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Server Version Updates November 11th 2021

Posted: Nov 11, 2021 in Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

This is an organized list compiling the version updates for Minecraft, plugins, mods, gametypes, and proxies for November 11th. Tons of updates and additions to our favorite pastime, from incessant bug fixing to new mods. You’re sure to not get bored with all these updates.
Firstly, Valheim. Valheim makes some fixes all around for issues and behavioral changes. Valheim Plus follows suit with similar fixes.
Next, the Mod Packs. All the Magic Spellbound removes books from Botania and evilcraft from the loot table, does a couple fixes and surprisingly attempts to increase performance. All the Mods 6 added a couple mods, removed a few things, made some additions and disabled a crafting recipe. All the Mods 7 added three mods, removed one and updated its Forge version. Better Minecraft 1.16 added a decent amount of content and updated its library. Better Minecraft 1.17 added tons of different mods, almost reinventing its identity on top of updating its library. Better Minecraft PLUS added a few mods, removed some and updated its library. Better Minecraft Skyblock provides no changelog. Craft to Exile makes some balancing changes to spawn rates and adds a few mods. Create Above and Beyond had its first update, which changed many different interactions as well as numerous fixes. Enigmatica 6 has a small patch where it makes a couple restorations. FTB OceanBlock has no changelog found. Medieval Minecraft Forge removed a few things, updated its library, and added a few mods. Medieval Minecraft Fabric added a recipe, removed a couple mods, and updated its library. Mineshafts & Monsters removed Betterend Reforked to supposedly fix a crash and fixed a rendering issue. Monumental Experience made no changes, but gives the status on plans for a future patch. Pixelmon Reforged has a smaller than usual update, which is a moderately large one in other mods terms. It makes many balance changes to the Pixelmon as well as optimizations. Pokehaan Craft fixes some issues while updating a few in game mechanics. Ragnamod VI set some configs differently and added some features. Starpack Aleph downgraded a mod. TNP Limitless 3 fixed a random crash.
Moving on, the Proxies. BungeeCord doesn’t forward tab completions if the root command is a bungee command anymore. Waterfall updated the upstream.
Further in, the Mod Based. Forge 1.16.5 implemented a GUI stacking feature and made some changes. Forge 1.17.1 fixed the (hopefully) last issue with GAMELIBRARY loading and removed the remnants of the selective reload listener.
Almost done here, Bedrock. Nukkit has a change with Falling anvil. Pocketmine makes no changes.
This one’s small, the Plugin Based. Paper 1.17 does something with Goat ram APi. No idea what that means. Spigot provides no changelog.
Lastly, Vanilla. Snapshot 21w44a makes a few changes to world generation as well as changing a bunch of allowances. They also optimized entity collisions while making over a dozen bug fixes.


  • Valheim Standard updated from 0.203.11 to 0.204.4
    – Jack-o-turnip cover offset fixed
    – Spirit damage no longer affected by wet
    – HP regen on mobs & bosses fix (They were previously regenerating HP faster than intended)
    – Tar pits spawn fix (In some edge cases they spawned on the edge between two biomes)
  • Valheim Plus updated from 0.203.11-0.9.9 to 0.204.4-0.9.9
    – Fixed Auto Deposit behavior of the Beehive
    – Auto Deposit of the Beehive no longer deposits to chests as soon as it has honey but instead when its full.
    – Fixed Auto Deposit behavior related to Beehive gathering sounds being played every 10 seconds.
    – Fixed Fireplace behavior, fires are now correctly included or excluded by being auto filled / never running out of fuel.
    – Fixed issues related to custom tools from other mods having 0 durability with the durability section enabled.

Mod Packs:

  • All the Magic Spellbound - (ATMS) updated from 2.1.2 to 2.1.4
    – removed books from botania and evilcraft from loot table
    – increased turtle spawns
    – fixed ATM dusts
    – fixed ATM armor
    – updated quests
    – flower rewrite for bees
    – attempted performance increase
    – updated all the mods
  • All the Mods 6 (ATM6) updated from 6-1.8.8 to 6-1.8.9
    – added two mods
    – Modified energy requirements for Thermal alloy smelting
    – Fixed some Pam’s Harvestcraft recipes that required multiple grinders
    – Fixed ATM Star Shard crafting in non-overworld dimensions
    – Super Worm now requires a Star Shard instead of a full Star
    – Added Pneumaticraft recipe for Hopper Botany Pots
    – Disabled Embur Bog again due to server freezes (possibly fixes #2644)
    – Increased the spawn weight for Crimson Forest and Warped Forest biomes
    – Decreased the spawn weight for Undergrowth and Visceral Heap biomes
    – Added Compact Machines and Mining Dimension to Expulsion Pylon whitelist
    – Remove uncraftable Network Tool from the AE2 quest chapter (#2606)
    – Fix duplicate solar panel recipes (#2649)
    – Fix ATO plate casting (#2659)
    – Powah Reactors now upgrade from previous tiers
    – Added more bees and mimics to spawn egg blacklist
    – Disabled recipe for Packager due to lag issues
  • All the Mods 7 (ATM7) updated from 0.0.28 to 0.0.30
    – Added Macaw’s Bridges
    – Added Polymorph
    – Added Farming for Blockheads
    – Removed Blue Skies
    – Forge Version is 37.0.103
  • Better Minecraft 1.16 updated from 43 to 44
    – Major Mod Update: Caves & Cliffs Backport
    – Added Improved Backpacks (by DreenDexTwitch) [Use Pockets to Upgrade the Backpack]
    – Added Trading Post (by Fuzs_)
    – Added Simple Shops (by wolforce)
    – Added Repurposed Structures – Caves & Cliffs Backport Datapack Compat
    – Added Repurposed Structures – Better Dungeons Datapack Compat
    – Added Repurposed Structures – Better Strongholds Datapack Compat
    – Added new Overworld Quest [Reward: Allay Spawn Egg]
    – Vein Mining has now been Restricted to just Ores
    – Removed Sophisticated Backpacks (Replaced)
    – Hopefully fixed some other Crashes
    – Hopefully fixed mob spawns
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Better Minecraft 1.17 updated from v8 to v9
    – Added Plushie Mod (by Link_911)
    – Added Alloy Forgery (by LordDeatHunter)
    – Added Ok Zoomer (by EnnuiLangeweile)
    – Added Campanion (by wyn_price)
    – Added Lightest Lamps (Fabric) (by Prefex89)
    – Added Advancements Debug (by thetechnici4n)
    – Added Ambient Environment (by Jaredlll08)
    – Added Break Progress (by haykam)
    – Added Colorful Subtitles (by haykam)
    – Added Dimension Fix (Some Forge Patches Ported) (by shedaniel)
    – Added Explorer’s Delight (by falseresync)
    – Added Get Off My Lawn (by Draylar1)
    – Added Entity Culling Fabric/Forge (by tr9zw)
    – Added Runelic (by DarkhaxDev)
    – Added Textile Backup (by Szum123321)
    – Added Tool Stats (by DarkhaxDev)
    – Added Untitled Duck Mod (Fabric) (by Okabintaro)
    – Added more DDatapacks
    – Removed Upgraded Ender Chests (Causing Possible Server Issues)
    – Removed Upgraded Shulkers (Causing Possible Server Issues)
    – Hopefully fixed Ambient Sounds Server Spam
    – Fixed Creative Menu/REI Crash
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Better Minecraft PLUS updated from 27 to 28
    – Major Mod Update: Caves & Cliffs Backport
    – Added FTB Ultimine (Forge) (by FTB)
    – Added Create Cafe (by 1mphuls3)
    – Added Slimy Stuff (by Furti_Two)
    – Added The Graveyard (FORGE) (by finallion_13)
    – Added AmbientSounds 4 (by CreativeMD)
    – Added Upstream (by Corgi_Taco)
    – Enabled Spawner Module from Apotheosis [Use Silk Touch Pickaxe]
    – Reverted Snow! Real Magic! ⛄ mod to fix invisible blocks
    – Removed Tree Harvester (Replaced)
    – Removed Vein Mining (Causing TPS Issues & Replaced)
    – Removed Astemir’s Forestcraft (Causing Crash)
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Better Minecraft Skyblock updated from v4.5 to Better Minecraft Skyblock v4.5 hf
    – no changelog provided
  • Craft to Exile updated from 2.13.2c to 2.13.2d
    – Xaero’s Update Alert: back up your Xaero’s Waypoints and WorldMap folders!
    – Fixed Silverbranch stat order.
    – Fixed legendary wand not having its name.
  • Craft to Exile Harmony updated from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1
    – Creating a new singleplayer world often results in a crash. To resolve this issue, go into your modpack folder, then your saves folder, then find the new world you just created. Delete the “hqm” folder, then boot up the modpack and try joining the world again. This should fix it.
    – Xaero’s Update Alert: back up your Xaero’s Waypoints and WorldMap folders!
    – Tons of new dungeons to explore thanks to When Dungeons Arise!
    – Piglin Beasts now have a 3% chance to spawn from gold ores instead of 1%
    – Piglin Beasts now have a 5% chance to spawn when killing too many piglins instead of 3%.
    – Updated Xaero’s.
    – Added When Dungeons Arise.
    – Added Better Third Person.
  • Create Above and Beyond updated to 1.1
    – fixed unconventional game settings being shipped with the modpack
    straw golems no longer have a finite lifespan
    – re-enabled FD buddycard pack recipe
    – lowered spawn rates of exotic birds
    – cherry- and mystery wood now have correct tags
    – fixed a duplication loop with recipes for sulfur
    – JEI menu shows more columns on smaller GUI scales
    – portable storage interfaces have moved to the andesite tier
    – knives from farmers’ delight and chisels no longer have conflicting recipes
    – tools from extcaves dropped by mobs in dungeons can now be recycled in the melter
    – mysterywood leaves no longer drop golden apples
    – brokenstone now has a more distinct texture – credits to Vexxel
    – computercraft turtles are now slightly more involved to obtain
    – added the music disc titled “13” to the lost tapes quest
    – fixed lavastone loot tables
    – fixed silk touch not working on andesite, granite and diorite
    – tweaked crafting recipes of casings and kinectic mechanisms
    – added y-level tooltips for ores
    – added tooltips on how to use planet ID chips (without crashing the game)
    – fixed content from the mod ‘occultism’ being inaccessible
    – fluxducts are no longer locked behind inductive machinery
    – automation guide quests no longer consume items
    – added support for additional modded wood types in the mechanical saw
  • Enigmatica 6 updated from 0.5.16 to 0.5.20
    – Restore Mekanism factory recipes as well as refined obsidian/glowstone
    – Enabled the Enigmatica Resource Pack by default
    – Only applies to new instances
  • FTB OceanBlock updated from 1.5.0 to 1.7.0
    – changelog not found
  • Medieval Minecraft Forge updated from 36 to 37
    – Added Better Animations Collection (by Fuzs_)
    – Added back Sons Of Sins (by Furti_Two)
    – Added Just Enough Keg (by marblegatekeeper)
    – Reverted Snow! Real Magic! ⛄ mod to fix invisible blocks
    – Removed Astemir’s Forestcraft (Causing Crash)
    – Removed Vein Mining (Cauing TPS Issues)
    – Removed Serene Seasons (Causing Rare Nether Crash)
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Medieval Minecraft Fabric updated from 22 to 22.5
    – Added recipe for Orb of Origins [Diamond surrounded by emeralds]
    – Removed Observed (Causing Issues)
    – Removed Barnacles from spawning
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Mineshafts & Monsters updated from 1.8.1 to 1.8.2
    – Removed Betterend Reforked to fix tticking entity crash
    – Fixed Create Ore not rendering as resource pack stones
  • Monumental Experience updated from 14.0.35 to 14.0.51
    – no changes
    – Hall of Frame Quest Line is WIP and we are trying to finish it
    – Unify stuff is working but will be getting overhauled in a later update
  • Pixelmon Reforged updated from 8.3.1 to 8.3.3
    – Sweets can now be held items. This doesn’t affect the evolution method for Milcery, you still interact and dance!
    – Raid NPCs will no longer write to world.
    – Ribbons can now be given via spec in /pokegive
    – Optimized AI movement.
    – Pokemon will no longer spawn on dead players. This isn’t a perfect change, as the core of the issue is a vanilla bug. This does however cover a common issue.
    – Scrappy, Inner Focus, Oblivious, Own Tempo, & Rattled are now immune to Intimidate.
    – Growth and Minimize will no longer affect the Pokemons literal size.
    – Searching for eggs in PCs has been improved.
    – Wailmer Pails now provide a text response when used on berry and apricorn trees, alongside the Bonemeal particle effect.
    You can now plant on Pokedirt.
  • Pokehaan Craft updated from 1.1.9 to 1.1.10
    – Fixed missing Charms bug!
    – Item Texture updates by Xemnes – Keys, Locks, Coins, Gems, Pouches, etc.
    – Fix Lock’s tooltip to display the proper key.
    – Fixed server crash on Pearl thrown in well.
    – Updated keys in Accepted Keys list on Locks’ tooltip.
    – Refactored code for Charms on back-end.
  • Ragnamod VI updated from 6.0.23 to 6.0.24
    – Set to false the kubejs settings logSkippedRecipes to avoid spam log in console.
    – Set to true, the Draconium Ore generation in the End (if it’s set to false, the Chaos Guardian won’t spawn for now)
    – Fixed the Gobber and Etherium photovoltaic Cell craft
    – Added a craft for the Bookwyrm Lectern (Because the one of Aurum’s More Blocks doesn’t work with a right click with the Charm)
    – Changed all the Create craft that need a Cogwheel and Large Cogwheel to accept any kind of Cogwheel and Large Cogwheel
    – Added a Jellyfish Jelly seed
  • Starpack Aleph updated to 0.3.8
    – Downgraded polymorph to 0.2.5
  • TNP Limitless 3 updated from 1.11.3 to 1.11.4
    – A random crash that could occur while exploring the world has been fixed.


  • BungeeCord updated from 1607 to 1608
    – Don’t forward tab completions if the root command is a bungee command
  • WaterFall updated from 451 to 452
    – Updated Upstream

Mod Based:

  • Forge 1.16.5 updated from 36.2.8 to 36.2.9
    – Implement GUI Stacking feature.
    – You can now use `mc.pushGuiLayer` and `mc.popGuiLayer` to manage the layers.
    – Apply review comment fixes from 1.17 counterpart.
    – Revert unintended changes.
    – Missed these reverts.
  • Forge 1.17.1 updated from 37.0.104 to 37.0.107
    – Fix the hopefully last issue with GAMELIBRARY loading
    – Remove the remnants of the selective reload listener


  • Nukkit updated from 906 to 909
    – Falling anvil: do not reset fall distance before dealing damage to entities
  • PocketMine updated from 3.25.2 to 3.25.4
    – no changes

Plugin Based:

  • Paper 1.17 updated from 359 to 377
    – Goat ram API
  • Spigot updated from 3273 to 3276
    – no changelog


  • Vanilla Snapshot updated from 21w43a to 21w44a
    – New world generation is now inserted under existing chunks when upgrading a world to the new world height
    – Added an Online options screen where you can now find the Realms Notifications option and Difficulty when on a server
    – Added an “Allow Server Listings” option to opt-out of having your name displayed in server listings
    – Sleeping now only resets the weather cycle if it was raining
    – Blocks and fluids are now also affected by simulation distance. It might be a good idea to test that the behavior of your redstone contraptions remained the same
    – Optimized entity collisions
    MC-63340 – Sleeping always resets time until rain
    MC-170551 – Foxes can’t spawn on podzol or coarse dirt
    MC-200494 – In mineshafts, torches can generate attached to blocks other than the wooden supports
    MC-216432 – Mineshafts can generate with light but without any torches
    MC-216561 – Torches not spawning in abandoned mineshafts under y=0
    MC-217038 – Large dripstone structures can be generated outside the caves
    MC-236701 – New mountain biomes don’t count towards “Adventuring Time” advancement
    MC-236938 – /jfr stop output does not have a link
    MC-237986 – Mobs specific to structures aren’t spawning in their structures
    MC-238062 – Foxes & Wolves don’t spawn in Groves
    MC-238761 – Adventuring Time does not account for the new cave biomes
    MC-238877 – Deep Ocean & Ocean is not needed for the “Adventure Time” advancement
    MC-238900 – Values of ‘Infinity’ in noise settings in default worldgen
    MC-238912 – Powder snow strips can’t generate exposed to the surface
    MC-238962 – Icebergs go all the way to ocean floor.
    MC-238966 – Old Growth Spruce Taiga and Old Growth Birch Forest aren’t part of the “Adventuring Time” advancement
    MC-238968 – Windswept Gravelly Hills & Windswept Savanna aren’t apart of the “Adventuring Time” advancement
    MC-239280 – Withers do not move down to follow the player when the wither’s health is half or lower
    MC-239344 – All torches in mineshafts are facing the wrong way
    MC-239359 – Wither Skeletons can only spawn on Nether Bricks
    MC-239689 – The “amplified” boolean in noise settings does nothing
    MC-239854 – Nether and caves world is missing bedrock
    MC-239858 – Nether decorations can be generated on the original bedrock layer
    MC-239866 – Terrain shaper in noise_settings is not used

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