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Rust: Wounded Update

Posted: Sep 1, 2023 in Rust

mc head By Kevin Lott


Time and time again I find myself covering Rust’s rich yet somehow focused content updates. Despite being such an old game, instead of aging like its acquaintances such as DayZ, it manages to modernize itself and innovate with each update. All on a monthly basis, no less! And that’s what we’ll be going over today, Rust’s most recent content update: the Wounded update.

Wounded Update

This update includes an updated wounded UI, Chat emoji support, brick building skin, burst module buff, and the usual fixes and improvements.

Wounded Info

The wounded UI has been changed so that it now displays additional information relating to your wounded status. It will now visualize the probability of recovery as well as how many seconds are left until recovery/death. It is important to note that maintaining full water and food will grant you a higher probability of recovery, and a large medkit in your belt will grant you a 100% chance of recovery.

Rust Wounded  UI

Chat Emoji

Chat Emojis! This is a new feature that allows you to express yourself in a more…expressive…way. You can now utilize a list of emojis via the emoji button on the right of the chat. From that menu, you can search for a specific emoji as well as change the currently selected skin tone for all of your emojis. You can also type a “:” into the regular chat box and start typing to get an autocomplete that you can navigate with the arrow keys and Enter. You can even use item names to get emojis of items in-game! These new emojis are incredibly cute, and I’m a huge fan.

Regarding server moderation, server owners can create their own emojis for use on their server. If for any reason you do not like emojis, you can also disable them in the options.

Brick Building Skin

The latest addition to the Rust store is the fresh brick-building skin, offering you the chance to alter the appearance of your stone base. I love playing with brown bricks in Minecraft!

Building Bricks

You can acquire this skin from the Steam store. To apply it, just equip your hammer tool, bring up the wheel menu, and activate building skins – this will unveil the skin’s customization options. From there, you’re free to select the brick style upgrade according to your preference.

Rust Powerlines
Rust Shotgun ammo
Burlapsacks workbench Rust

General Changes and Fixes

Miscellaneous bugs have been fixed and some aspects of gameplay have been adjusted slightly. Crafting Queue Items are no longer lost if a server unexpectedly shuts down. Some world models now reflect the amount dropped. Over fifty-seven aret bugs have been fixed!

There have also been some improvements made. The burst module weapon attachment has been buffed. C4 and satchel charges can now be placed on all vehicles again. Less network data is required for objects sitting on other moving objects. Optimization unbridled! Scaling free CUI layer now scales by resolution but still ignores the user’s UI scale setting. They’ll get to it eventually! Ping sfx are now affected by the Game Sounds UI slider. New models for the Laser Detector have been added, and new variations for world ammo models have been added to correlate with stack sizes.


That’s the update! Rust’s ability to continually rejuvenate itself through monthly updates, like the recent Wounded update, showcases its commitment to innovation and player engagement. As Rust evolves gracefully, it remains a testament to the potential of ongoing game development and its capacity to captivate new and old players alike. But with that being said, I wish you all the best!

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