghast fireballs explosions still inflict damage when blocked by a shield
    MC-198493 – Villagers lose their discounts when relogging while it is a zombie villager
    MC-200006 – Explosions from beds and respawn anchors can’t be blocked by shields
    MC-202513 – Weeping vines and twisting vines are not grouped with regular vines in creative inventory
    MC-222407 – Endermen holding big dripleaf stems don’t drop big dripleaves upon being killed
    MC-244694 – The sounds of goats stomping and ramming aren’t controlled by the “Friendly Creatures” sound slider
    MC-249691 – Nylium is not grouped with netherrack in the Creative inventory
    MC-252214 – Going into water does not extinguish the fire on you if you’re in a boat
    MC-253542 – Spawner blocks with SpawnPotential and no SpawnData will crash during worldgen
    MC-254597 – Mobs hurt by water don’t take water damage when they are on a boat
    MC-254634 – POIs are not created properly when upgrading worlds
    MC-256462 – If camel is sitting while exiting and reloading the world, it will play the sitting animation again
    MC-256476 – Panorama Scroll Speed isn’t saved
    MC-256483 – Acacia hanging signs cannot be crafted
    MC-256494 – Birch hanging signs cannot be crafted
    MC-256495 – Z-fighting occurs when the legs of camels intersect one another
    MC-256502 – Crash when pressing certain buttons while on spectator mode
    MC-256515 – Hanging signs connect weirdly on the bottom of a fence gate.
    MC-256522 – Coral Blocks are sorted different than Corals and Coral Fans
    MC-256534 – Saved hotbars can import disabled items
    MC-256573 – Water bottles, awkward/mundane/thick potions and tipped arrows don’t appear in the Creative Inventory
    MC-256575 – Some of the translation keys were merged, resulting in some language translation errors
    MC-256581 – Lightning Rod isn’t in Functional Blocks tab in creative inventory
    MC-256582 – Lectern isn’t in Functional Blocks tab in creative inventory
    MC-256612 – Waxed Exposed Copper blocks are out of order in Building Blocks creative tab
    MC-256639 – Allays, Piglins, and Villagers lose inventory if unloaded and reloaded
    MC-256661 – Line spacing on Hanging Signs is too small, causing certain characters to overlap
    MC-256705 – Discrepancy exists between identifier-allowed characters and path segment-allowed characters
    MC-256734 – Entities will often spin while pathfinding on top of wall hanging signs
    MC-256843 – Milk Bucket isn’t in the Consumable Tab in the creative inventory
    MC-256845 – Nether Wart isn’t in the Nature Blocks tab in the creative inventory
    MC-256846 – Chiseled Bookshelf isn’t in the Redstone Blocks Tab in the creative inventory
    MC-256847 – Bone Meal isn’t in the Tools & Utilities Tab in the creative inventory
    MC-256848 – String isn’t in the Redstone Blocks Tab in the creative inventory



  • Factions updated from 1.15.2 to 1.18.2
    – version update

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