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Server Version Updates May 19th 2022

Posted: May 19, 2022 in Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

This is an organized list compiling the version updates for Minecraft, plugins, mods, gametypes, and proxies for May 19th. Tons of updates and additions to our favorite pastime, from incessant bug fixing to new mods. You’re sure to not get bored with all these updates.
First, the Mod PAcks. Antimatter Chemistry added a quest and recipe while making changes to setting up servers. All of Fabric 5 fixed Wireless crafting terminal crashing. All the Mods 7 added tons of mods. Another Quality Modpack 2 added mods and made some fixes. Better Minecraft 1.18 added some mods and updated the rest. Better Minecraft FABRIC added a mod, removed one, fixed quests, and updated the rest. Better Minecraft PLUS added mods and updated the rest. Crazy Craft removed End Remastered. Medieval Minecraft Forge 1.18.2 added mods, made fixes, changes, a removal, and updated its mods. Medieval Minecraft FABRIC added tons of mods, removed a couple, and updated its mods. Permafrost performed dark magic. The Final Frontier 2 updated its mods. TNP Limitless 5 made some fixes. Valhelsia updated its forge version.
Next, the Mod Based. Forge 1.18.2 implemented a fix.
Further on, the Plugin Based. Paper 1.18 hides ores with deepslate at Y=4 and below. Spigot has no changelog.
Almost done here, Bedrock. Pocketmine has no changelog found. The Bedrock Dedicated Server has a version change.
Lastly, Vanilla. Servers can now enable Chat Preview, changes have been made to the locate and place commands, and numerous bug fixes have been made.

Mod Packs:

  • Antimatter Chemistry updated from Antimatter-Chemistry-1.3.1 to Antimatter-Chemistry-1.3.3h
    – added Quest to explain different spawn conditions of cursed earth
    – added recipe to melt Clathrates in NC Melter
    – setting up a server no longer requires interaction with the server console
  • All of Fabric 5 (AOF5) updated from 1.1.5 to 1.2.2
    – Fixed Wireless crafting terminal crashing.
  • All the Mods 7 (ATM7) updated from 0.3.22 to 0.4.0
    – Added Thermal Foundation
    – Added CoFH core
    – Added Thermal Locomotion
    – Added Thermal Innovation
    – Added Thermal Expansion
    – Added Thermal Cultivation
    – Added Oh My Gourd
    – Added Ensorcellation
    – Added Archer’s Paradox
    – Added FTB Industrial Contraptions
    – Added Little Contraptions
    – Added Deep Resonance
    – Added FTB Quests
    – Added Item Filters
    – Added Reliquary Reincarnations
    – Added FTB Backups
    – Added Lost Cities
    – Added ATM Star recipes (WIP and will change)
    – Added FTB Quests (WIP not close to fun yet)
    – Updated All the Mods
    – Forge Version is 40.1.20
  • Another Quality Modpack 2 updated from 1.1.1 1.18.2 to 1.2a 1.18.2
    – Added Create, CreatePlus, and Create Additions and unified with TR, MI, and Indrev
    – Fixed some Basic nether ore issues in REI, also enabled Tin to generate in nether now
    – Fixed Lignite coal again, this time removing BYG and making it Modern Industrialization for the lignite block, also removed BYG Lignite from world gen
    – Fixed Gobber Ore gen rates; now vein size is back to what it was, which is low; instead of 7,6,5 veins per chunk, its now 15, 13, 11.
  • Better Minecraft 1.18 updated from v9 to v10
    – Added Geode+ (by YeoXuHang)
    – Added Cultural Delights (by NCP_Bails)
    – Added Enhanced Celestials – Blood, Blue, & Harvest (Super) Moons (by Corgi_Taco)
    – Added Enhanced Mushrooms (by team_aurora_modding)
    – Added Better End City Datapack
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Better Minecraft FABRIC 1.18.2 updated from v9 to v10
    – Added back Advancements Debug
    – Removed Charm (Causes Advancements not to work)
    – Properly Fixed Advancements not working and freeze after creating new world.
    – Fixed Quests again
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Better Minecraft PLUS 1.18.2 updated from v9 to v10
    – Added Tinkers Construct (by mDiyo)
    – Added Geode+ (by YeoXuHang)
    – Added Cultural Delights (by NCP_Bails)
    – Added Compat O’ Plenty (by tdstress)
    – Added Enhanced Celestials – Blood, Blue, & Harvest (Super) Moons (by Corgi_Taco)
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Crazy Craft Updated updated from 0.7.8B to 0.7.9
    – Removed End Remastered
  • Medieval Minecraft Forge 1.18.2 updated from v9 to v10
    – Added BrassAmber BattleTowers (by sMilamber)
    – Added Infinite Dungeons (by mcrobertx22)
    – Added Trouble RPG (by rayrindou)
    – Disabled Right Click Pick Up (Back to Normal)
    – Adjusted the Beginning Quest
    – Adjusted Survive (Water and Energy) Config for a better Experience
    – Fixed Blood and Squish Sounds
    – Fixed Journey Map not loading properly
    – Changed Main Menu Panorama
    – Removed Rats (Causes TPS Lag)
    – Updated a few Mods
  • Medieval Minecraft Fabric 1.18.2 updated from 4. to v10
    – Added Apotheosis (Fabric) (by safrodev)
    – Added Wilder World (by KaloyanKYS)
    – Added Enhanced Celestials(Fabric) – Blood Moons & Harvest Moons (by Corgi_Taco)
    – Added Steve’s Vanilla! [Fabric] (by YoWabbit)
    – Added Illuminations 🔥 (by doctor4t)
    – Removed Advancements Debug (Causes Advancements not to work)
    – Removed Easy Magic (Causes issues with Apotheosis)
    – Fixed Advancements not working after rejoining a world
    – Updated all the Mods
  • Permafrost updated from 5.3 to Permafrost - 5.3.2
    – Performed dark magic???
    – Changed how apotheosis and armorcurve work
    – Said a sad goodbye to the lava monster. I’m sorry, my child.
  • The Final Frontier 2 updated from 11.2 to 11.3
    – mods updated
  • TNP Limitless 5 updated from 2.5.2 to 2.6.0
    – Turned off Armor Equip Sound Tweak when equipping Curios Items.
    – Added more Ore Processing compat for Cobalt Ore.
    – Adjusted the Angel Ring recipe a little bit.
    – Adjusted the Resonating Nether Ore texture.
    – Added BYG Saplings to the FFB Market.
    – Some changes in mod updates.
    – Fixed an issue with the Armor Equip Sound spamming while in inventory.
    – Fixed not being able to craft the Cyclic – Solar Panel Generator.
    – World bottom Bedrock Layer not being flat has been fixed.
    – Fixed a Recipe Conflict with Glass Facade and Mirror.
    – Fixed a few Crossroads recipe conflicts.
    – Some fixes in mod updates.
  • Valhelsia Volatile updated to 1.0.4
    – Updated forge version to Forge 40.1.19

Mod Based:

  • Forge 1.18.2 updated from 40.1.19 to 40.1.20
    – Implement PlayerNegotiationEvent (#8599)

Plugin Based:

  • Paper 1.18 updated from 333 to 336
    – Hide ores with deepslate at Y=4 and below (#7792)
  • Spigot updated from 3485 to 3488
    – no changelog found


  • PocketMine updated from 4.2.4 to 4.3.3
    – no changelog found
  • Bedrock Dedicated Server updated from to
    – version change


  • Vanilla Snapshot updated from 22w18a to 22w19a
    – Servers can now enable Chat Preview, which displays a server-controlled preview above the chat edit box
    – Changes to the locate and place commands
    – Point of Interest tags
    MC-197647 – Players cannot jump off the edge of blocks when sneaking if they have a block above
    MC-231600 – Sculk sensor continuously receives vibrations when next to a powered big dripleaf
    MC-249130 – Tadpoles hatch inside of adjacent blocks, causing them to suffocate and die
    MC-249161 – Frogs frequently get stuck below lily pads
    MC-249634 – Warden’s sniffing behavior continues after being distracted
    MC-249664 – Warden despawns when far away
    MC-249801 – Mineshafts can intersect ancient cities
    MC-249888 – Warden is not angered when hit by a blaze fireball
    MC-249910 – Warden “Nearby Closest” sound is unused
    MC-249966 – Warden can stop chasing a target it just roared at
    MC-250172 – Warden doesn’t turn towards the direction it is firing the Sonic Boom attack
    MC-250233 – A warden summoned from a spawn egg suddenly losing its AI
    MC-250255 – Warden’s Sonic Boom cannot hurt Ender Dragon, it only pushes it back
    MC-250272 – Warden spawns in blocks that have no collision
    MC-250353 – Warden cannot spawn on a single snow layer like other mobs
    MC-250357 – Sculk sensors and Wardens detect when a player holds up a shield
    MC-250948 – Warden’s ranged attack is no longer affected by the game’s difficulty
    MC-250966 – Dying to the warden’s sonic boom doesn’t count as the warden’s kill
    MC-251029 – Warden froze and stopped being hostile towards the player
    MC-251263 – “Invalid signature for profile public key” when trying to open a singleplayer world
    MC-251316 – The game crashes when loading chunks that consist of jigsaw blocks
    MC-251321 – Warden can be pushed by explosions while emerging
    MC-251350 – /give @s goat_horn gives an unregistered goat horn
    MC-251396 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Name and ID cannot both be blank
    MC-251464 – When passive mobs take damage from warden’s sonic boom, they won’t flee in panic

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