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Server Version Updates April 29th 2021

Posted: Apr 29, 2021 in Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

This is an organized list compiling the version updates for Minecraft, plugins, mods, gametypes, and proxies for April 29th. Tons of updates and additions to our favorite pastime, from incessant bug fixing to new mods. You’re sure to not get bored with all these updates.
First, the Mod Packs. Antimatter Chemistry fixes some server startup scripts and updates its mods. All the Mods 6 patches an exploit, updates its Forge version, and updates all of its mods. Better Minecraft fixes a lot of its mods, adds a few and removes some others. Chemical Exchange added a new recipe and replaced a quest with a screen. Craft to Exile made a hotfix and updated some of its big mods while making some changes. Create 101 Season 2 added a few mods, removed two, and updated the rest. Glacial Awakening updated its forge version, fixed some scripts, removed two mods and updated the rest. The Final Frontier 2 just downgraded some mods. The 1.7.10 Pack reverted a mod, removed a single server-side mod, and then made some minor config changes. The Classic Pack makes a small patch to improve some configs. Valhelsia 3 adds a few mods and removes a couple. Volcano Block fixes some scripts, updates its forge version, and updates all of its mods. World of Dragons just updates its mods.
Next, the Mod Based. Forge 1.16.5 fixes lots of mobs with positioning issues.
Now up, Bedrock. Nukkit updates sound enum, updated particle IDs, and fixed an item frame issue. Pocketmine made no changes. The Bedrock Dedicated Server updates its version.
Further on, the Plugin Based. Paper 1.16 fixes an issue with the anchor respawn. Spigot and Tuinity 1.16 both offer no public changelog.
Now our favorite, Vanilla. Snapshot 21w16a adds lots of features revolving around DDripstone,tweaks to raw ore textures, and some technical changes. This along with dozens of bug fixes concludes the snapshot.
Almost done here, the Proxies. Velocity provides no public changelog. Waterfall sets the buffer size of some feature to 4MB.
Lastly, the Gametypes. The Apex Quickstart updates its version to 1.16.5.

Mod Packs:

  • Antimatter Chemistry updated from 1.2.33 to 1.2.34
    – Server startup scripts are hopefully fixed
    – updated mods
  • All the Mods 6 (ATM6) updated from 1.6.1 to 1.6.2
    – Patch Exploits (see github)
    – Updated All the Mods
    – Forge Version is 36.1.2
  • Better Minecraft updated from v14 to v15 HUGE UPDATE!
    – Fixed Simple Voice Chat
    – Fixed Illagers+ Crash Again
    – Fixed Abyss Dimension Crash
    – Adjusted WhenDungeonsArise
    – Adjusted Blood Moons
    – Added Comfortable Nether, Vein Mining, Stalwart Dungeons, Chunk-Pregenerator, Pyromancer
    – Removed Save my Stronghold!, Rare Ice, Disenchantment Edit Table, Momentum, Nether Skeletons, Kitteh6660’s MoreCraft, Soul sands mod, Overworld Two, Twist
  • Chemical Exchange updated from 1.10 to 1.11
    – Added a new recipe for the ftb quest screen with just a chest
    – Replaced the quest requiring the quest chest with the quest screen
  • Craft to Exile updated from 2.9.3b to 2.9.4b
    – Hotfix for Mine and Slash bees.
    – Welcome Create 0.3.1a! New blocks and contraptions to play with!
    – Find new bees with the new Productive Bees update!
    – Reduced the weight of non-vanilla mob killing tasks in Bounties.
    – New community server: Decisive Victory. Thanks for hosting!
    – Updated Productive Bees, Xaero’s, When Dungeons Arise, Create, JEI, Xaero’s, Nasty Mobs, Mine and Slash.
    – Added Random Patches again.
    – Removed DEUF (server-only).
  • Create 101 Season 2 updated to 2.2.1
    – Added Chunk Loaders, [SuperMartijn642’s Config Lib]
    – Removed AzureDoom’s Chunk Loader
    – Updated JEI, Create, Farmer’s Delight, Xaero’s Minimap, Diet Forge
  • Glacial Awakening updated from 1.1.15 to 1.1.16
    – Updated to Forge 2855
    – Fixed server startup scripts (hopefully)
    – Removed Tick Central, Lag Goggles
    – Updated dozens of mods
  • The Final Frontier 2 updated from 6.3 to 6.5
    – some mods downgraded
  • The 1.7.10 Pack updated from 0.9.8d to 0.10.1
    – Reverted Witchery changes due to issues.
    – Removed AppleCore from server-side.
    – Minor config changes, specifically to disable a few modules in the BugTorch mod on servers.
  • The Classic Pack updated from 3.3.0 to 3.3.0a
    – Small patch to improve some configuration and script files.
  • Valhelsia 3 updated from 3.2.4 to 3.3.0
    – Added Fruitful, The Twighlight Forest, YUNG Better Strongholds
    – Removed Save My Stronghold, RecipeBuffers
  • Volcano Block updated from 1.0.40 to 1.0.41
    – Fixed (hopefully) server start scripts
    – Updated to Forge 2855
    – Updated Alchemistry, Carry On, Corail Tombstone, Crafting Station, CraftTweaker, Embers: Rekindled, It’s the little things, Patchouli
  • World of Dragons updated from 22.10.286 to 22.11.287
    – Updated mods

Mod Based:

  • Forge 1.16.5 updated from 36.1.6 to 36.1.13
    – Fix cats, phantoms and pillagers saying they’re at BlockPos.ZERO during LivingSpawnEvent.CheckSpawn


  • Nukkit updated from 851 to 854
    – Update Sound enum to 1.16.220
    – Update particle IDs (#1828)
    – Fix Item Frame interaction (#1829)
  • PocketMine updated from 1834 to 1835
    – no changes
  • Bedrock Dedicated Server updated from to
    – version change

Plugin Based:

  • Paper 1.16 updated from 603 to 629
    – Fix anchor respawn acting as a bed respawn when using the end portal
  • Spigot updated from 3047 to 3053
    – no public changelog
  • Tuinity 1.16 updated from 224 to 225
    – no public changelog


  • Vanilla Snapshot updated from 21w15a to 21w16a
    – Azalea and Flowering Azalea can now be bonemealed to get an Azalea Trees
    – Added dripstone growth
    – Tweaked the texture of raw ores and raw ore blocks
    – Users who previously permanently declined server resource packs will now still be shown the pack prompt if the pack is mandatory (instead of being immediately disconnected)
    – The statistic for play time has been renamed to play_time
    – There is now a statistic for “Time with World Open” (total_world_time) that also includes the time when the game was paused
    MC-29522 – stat.playOneMinute adds a value of 1 every tick
    MC-55775 – Statistics screen sometimes doesn’t show up to date information
    MC-111534 – The firework rocket use statistic doesn’t count rockets used for elytra boosting
    MC-117653 – Recipes and advancements are not granted while most GUIs are open
    MC-136560 – minecraft.used:minecraft.elytra not functioning
    MC-136681 – Debug Stick use statistic increases when not allowed to use it
    MC-157116 – Food that is plantable counts towards using when right clicked on the ground
    MC-190128 – Using a flint and steel to ingite TNT is not tracked by the in-game stats
    MC-203637 – Mobs don’t avoid lava cauldrons when pathfinding despite of setting themselves on fire
    MC-205236 – Frozen State doesn’t go away after respawn when on a server
    MC-208598 – Baby axolotls take damage when touching a solid block from below / eye height is outside of their hitbox
    MC-212113 – Glow Lichen can spawn underwater whilst not in a cave.
    MC-212863 – Glow lichen use the same color as vines on maps
    MC-213927 – Using bone meal on a sapling that is on a moss block consumes bone meal, but doesn’t grow into a tree
    MC-213998 – root_vines_head is unused in-game files
    MC-214129 – Several dirt blocks are not part of the #minecraft:lush_plants_replaceable tag
    MC-214293 – Mobs can spawn on top of azaleas
    MC-215270 – Moss requires air above a replaceable block to spread
    MC-216787 – Cobwebs in mineshafts can generate as if supported by chains
    MC-217411 – Anvils can become damaged when only falling one block
    MC-218590 – Error message for commands.give.failed.toomanyitems doesn’t translate item name
    MC-218592 – Azalea trees can generate inside of lakes (even completely submerged in water)
    MC-218614 – Inconsistency: Infested Deepslate can’t be placed along axis
    MC-218637 – Inconsistency: Infested deepslate is not rotated randomly like normal deepslate
    MC-219155 – Cast fishing line is disconnected from the rod
    MC-219211 – Two mysterious white pixels can be seen in the upper left corner of the recipe book icon
    MC-219851 – Applying bone meal to a waterlogged big dripleaf stem creates more waterlogged big dripleaf stems
    MC-219903 – Silverfish infesting deepslate cause it to rotate
    MC-220024 – Shader compilation slows or fails the more asterisks are in a multiline comment
    MC-220307 – TrueType Font glyphs render incorrectly
    MC-220641 – Loyalty tridents disappear when your inventory is full
    MC-220887 – Shader includes fail to compile correctly when missing newline at end of file
    MC-221560 – Copper/Coal Ore in Deepslate Patches aren’t Deepslate Ores
    MC-221628 – Entities don’t stop glowing after losing the glowing effect
    MC-221652 – Teleport command to player does not work as in previous versions
    MC-221655 – Glow squids and Axolotls Spawn in Monuments
    MC-222004 – Grass block isn’t apart of the #dirt block tag
    MC-222517 – A large amount of slime or honey blocks will crash the game
    MC-222684 – You cannot grow azalea trees by bonemealing Azalea plants
    MC-222778 – minecraft.used:minecraft.candle doesn’t increase when placing a candle on a cake
    MC-223260 – Emerald ore does not generate as intended
    MC-223553 – minecraft.used:minecraft.glow_ink_sac doesn’t increase when applying a glow ink sac to a sign
    MC-223554 – minecraft.used:minecraft.ink_sac doesn’t increase when applying an ink sac to a sign
    MC-223555 – minecraft.used:minecraft.COLOR_dye doesn’t increase when applying a dye to a sign
    MC-223557 – minecraft.used:minecraft.bucket doesn’t increase when taking powder snow, lava, or water from a cauldron using a bucket
    MC-223558 – minecraft.used:minecraft.glass_bottle doesn’t increase when taking water from a cauldron using a glass bottle
    MC-223563 – minecraft.used:minecraft.glass_bottle doesn’t increase when collecting honey from a beehive or bee nest
    MC-223638 – minecraft.used:minecraft.shears doesn’t increase when carving a pumpkin
    MC-223639 – minecraft.used:minecraft.shears doesn’t increase when collecting honeycombs from a beehive or bee nest
    MC-223756 – minecraft.used:minecraft.powder_snow_bucket doesn’t increase when filling a cauldron with a powder snow bucket
    MC-223757 – minecraft.used:minecraft.lava_bucket doesn’t increase when filling a cauldron with a lava bucket


  • Velocity updated from 408 to 412
    – no public changelog
  • WaterFall updated from 411 to 412
    – Set Netty pooled buffer size to 4MB


  • Plugins+ - Apex Quickstart updated to 1.16.5
    – version update

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