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Server Version Updates July 22nd 2021

Posted: Jul 22, 2021 in Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

This is an organized list compiling the version updates for Minecraft, plugins, mods, gametypes, and proxies for July 22nd. Tons of updates and additions to our favorite pastime, from incessant bug fixing to new mods. You’re sure to not get bored with all these updates.
All the Mods 6 comes through with the modest update, updating itself and its forge version. Better Minecraft walks in with the usual, new features, mods, and mod removals. Enigmatica 6 rattles its cage with a huge and expansive updating which includes new features, recipes, quests, adjustments, items, removals, updates, and more. Team Rustic just updates its mods and adds two things. The Final Frontier updates its forge version and mods. TNP Limitless 3 has a moderately large update with new mods, fixes, minor changes, quest updates, and more.
Now, the Proxies. BungeeCord adds color support to the end command, whatever that means. WaterFall makes a few changes that I don’t understand, but one of them is updating the upstream. That’s always nice to see!
Further on, the Mod Based. Forge 1.16.2 changes a few things, most of which have to do with some Horizon feature. Forge 1.16.5 fixes a version issue and bumps something to fix package meta issues.
Next, Bedrock. Nukkit has plenty of updates in the backlog, the bulk of it being support for 1.17.1 and fixing all the issues involved with that.
Lastly, the Plugin Based. Paper 1.16 has a single fix. Paper 1.17 has a massive backlog of fixes including updates to the upstream, block fixes, sync issue changes, and more. Spigot has no public changelog provided.

Mod Packs:

  • All the Mods 6 (ATM6) updated from 1.6.14 to 1.7.2
    – Fixed Allthemodium/ATM Tinkers Issues
    – LAN issues when removing mods should be fixed now. (forge update)
    – Updated All the Mods
    – Forge Version is 36.1.65
  • Better Minecraft updated from 27 hf to 28 - Full Release!
    – Major Performance Improvements
    – New Overworld Bosses
    – New Cooking & Food Mods
    – New Mini Map & World Map
    – New Titles top left
    – New Mobs & Items
    – New Quests
    – FTB Teams to do Quests together
    – Fixed Multiple Dupe bugs
    – Fixed Fog
    – Removed some recipes
    – Hopefully removed Crocodile Spawns in other Dimensions
    – Added numerous mods
    – Removed a few mods
  • Enigmatica 6 updated from 0.5.4 to 0.5.6
    – Added TiCon Copper and Cobalt to the hideRegex #2637 (Ridanisaurus)
    – Add Glowcane to Market #2673 (MuteTiefling)
    – Add Minecraft Honey Block to T4 Hive/T1 Apiary #2629 (TemperedFool)
    – Adjustments to Miner’s Delight rewards, Structure changes to Create quests #2701 (MuteTiefling)
    – Alternate PNC Recipes: Elevator Frames and Canon Barrels #2687 (MuteTiefling)
    – [0.5.3] Armored Jetpack nerf #2623
    – Blacklist tinker’s construct from supplementaries wall lantern support #2675 (MuteTiefling)
    – Changed Dissolution chamber power/t to default #2640 (Buuz135)
    – Change the Interactio logs-\>driftwood fluid recipe #2669
    – Cleanup curios inventory #2646 (ochotonida)
    – Craft marble and limestone from the Chisel mod using other variations #2694
    – Create Initial Blacklist for Drygmies – Blacklisting mobs already disallowed in other spawners #2682 (MuteTiefling)
    – Eidolon: clarify the need to find a witch and not a swamp in the first quest #2663 (Larandar)
    – Fix Create Recipe Conflict for Crushed End Stone #2678 (MuteTiefling)
    – Fix Sawdust recipes for Sawdust flooring and block #2665 (MuteTiefling)
    – General Quest Updates: Mekanism and Ars Nouveau #2671 (MuteTiefling)
    – Glowcane #2650
    – Increase base height of PNC Elevators #2676 (MuteTiefling)
    – Increase mana cost for Drygmy and Sylph production #2709 (MuteTiefling)
    – Interactio Fluid interaction for Driftwood now requires multiple logs to complete. #2679 (MuteTiefling)
    – Make nether ores properly nether only in IF laser drill. Add Cobalt to Dimensional Mineshaft for real this time. #2702 – (MuteTiefling)
    – New Bee Textures and Models #2710 (Ridanisaurus)
    – Placed Dragon Head On Portal Frame After Dragon Death #2688 (theboo)
    – Quest Updates: Immersive Engineering #2674 (MuteTiefling)
    – Quest Updates: Mekanism and Loot Tables #2672 (MuteTiefling)
    – Re-Add missing HOP Graphite Ingot Smelt #2666 (MuteTiefling)
    – Recipe to craft sawdust block [alternate recipe for sawdust flooring] #2654
    – Removed end city loot datapack #2647 (theboo)
    – Remove trash function from Quark #2667
    – Some new quest ideas to Mekanism questline #2655
    – Split Distillation Tower quest #2611
    – Torchmaster shaped.js #2697 (TemperedFool)
    – Unify Tree Fluid Outputs #2628 (MuteTiefling)
    – Update animals.js #2644 (ochotonida)
    – Updates to Sawing and Crushing – Expanding Occultism, Create, and Immersive Engineering capabilities #2664 (MuteTiefling)
    – numerous bug fixes
  • Team Rustic updated from 3.0.5 to 3.0.6
    – Added Selene and Flywheel
    – Updated mods
  • The Final Frontier 2 updated from 7.8 to 8.0
    – Forge Updated to forge-1.16.5-36.1.65
    – Mods updated
  • TNP Limitless 3 updated from 1.10.6 to 1.10.7
    – Added Better Biome Blend, Block Swap, Blue Skies, Chisel, Fix Experience Bug, Immersive Posts, Item Stitching Fix, Small Ships, Translocators 1.8x, and YUNG’s Better Strongholds
    – Removed Exotic Birds, Mahou Tsukai, and Save My Stronghold
    – The RandomPatches feature “Changing UUID of duplicate entity” being logged has been turned off.
    – Added a new item: Limitless Sword. (Not Craftable. Used in the Welcome Quest kit.)
    – Lowered the max health for Ice and Fire Dragons a bit.
    – Changed the Loading Screen background color a bit.
    – The Mungus Mob can no longer transform biomes.
    – Added a new food item: Cooked Cave Root.
    – Added 1 new Tip to the loading screen.
    – Cleaned up the world gen a little bit.
    – Some changes in mod updates.
    – Fixed Twilight Forest: Uncrafting Table being obtainable from Loot Table loot & spawning in-world.
    – Blocks in JEI / Inventory having weird lightning has HOPEFULLY been fixed.
    – Skins being “blurry” has HOPEFULLY been fixed.
    – The Fire Charge Rod crashing servers has been fixed.
    – Fixed Ultra Importer not being craftable.
    – Fixed a few recipe conflicts.
    – Some fixes in mod updates.
    – Made most Minecraft Quests have team rewards instead of per player.
    – Updated most Quest Icons in the Welcome Chapter with custom ones.
    – Changed Quest Reward item in the Welcome Chapter.
    – Made the Quest “The Next Generation” optional.
    – Fixed a dependency issue in the PSI chapter.
    – Other minor changes.
    – All mods that could be updated have been updated.


  • BungeeCord updated from 1595 to 1596
    – #3153: Add color support to the end command
  • WaterFall updated from 445 to 448
    – [7e6af4c] Strip hostname from InetSocketAddress (#679)
    – [9137560] Updated Upstream (BungeeCord) (#678)
    – [7196e44] Don’t spam github actions log with maven progress (#662)

Mod Based:

  • Forge 1.15.2 updated from 31.2.50 to 31.2.52
    – [1.15.x] Add horizon hook (#7528)
    – Redirect getHorizonHeight to extension interface
    – Add getHorizonHeight method
  • Forge 1.16.5 updated from 36.1.33 to 36.1.65
    – Bump SecureJarHandler to fix package meta issue. Closes #7881
    – Fix version.json having duplicate libraries.


  • Nukkit updated from 873 to 878
    – Add support for 1.17.10 (#1868)
    – Update Sound enum and ParticleEffect enum to 1.17.10 (#1870)
    – Don’t overwrite runtime2Legacy states (#1872)
    – Entity fall calculation improvement (#1867)
    – Don’t send unregistered commands (#1874)

Plugin Based:

  • Paper 1.16 updated from 782 to 783
    – [0a2be0c] Skip TE break validation for some waterlogged TEs (#5741)
  • Paper 1.17 updated from 103 to 119
    – [f25facb] Update email & name (DenWav)
    – [c225bf9] Fix book title and author being improperly serialized as components (#6190)
    – [c75a837] Don’t expose ASM in API (#6229)
    – [fc47872] Use mapped names for sensor and behavior timings/config (#6228)
    – [12942dc] Add rate options and timings for sensors and behaviors (#6027)
    – [d6c81c8] Don’t apply cramming damage to players (#5903)
    – [b79bc31] Fix MerchantOffer BuyB Only AssertionError (#6206)
    – [bc127ea] Updated Upstream (Bukkit/CraftBukkit/Spigot) (#6222)
    – [8f94951] Revert “Fix PaperTickList” (#6216)
    – [b1cdc12] Fix block action handling (#6213)
    – [7f89e96] Updated Upstream (Bukkit/CraftBukkit/Spigot) (#6209)
    – [a5acf36] Fix PaperTickList (#6191)
    – [5a9c14b] Fix distanceSq check on block breaking (#6195)
    – [b41b5b5] Catch desynced block breaks (#6193)
    – [2e37979] Use cause and cancel component in PlayerGameModeChanteEvent (#6192)
    – [377a60d] Fix Stonecutter #6180 issue (#6181)
  • Spigot updated from 3170 to 3190
    – no public changelog

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