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Server Version Updates – December 1st 2022

Posted: Dec 1, 2022 in Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

This is the compilation of all Apex Hosting version changes released on December 1st. This includes bug fixes and adjustments for modpacks, gametypes, bedrock versions, and everything else in between.
First, the Mod Packs. Karmaland 5 has no changelog. Dragon Craft Super had a decent update with some feature additions and mechanical changes. Valhelsia 5 updated its forge version. FTB StoneBlock 3 added two mods. Better MC FORGE 1.19 reverted a mod to a previous version. DarkRPG updated its library and added a mod. Medieval Minecraft Fabric 1.19 had a small update with made mod changes to work properly. Medieval Minecraft Forge 1.19 added tons of mods and made numerous feature additions. Mineshafts & Monsters updateed its forge version and updated its library. Pixelmon Reforged added mods. TNP Limitless 5 added a single mod. Vault Hunters: 2nd Edition fixed a mismatch issue. Vault Hunters: 3rd Edition just released! All the mods 7 to the Sky had an important mod update and made no notable script changes. All the mods 8 updated quests, reverted its forge version and had a rework of a questline.
Next, the Mod Based. Forge 1.19.2 made a single change to Mark 1.19 RB.
Further on, the Plugin Based. Paper 1.19.2 fixed a whitespace error in a recent patch.
Lastly, Vanilla. Snapshot 1.19.3 Pre 3 just added a couple dozen bug fixes.

Mod Packs:

  • Karmaland 5 1.19 updated to 15
    – no changelog
  • Dragon Craft Super updated from 0.12.2 to 0.13
    – Enigma Mask
    – The wearer and those around them are slowed. The wearer is unable to lockon to players and other players are unable to lockon to them.
    – The Orb
    – Grants invulnerability for 3 seconds once a day. You can do this 3 times before The Orb breaks.
    – Press GRAVE (key next to 1, below ESC) to activate. Must have the item in your inventory.
  • Valhelsia 5 updated from 5.0.7 to 5.0.8
    – Forge 43.1.57
  • FTB StoneBlock 3 updated from 1.3.0 to 1.4.2
    – ftb-stoneblock-companion-0.6.7+mc1.18.2.jar #2136
    – kubejs-forge-1802.5.5-build.560.jar
  • Better MC [FORGE] 1.19 updated from v9 to v10.5
    – Reverted Nourished Nether
  • DarkRPG updated from 4.7.8 to 4.8.0
    – Updated Ferritecore
    – Updated Iris Shaders
    – Updated Polymorph
    – Updated Mythic Metals
    – Updated Mythic Upgrades
    – Updated REI
    – Updated RPGstats
    – Updated Held Item Info
    – Swapped Numerical Ping with Better Ping Display
    – Added Sculked Magpie Origin
  • Medieval Minecraft [Fabric] 1.19 updated from 12 to 13 hf
    – Removed HT TreeChop Mod and Replaced it back with FallingTree Mod (Causes Crash with certain Woodtypes)
    – Fixed People Freezing on Loading Terrain… Screen on SP and MP
    – Reverted Lithium (Causes Issues)
    – Updated PlayerEX
  • Medieval Minecraft [Forge] 1.19 updated from 9 to 10
    + Added Sculked (by Ethan_4d)
    + Added Let’s do Wine! (by satisfyL)
    + Added Gardens of the Dead (by ochotonida)
    + Added ‘Dustrial Decor (by BlueDuckYT)
    + Added back Geode+ [Forge/Fabric/Quilt] (by YeoXuHang)
    + Added Rubidium Extra (by dimadencep)
    + Added XL Packets (by tfarecnim)
    – Added Choice Theorem’s Overhauled Villages compatibility with Farmer’s Delight and Waystones via the packaged addon datapacks
    – Disabled hopper optimizations from Canary. This will fix many issues that people were having involving hoppers not working as intended.
    – Milk now removes the Bad Omen effect
    – Many new fixes and optimizations (Canary)
    – Compass will now search all three axes, not just X and Z, to locate biomes regardless of the player’s current Y axis (Nature’s Compass)
    – Added a scroll bar to the biome selection list (Nature’s Compass)
    – Added the Wildfire mob and the Citadel structure, which spawns in the nether. (Friends & Foes)
    – New structures, fixes, and loot table changes, meaning more useful items in chests (Phillip’s Ruins)
    – Armor can now be found in loot chests! (Immersive Armors)
    – Steampunk armor has now 10% explosion resistance instead of 20%, reduced leggings armor by 1 (Immersive Armors)
    – Added gingerbread stairs and slabs (Snowy Spirit)
    – Added the trader’s caravan. (Immersive structures)
    – Added the Hot air balloon. (Immersive structures)
    – Added the Nether Reactor Core & Nether Reactor Control, Strange Elixir, Ghoulflowers, Ghost Pepper, Ashy Basalt, new recipes, 2 new and 4 new advancements. (Nourished Nether)
    – Removed Ash Piles, remade Ash, and reworked Gilded Blackstone (Nourished Nether)
    – Eating many candy canes can trigger nausea (Snowy Spirit)
    – Improvements to the Badlands Pyramid (Explorify Structures)
    – Removed almost all BM curses from Villager trades (Biome Makeover)
    – Weeds now only grow near tall grass (Immersive Weathering)
    – Deleted the incinerator’s Soul magic circle (L_Ender ‘s Cataclysm)
    – Pitaya can now spawn on crimson nylium (Nether’s Exoticism)
    – You can now use soap on sheeps (Supplementaries)
    – Soap can also wash some modded items like quark dirty glass (Supplementaries)
    – Soap can wash out antique globes and maps (Supplementaries)
    – Workaround for forge out of order mod initialisation that causes crash for very small number of users. (LibIPN)
    – Added built-in markers for Goblin Traders. (Merchant Markers)
    – Markers will no longer be shown for invisible or dying entities. (Merchant Markers)
    – Adjusted generation rates of the lich prison. (The Graveyard)
    – Fixed offhand slot occluding steampunk armor (Immersive Armors)
    – Fixed item lore recipe dupe bug (Supplementaries)
    – Fixed java.util.ConcurrentModificationException during launch or resource reload (Better Animations Collection)
    – Fixed quiver keybind not staying pressed (Supplementaries)
    – Fixed End Ancient Cities having Barrier Blocks somehow on the top parts of two pieces. (Repurposed Structures)
    – Fixed crafting polished stone variant bricks from a raw block in a stonecutter resulting in 1 being crafted instead of 2 (Quark)
    – Fixed raw metal blocks not having a mining tool set (Quark)
    – Fixed entity barrier never working when an entity is moving between 2 chunks for the first time. (Open Parties and Claims)
    – Fixed the jabuticaba leaves (Nether’s Exoticism)
    – Fixed tipped arrow recipe for bone shard (Earth Mobs)
    – Fixed rare world-gen crash with witches (Biome Makeover)
    – Fixed Glowfish having too much health (Biome Makeover)
    – Fixed Hermit Crab helmets not rendering (Biome Makeover)
    – Fixed Necrolord Oven not being registered as valid smoker recipe catalyst (Fantasy Furniture)
    – Many fixes (Aquamirae)
    – Many fixes (Jobs+)
    – Updated all mods
  • Mineshafts & Monsters updated from 1.10.13 to 1.11
    – Forge is updated to 36.2.39
    – New Creatures Added from Mod Updates
    – Added Trashslot Mod
    – Updated Most Mods
  • Pixelmon Reforged [Latest] updated from 9.0.11 to 9.1.0
    – Added TCG.
    – Added Mount Lanakila biome to Overworld.
    – Added Christmas Pokéball.
    – Added Ultra Jungle biome to Ultra Space.
    – Added Ultra Forest biome to Ultra Space.
    – Added Netherite Hammer.
    – Added Gym Heroes TCG card sets.
    – Added Gym Challenge TCG card sets.
    – Added TCG Essence Jar and new Essence System
    – Added TCG Essence Trader NPC
    – Added TCG admin tools: Millenium Rod and Millenium Ring.
    – Adedd TCG Arenas: Small Arena, Medium Arena and Large Arena.
    – Added TCG Deck Holder.
    – Added TCG Card Compedium.
  • TNP Limitless 5 updated from 2.27.0 to 2.28.0
    – Added What’s That Slot?
  • Vault Hunters: 2nd Edition updated to 1.13.9h
    – Fixed a skillpoint missmatch with Rampage Berserk and Ghostwalk Ethereal causing a potential exploit with skill points
  • Vault Hunters: 3rd Edition updated to 0.0.1
    – Inital Release, changelog to come
  • All the mods 7 to the Sky updated from 1.1.6 to 1.1.7
    – Important mod update version
    – No notable script changes this week
  • All the mods 8 updated from 1.0.2 to 1.0.4.zip
    – Changed Forge back to 43.1.55 to fix drawer render issues
    – Quests updated
    – Complete rework of Refined Storage Questline
    – Several quest description/title fixes
    – Added Thermal ores to the Mining Dim
    – Removed Tombstone soulbound

Mod Based:

  • Forge 1.19.2 updated from 43.1.55 to 43.1.58
    – Mark 1.19 RB

Plugin Based:

  • Paper 1.19.2 updated from 281 to 300
    – Fix whitespace error in recent patch


  • Vanilla Snapshot updated from 1.19.3-pre1 to 1.19.3-pre3
    MC-108597 – Shulker box still plays the close sound, even if it is destroyed or replaced
    MC-165686 – Knowledge book texture in the crafting UI hasn’t been updated
    MC-177141 – Cleric working subtitle is “Brewing Stand bubbles” instead of “Cleric works”
    MC-194501 – IllegalArgumentException (Cannot set property) when using a block without the “axis” property in fancy_tree_placer
    MC-201769 – Copying deeply nested NBT causes StackOverflowError
    MC-208051 – Chests/trapped chests/barrels do not ‘open’ after respawning
    MC-228976 – Entity collision is run on render thread
    MC-233051 – Server crashes as player logs in
    MC-250428 – Narrator does not narrate the death screen
    MC-256706 – Carpet texture is cut off in the recipe book
    MC-257121 – Players’ capes and outer skin layers don’t render client-side in server environments when joining worlds while dead
    MC-257340 – Vexes’ hitboxes aren’t vertically centered with their models
    MC-257350 – Top and bottom texture of block of bamboo rotated incorrectly
    MC-257392 – Vex’s new model’s head does not rotate to where it looks
    MC-257411 – Vex Renders Offhand Items Incorrectly
    MC-257495 – Dying whilst in the Shulker Box GUI will spam “Shulker Closes” sound
    MC-257530 – When Chat is set to Hidden, the Chat Hidden Warning appears in chat instead of the actionbar when attempting to send a message whilst sleeping or switching gamemode
    MC-257817 – Player heads with a custom skin lose their noteblock sound data when using Ctrl+Pick block
    MC-257839 – NullPointerException when attempting to render a tooltip in the Game Rules menu
    MC-257843 – note_block_sound data is lost when breaking a player head
    MC-257861 – Villagers and Piglin no longer seek out Items

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