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Server Properties Minecraft Guide

Last modified on Apr 23, 2024 in General

mc head By Nathan Young

Customizing your Minecraft server opens the door for unique gameplay tailored to your needs. Whether you’re making small or large communities, controlling the gamemode and world settings are important. For any Minecraft server type, there is one file containing almost all the necessary options for you to edit. Examples include spawn protection, combat, flight, and more. This file is known as server.properties, accessible on almost all versions of the game. Here at Apex Hosting, we make it easier for you to make changes so you can begin customizing or optimizing the gameplay. However, newcomers to the scene may be unfamiliar with the process or have a hard time understanding the file. Due to this, we’ve created this guide to explain the Minecraft server properties and how to edit it.

Server Properties File Explained

Understanding the Minecraft server.properties file is the first step towards customizing the gameplay experience. There are many different kinds of settings to consider – with some being more important than others. The following subsection below lists all the most critical options to keep in mind when editing the file. If you want to learn about all of them, visit here.

Important MC Server Settings

Minecraft Important Server Settings


Allow Flying

Grants the flight ability to players in survival mode, but only those who have client mods to fly. This “allow-flight” setting also resolves the kicked for flying message, if they get stuck in the air for more than 5 seconds.

Allow Nether

The “allow-nether” setting toggles if Nether portals send players to its dimension. If disabled, anyone attempting to do this cannot successfully teleport. Visit here if you want the End dimension toggled.


Set the server difficulty to peaceful, easy, normal, or hard. This “difficulty” setting alters mob damage, hunger, poison effects, and more.

Message Of The Day

Edit the displayed message for players to see in their server list. Color codes can be used too, which is achieved by using this format in the “motd” setting.

Spawn Protection Size

Determines the size of protected areas at spawn point, beginning with a 3×3 radius and increasing by 2×2 with each value. This “spawn-protection” setting is set to 16 by default, preventing player interactions inside its radius.

View & Simulation Distance

Use the “view-distance” setting to determine the amount of world data being sent to the client. Change “simulation-distance” to control when the server updates entities from the player’s distance to them.

Gamemode & Force Gamemode

Change the “gamemode” setting to survival, creative, adventure, or spectator for the Minecraft server. Use “force-gamemode” to set all players in-game to this gamemode.

Enable Command Blocks

Toggle the “enable-command-block” option to enable command blocks in the server. Players must be in creative mode before placing them in-game.

Entity Broadcast Percentage Range

Controls the distance entities need to be within players before being rendered. Set the “entity-broadcast-range-percentage” option at higher percentage values for larger distances.

Player vs Player

Enable PvP combat so players can damage others, enabled by default. The “pvp” setting also allows users to shoot themselves with arrows, useful with punch enchantments.

Hardcore Mode

Enable the “hardcore” setting to toggle hardcore mode, allowing players to permanently die from the server by being placed in spectator. Use this with caution!

Max Tick Time

Edit the “max-tick-time” setting to determine the number of milliseconds a single tick can process before the watchdog stops the Minecraft server.

Level Seed & Level Type

Enter values in the “level-seed” option to change your world’s seed. Use “level-type” to determine the map’s generation. Used for custom worlds on Minecraft servers.

OP Permission Level

Control what permissions are given to operator players with the “op-permission-level” setting. Review this guide for more information about this functionality.

Max World Size

Set the maximum number of blocks for the world, expressed with a radius. Edit the “max-world-size” option to achieve this, but make sure to not exceed too high of values.


Used for enabling experimental Minecraft updates. Change the “” setting accordingly, such as ‘vanilla, update_1_21’ for upcoming features.


How to Edit Minecraft Server Properties

As for editing the Minecraft server properties, there are two primary methods: our file user-interface or the built-in file editor. The first way is simplified compared to the other but nonetheless provides you with the same result. Follow along below according to your desired method.

Config Files

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Config Files near the top left.
    Minecraft Server Config Files
  2. Proceed to find and select the Server Settings option in the file list.
  3. Afterward, continue to make your desired edits – then click Save at the bottom.
    Minecraft Server Settings
  4. Make sure to restart your Minecraft server to apply these changes.


FTP File Access

  1. Navigate to your Minecraft server panel, then click FTP File Access on the left.
    Minecraft Server FTP
  2. Login with your credentials, then press Edit on the server.properties file.
    Minecraft Server Properties File
  3. Continue to make your desired edits and click Save at the top.
    Minecraft Server Settings
  4. Afterward, restart the server to apply these changes accordingly.


Minecraft Server Optimization

In any Minecraft server, players want the very best gameplay experience. On rare occasions, lag and unforeseen issues can arise – causing problems or frustrations. Solving this requires you to optimize the Minecraft server, which can be done by visiting this tutorial. Examples include using Spigot or Paper versions to have more settings and control over the game. This significantly improves the performance of your server! Additionally, our support team can assist you with resolving server-related issues.

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