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Server Version Updates August 19th 2020

Posted: Aug 19, 2020 in Minecraft Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

This is an organized list compiling the version updates for Minecraft, plugins, mods, gametypes, and proxies for August 19th. Tons of updates and additions to our favorite pastime, from incessant bug fixing to new mods. You’re sure to not get bored with all these updates.
First, the Mod Packs. All the Mods 3 Expert has a large enough update, expanding on pretty much every aspect of the mod pack with quests, mods, recipes, and a new mod. All the Mods 6 has a massive update, adding recipes, configuration features, mod updates, and tons of stuff. And of course, they updated all the mods. Compact Claustrophobia receives a minor update, updating a mod and fixing a recipe. Quality of life is as good as always. Enigmatica 6 applied a bunch of different things that are all relatively technobabble to a simpleton such as myself, but they seem important! FTB Interactions added some fixes, updated advanced rocketry, and made a balance change for mana input hatches. They also updated a buttload of mods. Valhelsia 3 players have a lot to unpack, with the mod count increased by nearly a dozen! So many new toys to play with, they’ll be busy for a while, along with all the current mods updated.
Now, the single Mod Based. Forge 1.16.2 updates with a small fix to nether portals.
Next, Bedrock Edition! Nukkit makes a small change to end crystals.
Moving on, the Plugin Based. Paper 1.16.1 makes a small fix. Tuinity updates the upstream. I don’t know what that means, but they did it!
Onward, the Proxy. Waterfall makes a small change allowing customization.
Lastly, the Gametypes. Creative, KitPvP, Parkour, TNT Run, UHC, and Vanilla+ have all been updated to 1.16.2.

Mod Packs:

  • All the Mods 3 Expert (ATM3E) updated from 1.8.0 to 1.9.0
    – Added mod: Loot Capacitor Tooltips
    – Added tons of quests
    – Updated dozens of mods
    – Added dozens of recipes
  • All the Mods 6 (ATM6) updated from 0.25a to 0.26a
    – FTB Chunks should work as expected now
    – Added creative recipes (WIP)
    – Mystical Customization Configs Updated
    – Resourceful Bees Config Updated
    – WPhantom Datapack Updated
    – Removed Server Tab Info as it was causing issues
    – Updated All the Mods
    – Forge Version is 32.0.108
  • Compact Claustrophobia updated from 1.3.4 to
    – Updated galacticraft
    – Removed access to unfinished glitch
    – Fixed pig recipe
  • Enigmatica 6 updated from 0.2.4 to 0.2.9
    – Applied Energistics: Normal water-based Fluix recipe now works on servers
    – Applied Energistics: 1k drive parts can only be crafted with charged certus
    – Applied Energistics: Enhanced seed recipe is mixed up
    – RS and AE2 Silicon Unification
  • FTB Interactions updated from 2.0.6 to 2.0.7
    – Fixed a crash related to zen events
    – Updated advanced rocketry planetary xmls to use biome mappings instead of hardcoded ids, should fix some biome issues for people. (The planets may need to be regenerated if you have previously generated incorrect ids)
    – Mana input hatches have been lowered to 1 mana pool internal buffer from 10
    – Updated randompatches
    – Updated tons of mods
  • Valhelsia 3 updated from 3.0.11 to 3.0.12
    – Added mod: Comforts
    – Added mod: Cooking for Blockheads
    – Added mod: CraftTweaker
    – Added mod: FastFurnace
    – Added mod: FastWorkbench
    – Added mod: Forbidden and Arcanus
    – Added mod: Mekanism
    – Added mod: Mekanism Additions
    – Added mod: Mekanism Generators
    – Added mod: Mekanism Tools
    – Added mod: PackMenu
    – Added mod: Placebo API
    – Added mod: Toast Control
    – all mods updated

Mod Based:

  • Forge 1.16.2 updated to 33.0.5
    – Fix creating nether portals.


  • Nukkit 1.16.2 updated to 732
    – Do not allow placing end crystals on all block faces

Plugin Based:

  • Paper 1.16 updated from 135 to 136
    – Fix regex mistake in CB NBT int deserialization
  • Tuinity 1.16 updated from 142 to 144
    – Updated Upstream


  • WaterFall updated from 368 to 370
    – Allow customization of the Mojang auth url


  • Creative updated from 1.15.2 to 1.16.2
  • KitPVP updated from 1.15.2 to 1.16.2
  • Parkour updated from 1.14.4 to 1.16.2
  • TNT Run updated from 1.15.2 to 1.16.2
  • UHC updated from 1.15.2 to 1.16.2
  • Vanilla+ - 1.16.2 Quickstart updated to 1.16.2

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